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Olive Oil. Student Name Anthropology 102D November 12, 2006. The Many Uses of Olive Oil. From healing cuts, to softening hair, and even strengthening nails; olive oil is a resource that has been cherished for thousands of years.

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Olive oil

Olive Oil

Student Name

Anthropology 102D

November 12, 2006

The many uses of olive oil
The Many Uses of Olive Oil

  • From healing cuts, to softening hair, and even strengthening nails; olive oil is a resource that has been cherished for thousands of years.

    • It is used by many different cultures in extraordinary ways (Firenze 2005).

      • Surprisingly the first uses of olive oil were not even for consumption, it was not until about 1,000 B.C. that olive oil was actually used as a food(Firenze, 2005).

      • Throughout history this oil grew much attention from many different people groups around the world but particularly in the Mediterranean area (Firenze, 2005).

In the mediterranean
In the Mediterranean

  • Mediterranean peoples have used this precious oil for all sorts of customs such as: religious rituals, anointing kings, a medicine, to light lamps (as seen in Photo 1), for magic and it may have even been used in the building of the ancient pyramids (Firenze, 2005).

  • Olive oil has numerous uses, but its most miraculous function is not as a topical or as a fluid to light lamps. Its most remarkable feature is found when it is consumed.

Photo 1: Olive oil being used to burn lamps (Byzantine oil lamp, 2001).

Pour on the health
Pour on the Health

  • When extra virgin olive oil is consumed in small doses on a daily basis, it has the ability to fight off the following deadly diseases.

    • Adrenoleukodystrophy (also known as ALD) (The Mylein Project, 2002)

    • Heart Disease (Hashim, et al., 2005)

    • Colon Cancer (Lobb, 2003)

  • ALD is the worst out of the above diseases.

    • It attacks the nervous system by the building up of two fatty saturated fats in the brain and other parts of the body (lignoceric (C24:0) and cerotic (26:0)).

    • These fatty acids make a long chain that is not properly broken down and causes the lining around the nerves (myelin) to erode which leads to major neurological damage and eventually death (The Myelin Project, 2002).

One family s struggle
One Family’s Struggle

  • No treatment for ALD existed until the 1980’s when a determined father of an ALD boy figured out what his son needed to survive.

  • Through extensive research Augusto Oldone figured out that the combination of two fats, extracted from olive oil and rapeseed oil (called “Lorenzo’s Oil”), would help to stop the fatty acid chains from forming and therefore stop the deterioration of the myelin (The Myelin Project, 2002).

  • Augusto Oldone treated his son Lorenzo with this oil from that time on and because of his father’s great efforts; Lorenzo is still alive to this day.

    • Lorenzo, who is now 27, is paralyzed, blind and mute

    • He has lived 20 years longer than what the doctors anticipated when he was diagnosed with the disease in 1984 (The Myelin Project, 2002).

The movie
The Movie

  • A movie (see Photo 2) was made in 1992 in order to share Lorenzo’s story with the world (Lorenzo’s oil movie poster, 1992).

  • Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon told Lorenzo’s story in this movie.

Photo 2: Movie poster of the movie Lorenzo’s Oil (Jonsson, 1992)

Who knew the benefits
Who Knew the Benefits?

  • I performed a survey to find out what a diverse selection of people knew about the health benefits of olive oil.

    • I conducted this survey at Everett Community College (EvCC) , online, over the phone, and with my roommates.

    • A total of 15 respondents completed my survey.

  • My findings illustrated that the women who were surveyed were more knowledgeable than the males; yet it did not in fact imply that the women that took this survey actually ate the healthier oils.

Knowledge level
Knowledge Level

  • in Graph 1, the findings demonstrate that the male and female genders have a different knowledge about the health benefits of olive oil. Surprisingly 6 out of the 10 females that were surveyed were knowledgeable of the health benefits and only 4 were not. The males that were surveyed showed quite different results, only 2 where knowledgeable and 3 where not.

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