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Viral Traffic Surge PowerPoint Presentation
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Viral Traffic Surge

Viral Traffic Surge

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Viral Traffic Surge

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  1. Text • Viral Traffic Surge Proven Methods of Generating Huge Amounts of Viral Web Traffic to Your Website without Exorbitant Expenses © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

  2. Introduction Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were financially independent and had you own inexhaustible source of money without working for anyone but yourself? You may have done extensive research trying to find out how to start your own business or even started already, only to eventually give up on all your hopes and dreams because of financial shortcomings and the huge prices involved with most regular advertisement campaigns to get traffic or visitors. Because without any traffic or visitors to whatever kind of business you have there … you’re pretty much doomed to fail. Agree?? Here is your chance to start out with a clean slate. Many thousands of big and small businesses and corporations have boosted their sales with the help of “viral marketing”. Some of the new tools and methods available on the internet either for free or in exchange for the smallest, most affordable prices, are able to put you directly in touch with new customers, and with the right information you can turn your website into the center of a huge web of promotional content that will exponentially increase the number of customers visiting your site. These techniques are based on a few key aspects that you may never even have heard of, including the internet’s remarkable, “quantum fast” content and information sharing power, the full access you have to a variety of large high traffic sites and the willingness of various sites, services and users to spread the news of your valuable offers across the world wide web. You don’t have to pay any money on high-risk, expensive advertising campaigns, traffic generation and SEO software that comes with hefty membership costs or expensive guides that promise the world and deliver very little value. Best of all, you will be free to define your business and marketing goals according to your heart’s desire and use the full traffic generating potential of the internet to expand your business and your profit making prospects to virtually limitless heights. •

  3. What’s All This Talk about Viral Marketing? If you’ve ever followed a “breaking news” broadcast that took the entire country or even the entire world by storm and noticed the speed with which that information traveled from live TV news broadcasts to online news sites and the front page of the most read newspapers of the day, you already know what it’s like when something “goes viral” – spreading to thousands and even millions of people like a virus. The difference between that and viral marketing is that, instead of the media, you’re in charge of the content, and instead of the viral story, your offers will be the ones reaching all the “viewers”. 1. How Does It Work? The great thing about viral campaigns is that you won’t need a whole lot of stuff to get them going, and if you do everything right, they will be virtually unstoppable. What you’ll need is an e-product with rebranding rights – or any type of giveaway, PLR or reselling rights; advertisements that you will be placing in key locations to spread the news; and your “sales force” – comprised of various resellers, high traffic websites, blogs, effective and affordable ad promotion sites and even other viable options, such as streaming video sites. By embedding strategic links to your website within your promotional content and the e-product itself, as well as through a compelling advertising offer or elements that would add credibility to your product (such as a great looking book cover), you can attract the attention of resellers, and have them do all the marketing work for you. •

  4. 2. E-Products and Fire Sales A fire sale can be powerful incentive to get customers interested in a marketed offer. This type of sale often involves a specific theme, and implies that the merchant places at the customers’ disposal a time limited, low cost offer with various bonus products provided along with the targeted e-product in order to deliver as much value as possible. You can choose to create multiple products for this purpose or team up with other contributors to make your fire sale as “catchy” as possible and increase the chances that it will go viral. This also works the other way around – in which case, by adding your product as a bonus, you will be allowed to guide customers to buy it from your own landing page. The best types of products you can use for this type of marketing are: • Unrestricted PLR e-books that can be resold to promote your ads – also, the great thing is that the PLR rights themselves can be rewrote which is great news for your viral web traffic campaign; • Products with giveaway rights that provide useful content and can be given away for free, presenting readers with an even more powerful incentive to get your book; • E-books with master reselling rights – this allows resellers to either sell your product individually, as part of a fire sale or bundle or even as part of a free bonus offer. •

  5. 3. Setting Up Your Viral Campaign Now, the e-product itself will be the central focus of the campaign. By promoting it on high traffic websites, however, you will have a much better chance not only of getting the news across to people who would be interested in it, but mainly to get the attention of resellers who would gain enough credibility and attention so that resellers will see it as something worth looking into. A great example of an e-product that can gain that much recognition is an e-book that would be easy for readers to access and present useful information associated with a highly targeted niche. Once you have your product, you can start setting up your campaign on as many high profile, high traffic websites as you want in order to expand your marketing potential to fit the magnitude of your goals. Here are a few ways of doing this effectively: • Buy ads on popular websites: Finding extremely popular websites that have already gained recognition within your niche, and buying footer, expandable and fly-in ads on these sites to promote your business can be an extremely profitable way of gaining low-cost traffic (note: don’t buy banner ads, as they aren’t all that effective). Additionally, you can also consider the slightly more costly option of “skinning” the website so it will reflect the goals of your marketing campaign. Consider social media marketing: Sites like Facebook and Twitter have long been considered by businesses to have extremely powerful marketing potential. Facebook alone has over 1.11 billion monthly active users (March 2013) and the simple task of creating a fan page and a group or even to buy Facebook ads as part of your viral marketing campaign can get your offer to appear before a huge number of people. Also, Twitter contests and links to your Twitter page from other web pages can get you lots of followers with very little invested effort. •

  6. Video marketing: This is probably one of the most important method of all mentioned in here. Sites like Youtube which are the second largest search engine now can also get you an incredible huge amount of web traffic, as many users will view Youtube videos much more willingly, rather than go through the effort of following an ad or reading a lengthy blog or social media post. Also, Youtube videos are often shared on Facebook and embedded on personal blogs – this will provide yet another way in which your offer can reach the right people. • Affordable paid traffic: Google Adwords is another huge traffic source, and by choosing the right keywords for your Adwords campaign, you can quickly have access to Google’s incredibly large traffic rates with a minimal expense. Bing is also another good one where you can get your campaigns much cheaper. These are all great options when it comes to viral marketing. With the help of these sites, you can manage small, large or even multiple campaigns, tweak your budget to be in line with your abilities, and carefully time your actions to achieve the best results. •

