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Brave New World

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Brave New World. Test Review . Quotes: Who said each?. “In fact, you’re claiming the right to be unhappy.” Mustapha Mond “So you don’t much like civilization, Mr. Savage.” Mustapha Mond “Don’t take that horrible stuff. It’s poison, it’s poison.” John “Whore! Impudent Strumpet!” John.

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brave new world

Brave New World

Test Review

quotes who said each
Quotes: Who said each?
  • “In fact, you’re claiming the right to be unhappy.”
    • Mustapha Mond
  • “So you don’t much like civilization, Mr. Savage.”
    • Mustapha Mond
  • “Don’t take that horrible stuff. It’s poison, it’s poison.”
    • John
  • “Whore! Impudent Strumpet!”
    • John

“Of course I knew you; Tomakin, I should have known you anywhere, among a thousand. But perhaps you’ve forgotten me. Don’t you remember me? Don’t you remember, Tomakin?”

    • Linda
  • “I did something that none of the others did” I stood against a rock in the middle of the day, in summer, with my arms out, like Jesus on the Cross.”
    • John

“O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in it.”

    • John
  • “He hated Pope more and more. A man can smile and smile and be a villain. Remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindless villain.” (Hamlet quote)
    • John

“But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.”

    • John
  • "You silly boy! I wanted you so much. And if you wanted me too, why didn't you? …“
    • Lenina
  • ... how can one be violent about the sort of things one's expected to write about? Words can be like X-rays, if you use them properly–they'll go through anything. You read and you're pierced. That's one of the things I try to teach my students–how to write piercingly.
    • Helmholtz Watson

This last week or two I've been cutting all my committees and all my girls. You can't imagine what a hullabaloo they've been making about it at the College. Still, it's been worth it, I think. The effects …"Well, they're odd, they're very odd.“

    • Lenina
  • "I should like a thoroughly bad climate, I believe one would write better if the climate were bad. If there were a lot of wind and storms, for example …”
    • Helmholtz Watson

"It's more like a caffeine-solution party than a trial, Cheer up, Bernard”

    • Helmholtz Watson
  • "If you knew how glad–after all these years! A civilized face. Yes, and civilized clothes. Because I thought I should never see a piece of real acetate silk again.“
    • Linda
  • “It isn't only art that's incompatible with happiness; it's also science. Science is dangerous; we have to keep it most carefully chained and muzzled.“
    • Mustapha Mond
things to know ok i ll give you some answers
Things to know (ok, I’ll give you some answers)
  • Sleep teaching
    • Hypnopædia
  • The process that allows the Hatchery to produce many clones from a single egg.
    • Bokanovsky Process
  • How are children in the nursery conditioned to dislike books & flowers?
    • Alarms and shocking them

Why does Fanny try to get Lenina to be more promiscuous?

    • Because she’s been with Henry Foster too long
  • What is one aim of the state in Brave New World?
    • Community, Identity, Stability
  • How is promiscuity regarded in Brave New World?
    • It is encouraged by the state.
world state propaganda
World State Propaganda
  • “Everyone is happy now”
  • “Progress is lovely”
  • “A gramme is better than a damn”
  • “Never put off till tomorrow the fun you can have today”
  • “Ending is better than mending.”
  • “Everyone belongs to everyone else.”
things to know you find the answers or not you re choice
Things to know (you find the answers, or not; you’re choice)
  • Be able to describe the Solidarity Service.
  • How does Lenina react to observing the Savage religious ritual?
  • Where is the Savage Reservation located?
  • Mustapha Mond tells John that civilizations have to choose between these 2 things – what are they?
  • What was the first book that John read as a child?

What did Mustapha Mond do that almost got him exiled to an island?

  • Why did he make the ultimate choice that he made?
  • How is Bernard different/unique?
  • How is Lenina unusual?
  • How is Helmholtz Watson unique?
  • After retreating to the lighthouse, what does John do that first attracts the reporters?

When does Bernard initially find out he is in jeopardy of being exiled?

  • Who tells the story of when they visited the Reservation (to Bernard)?
  • What is the story?
  • What are feelies?
  • Know the title to both feelies.
  • What is the name of the feelie John sees with Lenina?
  • What Shakespeare play does this remind him of?

What motivates John's suicide at the end of the novel? (be specific)

  • What does Mond have access to that no one else in the WS does?
  • Briefly describe what attributes “stand out” on MorganaRothchild?
  • A state in which the people are ruled by a controlling government and have no free will is known as a-

Women in the World State who are sterile are known as-

  • What drug did Aldous Huxley take while he was dying?
  • What are 2 effects of Soma?
you will survive

You will survive!!

If you even read some, and at least study this material!! 