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Data Center Consolidation and Virtualization

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Data Center Consolidation and Virtualization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Data Center Consolidation and Virtualization. Michael Macica Solutions Architect, HP SLED Technology Solutions Group, Hewlett-Packard. Dynamic Business Climate. Hard-Wired Data Center. 2. 28 August 2014. Yesterday’s infrastructure Built one server at a time. Many people

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Presentation Transcript

Data Center Consolidation and Virtualization

Michael Macica

Solutions Architect, HP SLED Technology Solutions Group, Hewlett-Packard


Dynamic Business Climate

Hard-WiredData Center


28 August 2014

yesterday s infrastructure built one server at a time
Yesterday’s infrastructureBuilt one server at a time
  • Many people
  • Many manual steps
  • Many weeks
  • Human error

Line of businessselects application

Get purchase approvals

Project planningmeetings

And moremeetings

Order server





Server delivery

Move to test center



Build process

Move to production environment

Change controlapprovals

Re-cable andmove into production

today s integrated infrastructure provisioned when needed
Today’s integratedinfrastructureProvisioned when needed
  • Less people
  • A few automated steps
  • Integrated information
  • Same functionality for virtual and physical servers – no compromises!

Line of businessselects application

Choose infrastructure application template (right size?, right app?)

Verify resource allocation (self-service portal)

Tool determines available resources and when

Workflow starts automatically

Push “go”

A full application infrastructure up and running!

bladesystem matrix delivers infrastructure as a service
BladeSystem Matrix delivers Infrastructure as a Service

Service Catalog

Service Templates

Enabling a shared services model

Service Portal

Service Requester

Service Compliance

Supply Portal

Service Supplier


hp bladesystem matrix converged pools of infrastructure


Mail and Messaging


File, Print, Infrastructure

HP BladeSystem Matrix Converged pools of infrastructure

Pools of virtual resources: compute, storage, fabric



Rack or enclosure-level integration, purchase, and installation

OS and hypervisorssupported equally

Resource pool

One managed domain across 1000 physical and virtual servers

Built with proven BladeSystem, Virtual Connect, Insight and Storageworks technologies

today leading edge consolidation vc flex 10 75 fewer nics cables and switches
Today: leading edge consolidationVC Flex-10: 75% fewer NICs, cables and switches

Each 10Gb Server connection supports to 4 FlexNIC’s

Traditional Server

Flex-10 Enabled Server




















10Gb Flex LOM


Dual NIC

Quad NIC

No mezzanine cards needed for up to 8 NIC connections

8 Managed Switches

2 VC Flex-10 Modules

1Gb Switch

1Gb Switch

10Gb Flex-10

10Gb Flex-10

NIC speed can be adjusted from 100Mb to 10Gb

1Gb Switch

1Gb Switch

1Gb Switch

1Gb Switch

1Gb Switch

1Gb Switch

Cut 8 switches to 2 VC Flex-10 modules for 8 NICs

3 to 4x decrease in the number of NICs and switches

flex 10 is just a better way to connect servers to networks
Flex-10 is just a better way to connect servers to networks

VMWare Best practice Network Configuration

  • Virtual Connect compared to traditional 1Gb technology:
  • 55%less expensive
  • 40%less power (up to 240W per enclosure)
  • 3.3 timeshigher total bandwidth
  • 100 timesmore flexibility to allocate bandwidth across networks
  • Up to10 timeshigher bandwidth per link
  • Open support for standard fabrics

Comparisons are for 6 NIC configurations comparing Virtual Connect Flex10 to Cisco 3120 1/10Gb switches


c7000 enclosure rear view
c7000 Enclosure – rear view
  • Active Cool fans
    • Adaptive flow for maximum power efficiency, air movement & acoustics
  • Interconnect bays
    • 8 bays; up to 4 redundant I/O fabrics
    • Up to 94% reduction in cables
    • Ethernet, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SAS, IB
    • Enclosure Mid-plane aggregate bandwidth capacity of 5Tbs
  • Power management
    • Choice of single-phase or three-phase enclosures
    • AC redundant mode or power supply redundant mode
    • Best performance per watt
  • Onboard Administrator
    • Remote administration view
    • Robust, multi-enclosure control


hp insight dynamics vse
HP Insight Dynamics – VSE

Continuously analyze and optimize your infrastructure

  • Bring the flexibility of virtualization to physical servers
  • Real-time capacity planning for servers and power
  • Control physical and virtual resources in the same way

Building on the value of HP Systems Insight Manager, Insight Control and Virtual Server Environment

