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24 th January 2013 David Micallef Jyoti Chopra PowerPoint Presentation
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24 th January 2013 David Micallef Jyoti Chopra

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24 th January 2013 David Micallef Jyoti Chopra - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gender Balance in the Workforce. 24 th January 2013 David Micallef Jyoti Chopra Country Head Luxembourg Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion. Information Security Identification: Confidential. Gender Statistics and Senior Women in BNYM. 2.

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Presentation Transcript

Gender Balance in the Workforce

24th January 2013

David Micallef Jyoti Chopra

Country Head Luxembourg Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Information Security Identification: Confidential


Gender Statistics and Senior Women in BNYM


Information Security Identification: Confidential


Diversity and Inclusion | Local Facts, 2012

Executive Ctte

60% women (3 of 5)

Board Membership

20% women (1 of 5)

Senior Management

47% women (8 of 17)

Total Staff

40% women (110 of 273)


Information Security Identification: Confidential

diversity and inclusion global facts 2012
Diversity and Inclusion | Global Facts, 2012

EC = Executive Committee; OC = Operating Committee; ROC = Regional Operating Committee



Senior Positions held by Women in Luxembourg

Women act as the business head’s of the following functions with responsibility over 80% of our staff base:



Alternative Asset Servicing Operations

Corporate Trust Services

Fund Accounting and Tax

Transfer Agency


Human Resources

Custody Oversight

Staff Delegation


Information Security Identification: Confidential


Examples of Senior Positions held by Women Globally

Karen Peetz – President of BNY Mellon Corporation

Jane Sherburne – SEVP, member of Executive Ctte and General Counsel of BNY Mellon Corporation

Lisa Peters – SEVP, member of Executive Ctte and Chief Human Resources Officer

Helena Morrisey CBE – CEO of Newton Asset Management and founder and Chair of 30 Percent Club in UK.

Nadine Chakar – Former Head of Global Investor Services and now spearheading the Bank’s Derivatives 360 product

Brenda Trenowden – Head of UK & Ireland Global Client ManagementPresident of City Women’s Network

Rosemary Kreisel – CEO of BNYM Hong Kong and President of WIN Asia

Sheena Wilson – Global Head of Talent Strategy


Information Security Identification: Confidential


Specific Women’s Based Initiatives


Information Security Identification: Confidential


Specific local initiatives aimed at promoting women’s equal contribution to the workplace

During the course of the year we normally carry out the following initiatives:

International Women’s Day Celebration – breakfast with a Rose sale. Proceeds of which usually go to a women based theme charity such as Femmes en Détresse.

Coffee experience - sessions with senior female leaders

from the other parts of the global organisation.

International cultural events.

Pink and Blue day with proceeds for wearing pink or blue

clothing going to charity.

Progressive Maternity and leave policies

Promotion of work/ life balance initiatives


Information Security Identification: Confidential


Global initiatives aimed at promoting women’s equal contribution to the workplace

Recruitment and talent/ leadership development

Succession planning

Sponsorship and mentoring

Global Women’s Network (WIN) and Bowstring

Career Expos

Affinity Networks

Health and Wellness initiatives

Women’s Forums, led by Senior Exec Ctte level role models


Information Security Identification: Confidential

affinity networks and returning military business resource group snapshot
Affinity Networks and Returning Military Business Resource Group | Snapshot

Growth in our Affinity Networks has been exponential over the past four years

39 Chapters in 6countries in 2009, to 118 chapters in 20Countries in 2012.

Note: Metrics as of December 2012; the concept of ‘membership’ does not exist outside the U.S. so actual participation rates are much higher


diversity awards and recognition in 2012 examples
Diversity Awards and Recognition in 2012 | Examples

Perfect 100% score

(achieved the past six years)

Corporate Executives of the Year

Top 50 Employers for Women in the UK

Corporate Equality Index

Group Moraru Sarl

Top Company for Gender Equity in Luxembourg

The 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking

Karen Peetz, President

Harlem YMCA

Black Achievers in Industry Award

Top 25 Women of Power Impacting Diversity

Pro Bono Institute

Laurie D. Zelon

Pro Bono Award

Excellence in Practice Champion Award

Helena Morrissey, Newton CEO


and potential impact to the bottom line
. . . and potential impact to the bottom line





Fuels creativity, inspiration and innovation through diversity of thought, ideas, perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences

Increases global market share

and client loyalty

Stimulates workforce

mobility, agility, and

leads to talent retention

Enhances brand and reputation

in the marketplace

Fosters organizational interdependence, connectivity and synergy

Facilitates cross-border teamwork and delivery of services through diverse client service teams

Drives stakeholder and employee engagement and satisfaction

Positions BNY Mellon as a premier employer of choice and a magnet that attracts top industry talent



Our enduring vision and aspiration for Global Diversity and Inclusion:

To promote an inclusive and respectful environment that leverages diversity and differences, and recognizes and advances top talent through a culture of meritocracy.


Our challenge to you

Is your company doing enough to:

  • Take the time to understand the issue and develop specific actions to support women in the workplace
  • Educate all employees on the challenges and barriers that women face in some environments
  • Ensure that gender balance is recognised as a significant factor to improving company performance

Consider the following:

Put equality at the top of your company’s agenda

Develop a clear business case

Invest in development programmes for high potential leaders/ future leaders

Appoint a Women’s Ambassador within your organisation

Establish Women’s forums

Include male champions to lead and spearhead initiatives


Information Security Identification: Confidential