by florian rafael n.
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Karana’s Survival Diary PowerPoint Presentation
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Karana’s Survival Diary

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Karana’s Survival Diary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Karana’s Survival Diary

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  1. By: Florian&Rafael Karana’s Survival Diary

  2. Day 1 : All Alone I was alone on the island, I had no one to accompany me. I had no food, no shelter, no weapons, and no friends, I’m totally alone. For to night I take cover on a large rock, and then I will make shelter. For now I’m going to sleep, all matters I will deal next morning. Now I must gather strength to endure tommorows hard work.

  3. Day 2 : Basic Needs I waked up early in the morning, first priority is to find food and water. I can find water in the fresh water spring, but food I must find on my own. I gathered water in the spring with a basket I’ve woven before, now I must find the food, the easiest food I can find now is by catching abalones, after that I need to make a spear to catch fish. The items I need to make the spear are: a sharp rock for the spearhead, a long stick the spear handle, and some vines for tying them together, I can find all these items in the forest nearby.

  4. Now that I have collected all the items, I need to make them in a spear which I can make in a few minutes. Now that my spear is finished, I can focus in making my shelter. First I need to find the perfect location for my shelter. I have walked for hours and I’ve finally found the location for my shelter, it is on the top of a cliff, it has a small cave like area that is safe from any predators because of it’s height, now I need to move all my belongings up there, an I need to make a way to get here too. I can make the entrance using some ladders and the empty side I can close by using some wood. But I will do that tomorrow because the sun is already setting now, I must quickly move my belongings to my shelter.

  5. Day 3 : My Home Now that I’ve acquired all my basic needs, I can start working on my shelter. The first items I need are some woods and vines, I needs these because I want to make a door and close the empty side of the cave so that predators can’t get in. After the door is finished, I need to make a fire so that I can cook food and have light in the cave. But since the sun is almost setting, I must go to sleep fast because tomorrow I will hunt to make the food supply enough for the first 7 days.

  6. Day 4 : First Dangers I woke up early in the morning, before the sun rise. This day I’m going to hunt for food for my supply for one week. I went to the forest to search for food that I can keep for one week. I only found some fruit. Then I go to the ravine to take fresh water. I also went to the beach to catch some fish. I took all of the food I have get go back to the shelter I’ve made. And now I need to make my camp fire in the cave, I can make that easily from some dry drift wood and a tint. I cook some of the food I’ve got for dinner. When night came, I saw wild dogs came in front of the cave.

  7. I quickly took my spear and throw my spear to the wild dogs, I killed three of them but not the leader. I retrieved my spear and quickly went to back to my shelter, when I got back, I noticed that some of my food was burnt, I cut the burnt bits and ate the rest, it was my first cooked meal since I was alone on this island. Now that I ate till I was full, I can sleep and tomorrow I can make the bamboo wall for the missing part of my cave .

  8. Day 5 : All Safe I woke up in the morning, my first priority is to find bamboo for my wall, I can find those near the lake not too far from here. I collect some bamboo and took it back to my cave, now I can make the walls, and now I need some vines, these I can find outside of my cave in the near jungle, the hard part is tying the bamboo together. I have make the walls which took me a long time, around 3 hours and another hour and a half to place them, but now that I have a proper shelter I can rest in my new house.

  9. Day 6 : Fulfilling my needs It’s the perfect day for me to hunt in the jungle. I went to the jungle early in the morning, I also brought my weapon with me to kill some wild dogs if they appear. I arrived in the jungle but no wild dogs were in sight, so I kept my weapons in my bag and I hunted little mammals such as monkeys, rabbits, and squirrels and also some fish. I got much of the meat I needed so I went back to my cave to cook, later I would go out and place torches around the area of my cave.

  10. Sun is already set, I eat all of the food I have collect and I this time I’m lucky to meet wild dogs that killed my brother, this time I am lucky to kill the leader of the wild dogs. I am happy and tired so I fell asleep quickly.

  11. Day 7 : Hope This was the 7th day, I woke up early in the morning, I went to the lake in the jungle to wash all of my body, I have not take bath for 7 days. After I took bath, I went back to my cave. I planned to rest all the whole day, and eat the food I’ve gathered for 7 days. I still hope that the white man’s ship will return for me and save me from this island.