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Everyone of us is both a student and a teacher PowerPoint Presentation
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Everyone of us is both a student and a teacher

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Everyone of us is both a student and a teacher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Everyone of us is both a student and a teacher. We are at our best when we teach ourselves what we need to learn. The One Minute Teacher. Resource Mobilization and Fund Raising. Introduction. Mapping of Resources/ Assets. Mapping of Resources/ Assets. Know yourself . Know yourself.

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Presentation Transcript

Everyone of us is both a student and a teacher

We are at our best when we teach ourselves what we need to learn

The One Minute Teacher

know yourself1
Know yourself
  • Faculty
    • Consulting Assignment
    • Lead Role in industrial/ Marketing/Research Surveys
    • Training Programs
know yourself2
Know yourself
  • Students
    • Could be used as resources for conducting Surveys/ Market/Industrial Research
    • Can prove as good will ambassador of the University
know yourself3
Know yourself
  • Good Will/ Reputation
    • Taking market oriented business, based in the area of expertise could be much easier e.g. AKU Pathological labs, IIU School Systems, Zia Ud Din Medical Hospital, LUMS training programs
know yourself4
Know yourself
  • Land
    • A scarce resource Needed to be dealt in an appropriate fashion
    • Farming e.g. PirMehr Ali Shah
    • IT-Parks - The Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), inaugurated in 1996, covers 120 acres and involves a state investment of US$80 million and is surrounded by five universities. Proposal at one so to be established at FAST-NU
    • Could be utilized to establish industrial Parks etc e.g Texas University
know yourself5
Know yourself
  • Buildings
    • Could be utilised for conferences, functions, industrial exhibitions etc.
    • Building could be re-designed with corporate help promoting CSR
    • Co-Branding ;Salman-Dawood Business School, Said Business School, Keneddy School of Government
know yourself6
Know yourself
  • Vehicles
    • Can be managed on commercial bases e.g. GIFT University
    • Co-Branding against cost of maintenance
know yourself7
Know yourself
  • Charter
    • Gives you the right to develop Human Resources in whatever field you want.
    • Market oriented new programs
    • Start twinning arrangements
    • Admit, Train, Export by having agreements in advance e.g. Nursing Associations exams etc
know yourself8
Know yourself
  • Alumni
    • Register & Activate their network
    • Motivate them to donate.
    • Ask help in generating business in the market
know yourself9
Know yourself
  • External Environment
    • Chaos
    • Law & Order situation
    • Mismanagement
    • Illiteracy
    • Backward & Forward integration
know yourself10
Know yourself
  • Local Produce
successful approaches while delivering sponsored projects do s
Successful Approaches while delivering sponsored projects/ Do’s

• Ensuring there is a clear understanding as to

the issue to be addressed, how it will be addressed, within what timeframe, and at what cost

• Establishing (and maintaining) a clear communication vehicle (status calls /

monthly meetings, etc.)

• Driving the activity to completion (vs. letting the activity lag due to lack of focus)

• Bringing in other disciplines / institutions to address the issue

• Offering to help disseminate results upward within the organization

• Delivering results in a format compatible with the organization

• Giving organizational-specific examples of

how the results impact the organization

• Over delivering by answering an extension to the original question

wrong approaches while delivering sponsored projects don t
Wrong Approaches while delivering sponsored projects/ Don’t

• Taking the money and running

• Sharing results with the payers' competitors

• Hiding from your contact when problems occur

• Being too general, or stating the obvious in the results

• Underestimating the experience and knowledge of your contact

• Having all the answers

• Not knowing how the results are to be used … and with whom

• Delivering results:

without offering to formally present and discuss, without opportunity for questioning, and

without an offer for follow-on involvement

questions to consider when engaging with industry
Questions to consider when engaging with industry …

Do you comfortably have the ability to deliver results in the requested timeframe?

• Does the Consultant/researcher or Research/Business Center have the “knowledge fit” with existing company / industry needs?

• Does the researcher/Consultant or Research/Business Center have linkages with other disciplines / geographies to help fully address the issue at hand?

questions to consider when engaging with industry1
Questions to consider when engaging with industry …

Do you truly have the ability to meet the need(s) for the issue at hand?

• What is the uniqueness of the Consultant/researcher / Research Center’s research focus?

• What is the strength and quality of the consultant/research personnel and institution?

questions to consider when engaging with industry2
Questions to consider when engaging with industry …

Do you feel confident you’ll have the opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship?

Is there a “mental fit” between the Consultant/researcher / Research Center and the company / industry contact?

Is the Consultant/researcher or Research Center compatibility with company / industry goals?

Will the Consultant/researcher / Research Center have the ability to personally meet with the company / industry contact?

questions to consider when engaging with industry3
Questions to consider when engaging with industry …

Is it important to you (and will you have) the opportunity to see that your results are used?

• What is the importance of the researcher/consultant or Research Center to the company / industry making the research request?

• What is the likelihood of the researcher/consultant or Research Center producing “valued" deliverables?

• What is the likelihood that the consultant/researcher / Research Center can create new & differentiated knowledge?

• What is the uniqueness of the consultant/researcher / Research Center’s publication outlets?

• Will the researcher/consultant / Research Center have the opportunity (given results) to present the results upward?

final words summary of relations with industry
Final words/ Summary of relations with Industry
  • When dealing with industry:

• Know what your intention and expectations are

• Be clear as to how the results can be used

• Focus on the relationship

• Every interaction is the basis for a long-term relationship

• Deliver what you promised

• Be certain what’s expected of you

• Don’t be afraid to reach out beyond your own area of expertise

• Deliver more than asked for … with examples specific to the company

• Communicate … Communicate … Communicate

funding sources
Funding Sources
  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Good will/ Reputation
  • Land
  • Building
  • Vehicles
  • Charter
  • Alumni
  • External Environment
  • Local produce
networking with donors
Networking with Donors
  • Reality of Funding
    • Donors are Bureaucrats
  • Getting Known
  • Build Alliances
  • Be Aware
  • Don’t ignore Anyone
networking with donors1
Networking with Donors
  • Things to do to maintain a good relationship
    • Sending regular summaries of ongoing projects at timely intervals
    • Networking at events
    • Ensure new program officers at donor agencies get handover notes about you, your research, your organization and the history of your relationship with them
    • Send newly appointed program officers a letter to welcome them to their post, introduce yourself, say what you do, what your relationship with the donor has been and invite the program officer to visit your organization
networking with donors2
Networking with Donors
  • Be patient
  • Learn by trial and error
  • Introduce yourself to donor representatives
  • Donor authority at country level
  • Listen to donors 
  • Unsolicited approaches