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Image Revitalization: Cam Newton. Kenyon Redfoot, Allison Kind and Mallory Kwitter. Cam Newton Bio.

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Image revitalization cam newton

Image Revitalization:Cam Newton

Kenyon Redfoot, Allison Kind and Mallory Kwitter

Cam newton bio
Cam Newton Bio

  • Quarterback prospect Cameron Newton is entering the 2011 NFL Draft having completed one of the most spectacular single seasons in college football history. Through his historic Heisman campaign, Newton displayed maturity to match unquestionable athletic prowess in leading the Auburn Tigers to their first BCS National Championship. Newton’s on-field success is all the more remarkable in the context of a year-long NCAA investigation into pay-for-play allegations. The high-profile inquiry resulted in no evidence of wrongdoing on Newton’s part and exemplified his charisma and congenial disposition in the face of controversy.

  • Newton brings to the NFL his charm, skill, imposing frame and fierce drive to win. Auburn’s 2011 National Championship was Newton’s second in as many years. After transferring from the University of Florida, he led Blinn College in Texas to the 2009 NJCAA Championship.

  • With the momentum of a perfect season, numerous awards, and a record-setting endorsement with Under Armor already in his corner, the sky is the limit for this 21-year-old gunslinger.

Career highlights
Career Highlights

  • 3-time National Champion

    • 2009 BCS National Championship with Florida Gators

    • 2009 NJCAA National Championship with Blinn College

    • 2011 BCS National Championship with Auburn University

  • 2010 Heisman Trophy Winner

  • 2010 AP Player of the Year

  • 2010 Walter Camp Award

  • 2010 Maxwell Award

  • 2010 Davey O’Brien Award

  • 2010 Manning Award

  • 2010 Consensus All-American Selection

  • 2010 Statistics

  • 2,854 Passing Yards and 30 Touchdowns

  • 1,473 Rushing Yards and 20 Touchdowns

Strengths vs weaknesses
Strengths vs. Weaknesses


  • Tangible Physical Skills – 6’6”, 250 Lbs, Strong Arm, Running Ability. He has a chance to blow people away at the Combine.

  • Charismatic Persona – Newton is well-spoken, modest, handsome, and constantly smiling. Every time he takes the field, he plays with visible joy. He is courteous with the media and, in turn, the public naturally wants to like him.

  • Name Recognition – Newton’s name for positive and negative reasons has been ubiquitous in media the last year. While other rookies need to fight for publicity, Newton is a SportsCenter fixture and household name. By keeping the media tenor positive and focused on his game, he can seize the NFL as a fresh start to shift recognition into marketability.


  • Experience – Newton played significant time at the BCS level in only one season. What’s more, the offense run under Gus Malzahn at Auburn does not translate well to the NFL.

  • Perceived Character Issues – Between an inauspicious start marred by academic violation and injury at Florida and pay-for-play allegations at Auburn, Newton will be forced to defend his character to potential NFL suitors rather than being able to focus conversations on football.

Opportunities vs threats
Opportunities vs. Threats


  • Quarterback Need – Many NFL teams are on the market for a franchise quarterback in this draft class. Newton does not need to sell all of them. It just takes one team to decide that he is their man.

  • Endorsements – Newton’s endorsement contract with Under Armor promises to break the record for most lucrative ever afforded to a rookie. More offers will certainly pour in should his potential carry over into success.

  • Redemption Narrative – The Michael Vick story proves that fans love a story of an athlete redeeming himself. By continuing his level of play, humbling himself in the media, and proving his work ethic to the franchise that selects him, he will garner considerable positive media attention.

  • Option: Were he to do pre-draft workouts with Donovan McNabb, he would gain praise for actively improving his game and benefit from an association with a quarterback who’s reputation is built on being a consummate professional.


  • Injury-prone – Newton suffered a season-ending ankle injury during his tenure at Florida. More importantly, mobile quarterbacks take more hits than pocket passers. NFL executives run anxiety over devoting a pick in the top half of the first round to a quarterback with a tendency to run.

  • Past Catching Up – Should incriminating details surface during his NFL career, the Newton PR machine would need to go into crisis mode all over again. Worst case scenario – Newton is stripped of his Heisman after the fact and Auburn’s Championship is stricken from the record ala RB Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints.

  • Collective Bargaining Agreement – One narrative is poised to draw away attention from all individual characters in the NFL in the next year and that is the macro issue of the expiring Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL and NFLPA. Fans will have a harder time enjoying the game knowing that the league itself is approaching a crisis point. These business issues have the potential to disillusion the fan base and turn people off. This especially affects young players like Newton as one point of contention in negotiations has been the inflation of rookie contracts.

