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Procedure for using equipment when working with Earth Moved

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Procedure for using equipment when working with Earth Moved

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  1. Procedure for using equipment when working with Earth Moved: Arrive early to do complete set up and loading requirements Do all checklists for equipment (Checklist on clipboard near or on equipment)-date and place your name on the checklist once complete. If taking the trailer check all lights and connections. Take hand brake off, check chains are on and that Everything is secure. All containers, fuel tanks and accessory gear should be in the correct place, clean and in good working order and fuel full. If equipment’s not clean or fuel not full including containers or other observations required please make comments on checklist. Any major non-conformances apparent please text supervisor. Load equipment and double check all tie downs are tight and in correct position. 4 points of contact for all Equipment. After completing job return back to base via a petrol station. Fill tank of equipment, fill fuel containers, Check trailer and vehicle tyre pressure (Trailer should be at 40 PSI), check equipment tyre pressure and other Things like water. Return all equipment back to where you found it or to the correct place as training showed. Clean all equipment in correct bay by using Gerni equipment. Unload down the rear of the yard and drive up the rear service road, not up the main drive as this leaves dirt along the road which will react badly with the granite rock or screenings Report any broken equipment to supervisor If in extreme cases you finish very late in the dark the clean-up procedure needs to happen the very next day – without fail.

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