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Liquor & Home Bar Goods Online Store

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Buy a wide range of liquor, wine, gins and spirits from the best online alcohol store in Singapore. If you’d like to enjoy fine spirits and cocktails at home, visit now.

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Liquor & Home Bar Goods Online Store

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about us
About us

Buy a wide range of liquor, wine, gins and spirits from the best online alcohol store in Singapore. If you’d like to enjoy fine spirits and cocktails at home. Order liquor, scotch, whiskey, wine, brandy at the lowest price on the market. We have a huge collection & ship everything directly to your door free for all orders over $50.

products we offer
Products We Offer


The common thread of whisk(e)y is that it is made from cereal grains and typically aged. While Scotch whisky emphasises malted barley, American whiskey emphasises corn (in bourbon) and rye (in rye), and both traditions do so in relatively strict production guidelines. Japanese whisky largely follows the Scotch tradition, while Irish whiskey turns that tradition inside out and on its head, to great effect in our opinion. "World Whisky" is now made in many countries in many different styles, and that innovation is leading to new delights.


Gin is most typically the result of flavouring and aromatising neutral spirits (aka vodka) by introducing juniper and other botanicals into it. Traditionally, gin's flavour was mostly about juniper and a handful of other botanicals used to compliment and harmonise with juniper. In recent decades, however, modern gins have pushed juniper aside or out of the bottle entirely. There are a number of ways in which gin is produced, some more noble than others (ahem...)  Rest assured, all of the gins we sell are made beautifully with integrity by people working at the highest level of the distillation craft.


products we offer 1
Products We Offer


Sugarcane spirits fall into two camps: "Rum" made from a base of molasses, which is a byproduct of sugar production, and "RhumAgricole" and "Cachaca" which are made from sugarcane juice. Another way to view rum is based on their colonial heritage: Rum is largely a product of former English and Spanish colonies, while RhumAgricole and Cachaca flow from the French and Portuguese (Brasil) histories respectively. All of these wonderfully aromatic and flavourful spirits are enjoyed in both unaged and aged forms. We love this category in all of its variation and hope you will too.


Unlike other spirits, vodka is defined more by how it is distilled than it is by what ingredient it is distilled from. Indeed, vodka can be made from almost anything that can be fermented. But HOW it is distilled is A LOT. The basic idea is to distill the fermented liquid successively until it is neutral (i.e., without flavour) or nearly so. That said, some vodkas aim to reveal their base ingredient, which is a trend we like. And while being flavourless may seem like a negative, that negative often turns positive in cocktails where vodka brings the heat but lets the other flavours come forward unconfused.

products we offer 2
Products We Offer


Oh, the Green Fairy... Elixir of authors and artists, demon of the pre-science reactionaries. This unusual spirit has its origins in Switzerland, but became famous in Paris's arts community in the early 20th century. The core of the flavour is typically derived from artemisia (aka wormwood), but many other botanicals are use to round out the flavour, especially anise. It's typically bottled at a high proof and consumed with water (and often sugar) to make it more enjoyable. It's an acquired taste, but for those who have that taste, nothing compares.


Liqueurs can be and are made from any base spirit. Likewise, the range of flavours featured is as wide as the world of flavours itself. From one beautiful flavour (e.g., the cassis berry in creme de cassis) to complex harmonies of flavour (e.g., the 135 herbs in Chartreuse), liqueurs run the gamut. While traditionally liqueurs are sipped alone, bartenders rely on their ability to act as a spirits modifier in cocktails.

products we offer 3
Products We Offer


Native to Mexico with rich and fascinating history, these spirits are made from the heart of the agave plant. The plant requires about six to ten years to mature before harvesting. Once harvested, the hearts are cooked to convert the starches to sugars that are fermentable. The sugars are extracted by crushing or shredding and then fermented. The fermented liquid is typically distilled twice in pot stills (though there are many exceptions), resulting in a spirit that remains rich in congeners. In a well distilled agave spirit, the character of the agave plant shines through clearly.


Brandy is one of the very oldest forms of spirit. As a general matter, brandy can be made from any fruit or pomace (i.e., what's left of the fruit after the juice has been pressed out).  Certain brandies can only be made from specific fruits in tightly controlled ways. There are many different brandy distillation traditions and techniques. Depending on the type of brandy, it may be traditionally unaged (e.g., eau de vie) or aged in wood (e.g., cognac). The very best unaged brandies are prized for their vibrant aromatics; they can smell startlingly like the fresh fruit from which they were made. The very best aged brandies, especially cognac, are created using complex aging techniques and become a wholly different spirit as they age.


products we offer 4
Products We Offer


Originally used as health tonics, aromatic bitters are now primarily used as favour enhancers in cocktails. Tasted alone, you'd be forgiven for thinking them odd. But when added to the right cocktail in the right proportion, they add depth and highlights to a drink much in the way soy sauce enhances Asian cooking. Spiritous bitters, on the other hand, are used both as sipping liqueurs, as dominant ingredients in cocktails, and as compliments to food. Indeed, a meal begun with a refreshingly bitter aperitive and ended with a soothingly bitter digestive is an enjoyable thing.

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