Football landscape
Football Landscape

  • Draft stock rumors abound as Cam prepares for the NFL draft in late April

  • Entering the draft prior to graduating from college, Cam is looking to frame himself as a viable leader at the quarterback position

  • Questions on the future of the league loom in the background as players and the league negotiate a new CBA

Communication objectives
Communication Objectives

  • Focus the tone of media discussion on his skill set, while reassuring suitors of his maturity off the field

  • Demonstrate a commitment to improving his play and readying himself for the distractions of the NFL

  • Make “Cam Newton” a positive household name

    • In order to succeed in the NFL, a positive image needs to surround not only his actions on the field, but off as well

    • Cam needs to be seen as a positive influence on young athletes. Many parents will not buy Cam Newton jersey for their child if they believe Newton to be a unfit role model

Communication strategies
Communication Strategies

Focus the tone of media discussion on his skill set, while reassuring suitors of his maturity off the field

Demonstrate a commitment to improving his play and readying himself for the distractions of the NFL

Make “Cam Newton” a positive household name

Cam needs to have more transparency to those in the football league. Due to the recent controversies surrounding Cam, he has been portrayed negatively

Transparency will allow football fans and executives to see Cam for who he is and that he isn’t hiding anything

Deliberately controlled publicity for Cam can bring a positive buzz to his name. In order to rid the negative perceptions around him because of the controversies, Cam needs to build a strong relationship with a variety of media sources both national and local to his hometown College Park, GA

Finally, Cam should increase his dialogue with fans through social media. Not only does this also increase transparency but it allows him to connect with his fans and show them his dedication and commitment to football

Communication strategies1
Communication Strategies

Demonstrate a commitment to improving his play and readying himself for the distractions of the NFL

Before the 2011 NFL Draft on April 28th, Cam Newton needs to exhibit his passion for the sport onto his community.

As part of this first objective, we want to embark Cam Newton on a speaking tour throughout his hometown of College Park, GA

Cam will speak at different schools in the area in order to raise awareness about the sport and drive passion in playing

Cam has recently been seen negatively by others in the sport and this will help increase positive publicity to why he plays the sport

Communication tactics
Communication Tactics

  • Story Placements

    • Proactive pitching

    • Newsworthy mentions

      • Both locally in College Park, GA and nationally

  • Have a strong press kit available for future press contacts

    • After the NFL 2011 draft, Cam will need strong relationships with reporters in order to create a heavy media presence

    • Build media relations for Cam so the media will look past the controversies and into Cam’s athleticism and good will nature

  • Create a social media campaign

    • More transparency (see next slide for example)

  • Media event

    • Raise publicity about his passion, drive, commitment and dedication to football

    • Cam plays football simply because he loves it

Example of social media feed
Example of Social Media Feed

Twitter Feed Example:

Intense workout today. Getting ready for the draft is hard work.

Will be speaking at Ronald E. McNair Middle School next week about my love for football & how u can get into it 2

Media event
Media Event

  • Cam should also address young athletes especially football players in College Park, GA as a way to attract new players to the game. As a young man of 21, Cam has the power to speak to high school students and help them spark a deeper passion and interest in football

  • Here are two high schools and two middle schools directly in the College Park, GA area that Cam can visit:

    • Benjamin Banneker High School: Gregory Middleton, Principal

      • 5935 Feldwood Rd.College Park, GA 30349 Phone: (770) 969-3410

    • Frank S. McClarin Alternative High School: Anita Lee, Principal

      • 3605 Main St.College Park, GA 30337 Phone: (404) 669-8080

    • Ronald E. McNair Middle School: Ronald Taylor, Principal

      • 2800 Burdette Rd.College Park, GA 30349 Phone: (770) 969-3410

    • Woodland Middle School: William Bradley, Principal

      • 2816 Briarwood Blvd.College Park, GA 30344 Phone: (404) 346-6420

Newton s apples
“Newton’s Apples”

  • Cam’s new foundation will help bring Apple Mac Computers to inner-city schools

  • Schools lacking technological resources that help foster education

  • The foundation’s concept evokes his past transgression. Cam will recognize this and admit his mistake, while simultaneously addressing the underlying reality that many young kids do not have access to adequate learning resources. His foundation will help assure that future generations do not repeat his mistake.

Message talking points
Message/Talking Points

  • In any media situation, Cam needs to keep these talking points top of mind:

    • “Team leader”

    • “Dedicated, committed and hard working”

    • Remember to highlight skills and talents

    • Mistakes are made and now moving into the future

    • Love for the sport and the passion for the league

Questions and proposed answers
Questions and Proposed Answers

  • How do you feel about your father’s implication in the pay-for-play investigation this year?