  7. Blogs and Article Marketing – Boost Your Traffic to the Next Level High traffic article sites and blogs are frequented by many people in search of useful and meaningful content for information, instruction or guidance. Tapping into the high traffic potential of these sites can bring massive viral traffic surges to your own website. 1. High Traffic Blogs You don’t need your own blog in order to make relevant content available to readers and use it to promote your business in locations where people who are genuinely interested in products within your niche visit quite often. High traffic blog owners will often allow you to write content for them in order for them to get fresh supplies of quality articles and continue promoting their own businesses. You can add information about yourself to the “Author Bio” section of the blog post, providing short keyword enhanced descriptions about your website and business, as well as a link to your site. This will allow you the advantage of tapping into their traffic, build your own thought leadership and credibility due to the fact that you have published content on an authority site, and get a high level of exposure since your post will remain on the blog for a considerable amount of time. •

  8. 2. Article Marketing Made Easy Submitting articles to article directories is very similar to guest blogging, except for the fact that some of the more famous article directories out there have a lot of traffic, and literally thousands of people go there to find useful content. Basically, you can either write your own articles or outsource the task for just a few dollars, and then do a Google search for the term “article directories” in order to find the best ranking directories available with the highest PR. Once you’ve found them, you just have to register as an author, and you can already start posting your articles along with a link to your site supplied in the resource box. The greatest quality of article marketing is that you can reuse the same article over and over again on multiple directories which will basically allow you to tap into all the traffic from those sites at an extremely fast rate. You can even get in touch with an article submission service and hire them to do the job for you. Be mindful, however, since it may take some time for your articles to be approved. 3. Promote Useful Content Whichever of these methods you would choose, one constant will always be highly important: the content you publish needs to be about topics relevant to your niche and your offers. The choice of a relevant topic for your submitted articles will maximize the chance of your content actually being read by people who would be interested in your product. At the same time, for blogs, you need to ensure that the posts you write will be in line with the policies, niches and topics explored by the blog in question without losing track of your own goals. •

  9. Forum Signatures: Name, “Rank” & Website The method of using forum posts as a source for increased web traffic is similar to the ones already discussed about article directory submission and high traffic blog posting. Basically, what you have to keep track of is the signature section of forum posts that can contain URLs and are often used by members for promoting websites. You can keep it simple by just adding your name, a few words about your background (for instance, internet marketing and SEO expert) and, of course, a link back to your main website. This is one of the simplest ways to get traffic, especially since: • You don’t need a lot of content; • There are lots of forums within your business niche you can sign up for, some of them being highly valued as authority websites; • The whole process is free, and it can take you less than a couple of minutes to write a useful post that will get viewers’ attention. Of course, you may have heard that links from forums aren’t considered to be very valuable by most internet marketers, due to the lower PR of these sites; however, in the interest of building web traffic, this method is quite a powerful one. •

  10. Content Membership and E-book Reselling While forum posts work to dial down the amount of content you need to supply, there is a type of website that needs to constantly make high quality, comprehensive content based products such as e-books available on a regular basis: content membership sites. If the e-book you created has resell or unrestricted label rights, you can submit it to these websites so that it can be accessed by hundreds of resellers and internet marketers. This basically means that there will be thousands of copies of your embedded links out there for people to click on. The massive potential for viral traffic surges are literally taken to the next level in this case and you can be sure that, should you place your links strategically within your e-product, readers can easily be compelled to visit your site in order to find out more about the topic in the book. PLR e-books can also be used for this purpose, and apart from reselling your product, marketers may also make copies of your landing and sales pages, being eager to draw as many new customers as possible. They will practically use everything in their power to get traffic to your site faster, without even focusing on that. •

  11. Choosing the Right Approach All the techniques and options presented here can be used individually or together as part of a massive marketing campaign to get that viral traffic surge your website needs. While the freedom and flexibility that the internet will offer you can be overwhelming, by sitting down and planning your web traffic generation campaign in a detailed way, your success will be ensured. Regardless of the approaches you employ, however, you will gain a much better chance to expand that success with some of the most famous traffic building methods such as buying affordable paid ads, social media marketing through Facebook and Twitter or video marketing through Youtube. Aside from the techniques presented thus far, you can expand your promotional horizons by creating links to submitted articles and excerpts from your blog posts on social media pages through short Twitter and Facebook posts in order to increase traffic to that content – or even by creating a Youtube video and adding links and information to the “about” section. When it comes to forums, you can just type a keyword commonly associated with your niche into Google followed by the word “forum” (for example, if your business is about electronics, type in “electronics forum”) and view the results to find the best sites you can register to. Also, as long as you’re guest blogging on a highly popular website, you can contact the owners asking about whether or not you can buy ads on their site which can maximize your traffic building potential often without the need to invest too much. There are many potential combinations you can choose when searching for the right viral marketing techniques. While sticking to the basics and using the tools and methods presented here to your advantage, don’t be afraid to use your creativity in order to considerably increase your chances for a successful marketing campaign. •

  12. What’s Next All you to have to do now is to start and implement the information I gave you here to start to get your viral traffic surge.. It’s all about taking action because all the knowledge in the world is useless if you don’t use it! Agree? Ok good ..then… Take action NOW.. To “Your Viral Traffic Surge” Success Athanasios Click Here to Get Instant Access To Affiliate Marketing Supremacy And Tips & Tricks on how to Make Easy Money Online! •