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Student Teaching Placement Meeting

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Student Teaching Placement Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Teaching Placement Meeting. Office of Clinical Experiences SCSU (320) 308-4783 Dec 2012. Today you will receive:. Data Sheet: Update if needed Student Teaching Contract Sign all copies, keep white CBC attached if required (Criminal Background Check).

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student teaching placement meeting

Student Teaching Placement Meeting

Office of Clinical Experiences


(320) 308-4783

Dec 2012

today you will receive
Today you will receive:
  • Data Sheet: Update if needed
  • Student Teaching Contract
    • Sign all copies, keep white
  • CBC attached if required (Criminal Background Check)
contact oce
Contact OCE…
  • (320) 308-4783
  • We will contact you with placement information as soon as we know your placement!
orientation is mandatory

ORIENTATION is Mandatory

Fri., January 11, 2013

Ritsche Auditorium

8:00 AM-3:00 PM

professional development conference
Professional Development Conference
  • Attend only if you are a Spring 2013 graduate (Blk 3 & CFS 1st ST attend your final semester)
  • Monday April 1, 2013
  • Get this on your calendar! Let your CT know!
cbc required for many districts

CBC: Required for MANY Districts

Read your attached District Requirements and FOLLOW

  • Required documents are attached to your data sheet
  • Fill out and return to OCE OR to the District…read directions!
  • Some districts will accept a CBC performed by another district, if it’s less than 1 year old. Contact both districts to see if this is possible.
Godirectly to the district website if it’s listed on the handout. Download the CBC document(s), complete and submit along with your check to the District Office, or as directed on the website.
  • If personal email addresses or phone numbers are provided, access them if you have questions, to get forms, etc.
All forms must be submitted to the district.
  • You must carefully read the information provided by your assigned district, as procedures and requirements vary among districts.
Your placement will be cancelled by the school district if this CBC information isn’t provided in a timely manner.
  • Do TODAY!!!!!!
  • NOTE: These are the only districts of which we are aware that require a CBC before you begin student teaching.
first aid cpr
First Aid & CPR
  • Required for CFS
    • Infant, Child through age 8
  • Required for KHPE
    • PE; PE/Health: Child & Adult
    • Bring signed copies to OCE
    • Required BEFORE you can ST!
liability insurance
Liability Insurance
  • $25,000 Liability coverage
  • Ed MN (Education MN) Student Membership ($25 Academic Yr)
  • Sign up ONLINE! Liability Insurance: Education MN Apply Online!; “Who We Are”, “Student Program” (need credit card)
liability insurance1
Liability Insurance
  • Email Confirmation:
    • COPY TO OCE!
    • OR copy of check to Education MN
    • PRIOR TO Student Teaching
  • Effective for School Year
    • Sept 1 - Aug 30
    • Spring/Fall ST?: must purchase again for Fall
st handbook
ST Handbook
  • Download

StudentTeaching; Handbooks

(SPED: only option is download)

  • Purchase at Copies Plus: call & reserve a copy (about $10)
    • (320) 308-3759
register for student teaching

Register for Student Teaching!

OCE sent you a letter;

SPED sent you a letter…

Please Register OR placement may be CANCELLED

st dates s13

Fri. Jan 11


Jan 14-Mar 8

Mar 11–May 10

K-12, 5-12

Jan 14-Mar 8

Mar 11-May 8

El Ed (+CFS K-3)

Mar 18-May 10

Fall 2013:

ST: Aug 26-Sept 6 &

Nov 4- Dec 18

CFS (PreK)

Mar 18-May 10

Fall 2013: Classes begin Aug. 26

Fall PreK ST:

Oct 21-Dec 18

ST Dates, S13
university supervisor
University Supervisor
  • You will find out your University Supervisor at Orientation
  • Most supervisors will be at Orientation to meet with you
placement information
Placement Information
  • Follow the school calendar and CT schedule!!!! (Not SCSU)
  • Schools have the right to cancel your placement/remove ST:
    • Lack of initiative
    • Poor performance
    • Unprofessional behavior
  • We are GUESTS in the school!


Contact your CT & your supervisor; days may need to be made up

outside job
Outside Job ?
  • This is discouraged due to the many requirements of student teaching
  • An outside job can NOT interfere with your student teaching schedule or requirements! Coaching is considered a job…
student athletes
Student Athletes
  • Have you met with OCE staff to discuss practice and event/game schedules and accommodations needed?
need to withdraw from student teaching
Need to Withdraw from Student Teaching?
  • Let OCE know ASAP
  • Fill out cancellation form
  • OCE will move you ahead to the next semester OR to whenever you have indicated on the form
eligibility issues
Eligibility Issues?
  • See Jolene in OCE
still need your placement

Still Need Your Placement?

OCE will Email you…

Check your Husky Net!

placement packets
Placement Packets
  • Sign Contract (all pages)
  • Keep white copy
  • Update & sign data sheet
  • May have partial placement today…OCE will contact you with more info
  • TURN IN:
    • Data Sheet, Buff Contract
  • CBC: Follow your instructions!!!