Addressing key data center issues: cost, speed, quality and energy


hp insight dynamics vse building blocks of the solution
HP Insight Dynamics – VSE Building blocks of the solution
  • Wire-once, modular infrastructure (HP Blades)
  • Virtual fabric to add and change on-the-fly (Virtual Connect)
  • Software to continuously analyze and optimize (Insight Control)
  • Collaboration with industry leaders (VMware, Microsoft, others)


id vse brings flexibility of virtualization to physical servers
ID-VSE brings flexibility of virtualization to physical servers

Logical server


Configuration requirements

Unique IDs

  • HP Logical Server technology
  • A server profile that is easily created and freely moved across physical and virtual machines
  • Logical servers can be:
  • Active physical servers
  • Active virtual machines
  • Offline templates



Virtual Fabric


hp insight dynamics vse capacity planning functionality overview
HP Insight Dynamics – VSECapacity planning functionality overview

Measure utilization for CPU, memory, network, disk & power

Collects more than a thousand data points per server per day

  • Eliminate guesswork and months of tedious capacity planning and research
  • Make better decisions faster, matching your business priorities

New Smart Solver technology for consolidation or re-balancing

New 5-Star rating system for best-fit placement

Create inventories and reports

Data collected remains onsite

Most advanced real-time capacity planning tool based on unique HP labs technology


introducing hp insight dynamics vse with orchestration
Introducing … HP Insight Dynamics – VSE with Orchestration

Rapidly Provision

via self-service portal

Efficiently Operate

unified physical & virtual environment

Visually Design

best practice infrastructures

EasilyIntegratewith existing IT processes and technologies


id vse with orchestration capabilities summary
ID-VSE with OrchestrationCapabilities Summary

Templates, Workflows, Automation

Consistency and Standardization

IT Teams

IT Systems




  • Optimize through energy-aware capacity planning , placement, control
  • Manage & recover physical and virtual environments
  • Visually design infrastructure service templates
  • Store, copy, share templates across Dev, Test, Production, DR
  • Publish best-practice templates to self-service portal
  • Select approved template and provision from resource pool

Integrate - with existing IT processes and technologies

  • Deep integration with HP Software automation technology
  • Support for industry leading virtualization environments

Systems Insight Manager & Insight Control

Virtual Connect/VCEM

Server, Network, Storage






power and cooling what matters all of it
Power and cooling: What matters? All of it!

HP delivering from the chip to chiller

Energy Savings

  • Data Center & Facilities
  • Data Center Monitoring and control
  • Modular Cooling System
  • Power Distribution Rack
  • Three Phase UPS
  • Services
  • Thermal Zone Mapping, Data Center Assessments, Data Center Site Preparation

Blades are one key element

  • Enclosures
  • BladeSystem
  • Thermal Logic
  • PARSEC enclosure cooling
  • Active Cool Fans
  • Manageability Tools
  • Insight Power Manager and iLO 2
  • Virtualization
  • Dynamic Capacity Management
  • Thin Provisioning & Data de-duplication
  • Servers
  • Energy Optimized Servers
  • Small Form Factor Drives
  • Efficient Power Supplies
  • Low Power Processors
  • Low Power Memory

“Chip to Chiller”


general industry dc cooling best practices
General Industry DC cooling Best Practices

Hot aisle/cold aisle

Eliminate gaps in rows

Use longer rows

Use blanking panels

Orient AC units perpendicular to hot aisles

Use 0.8m to 1.0m high floors

Seal cable cutouts

Use high/low density areas matching airflow requirements.

Deploy power efficient platforms

Enable server power management features

  • Lower server temperatures
  • Better system reliability
  • Better uptime
  • Extends life of current data center
  • Maximizes server density
  • Increased reliability of your servers
  • Lower energy usage
  • Lower TCO




datacenter environmental edge
Datacenter Environmental Edge

HP Datacenter Environmental Edge is a Datacenter Environmental Visualization Solution with

  • Wireless Rack level temperature and humidity sensors every 3rd rack
  • 6 External and 2 internal sensors per rack,
  • Air pressure sensors every 500 ft2/50 m2,
  • Other optional sensors as needed, (i.e. KWH, Chilled water flow)
  • Graphical visualization interface providing Datacenter temperature, humidity & air pressure
  • Services required
    • Hardware and Software installation
    • System commissioning
    • Post deployment support.


conventional room control and sensing
Conventional Room Control and Sensing

Conventional control is a carry over from room level comfort cooling,

Conventional control regulates the return air temperature to a given setpoint. Typically this is 68-72°F.

Conventional control results in very cold air being supplied to the room ~ 55°F on average due to mixing in the room.

Fans are typically fixed speed running continuously at 100%

Individual Air Handlers are self controlled and not coordinated.




AC Unit

Blower & Motor

CW supply and control

Air Movers

Chilled Valve

Room Chilled Water Supply

Room Level Temperature Sense Points

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