    • I love my father unconditionally and am not going to speak to the allegations. That is all in the past and right or wrong, true or false, he is still my father. The most meaningful moment in my football life was sharing the National Championship moment with him on the field after the game.

  • How do you respond to scouts and fans who have questions about your character?

    • I can sit here and defend myself to the media, teams, and fans all day, but you should really ask my teammates and coaches about that. I put it all on the line for those guys every time I took the field and will do that for as long as I play football. I love this game and will continue to grow as a man, but my commitment is unshakable and I’ve done it the right way.

Questions and proposed answers1
Questions and Proposed Answers

  • Many people wonder whether you have adequate experience to make it on the next level, especially considering the offense you ran at Auburn. How do you respond to people who raise those concerns?

    • All I can do is show NFL teams the complete package of my skills and hope that they feel I can make the transition. I will hit the ground running and start learning the offense the day I am drafted. I have confidence that my game will improve in the hands of NFL coaches and believe my skill set and work ethic will allow me to adapt to the next level.

  • Recent years have seen a series of talented young players caught up in the trappings of money and fame in the NFL. How will you avoid these pitfalls?

    • I was raised in a religious family with a minister for a father. Everyone makes mistakes growing up, but I am always growing and have my family and faith to keep me grounded. I think I can learn from the mistakes others have made and focus on the things I need to do on the field to be a great teammate and role model.

Target audiences
Target Audiences

  • Young athletes

    • Atlanta, GA

    • Nationwide

  • Auburn football fans

  • NFL organizations and scouting personnel

  • Sports Journalists

    • Atlanta, GA

    • Nationwide

Target media
Target Media

  • Atlanta, GA media

    • Radio

    • Newspapers

  • National media

    • Newspapers

      • NYT, Washington Post, etc.

    • Sports Illustrated

    • Mike and Mike

    • NCAA media

Media list
Media List

Judy Battista

Professional Football Reporter – The New York Times

(212_ 556-3994

[email protected]

620 8th Ave.

New York, NY 10018

Mark Bradley

Sports Columnist – Atlanta Journal Constitution

(404) 526-5331

[email protected]

223 Perimeter Center Parkway NE

Atlanta, GA 30346

Larry Haber

Senior Director of Programming and Operations

Comcast SportsNet Southeast

(770) 559-2817

[email protected]

2925 Courtyards Drive

Norcross, GA 30071

Liam Chapman

Producer – Mike and Mike in the Morning Radio Show

1-(800) 766-8369

[email protected]

545 Middle Street

Bristol, CT 06010

Bill Simmons

“The Sports Guy” Columnist, Senior Writer ESPN Magazine

1-(860) 766-2400

[email protected]

19 E 34th ST Street

Floor 7

New York, NY 10016

Phil Taylor

Senior Writer, College Football – Senior Writer

(212) 522-3514

[email protected]

1271 Avenue of The Americas

New York, NY 10020

Media list1
Media List

Albert Chen

Staff Writer, Football – Sports Illustrated

(212) 522-2881

[email protected]

1271 Avenue of The Americas

New York, NY 10020

Jason Reid

Sports Columnist – The Washington Post

(202) 334-7350

[email protected]

1150 15th Street NW

Washington, DC 20071

David Johnston

Sports Director – WRFC AM 960 “The Red”

(706) 549-6222

[email protected]

1010 Tower Place

Bogart, GA 30622

Matt Edgar

Sports Director – WQXI AM 790 “The Zone”

(404) 238-9476

[email protected]

3350 Peachtree Road NE

Suite 1610

Atlanta, GA 30326

Morgan Lee

Sports Director – WGGA AM 1240 “The Ticket”

(770) 531 0604

[email protected]

1102 Thompson Bridge Road

Gainesville, GA 30501

Bill Bailey

Sports Director – WAUD AM

(334) 887-3401

[email protected]

2514 S. College Street

Suite 104, Auburn, AL 36832


  • Public Relations Campaign: Begin March 1, 2011

    • March

      • School tour through College Park, GA

      • Press releases, positive news coverage through media pitches

      • Initiate social media campaign

        • Enable positive Facebook posts, encourage audience commentary and participation

        • Create Twitter account for fans, post daily

    • April

      • Initiate radio tour through Atlanta, GA

      • Continue with press releases and positive written media coverage

      • Continue with social media practices with more emphasis on Twitter. Twitter facilitates transparency for Cam as he prepares for the 2011 draft

    • May, June, July

      • Continue with news coverage and positive media outreach

      • Keep up strong social media presence

    • August

      • Initiate another radio tour as Cam prepares to begin his first NFL season

      • Social media should still have a strong presence however a little weaker because Cam will be getting ready for his NFL debut