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Student Teaching

Student Teaching

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Student Teaching

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  1. Student Teaching

  2. Student Teaching Student teaching is considered to be the most dynamic phase of teacher education. It is considered to be the most important and challenging component of teacher preparation programs. WELCOME!

  3. Student Teaching One objective of student teaching is to provide experiences where students seeking licensure can effectively demonstrate skills is each of four areas: • Planning and Preparation • The Classroom Environment • Instruction • Professional responsibilities

  4. Student Teaching The process begins today, with the application to student teach.

  5. Student Teaching Placement All persons involved in the placement process should: • Consider the best learning environment to meet your needs and your licensure needs • Consider the best learning environment to expand your experience and eventual employability

  6. Where to Student Teach? • Urban • Suburban • Rural • In Ohio • In another state • In another country Where have your experiences been? What is your “final” destination?

  7. Student Teaching Opportunities

  8. Student Teaching Abroad

  9. Student Teaching Opportunities • College of Education has a limited number of $500 scholarships for Student Teaching Abroad • Additional scholarships may be applied for • Still eligible for Ohio licensure

  10. Department of Defense (D.O.D.) • Teach American students on military bases: • Germany • Italy • Japan • Belgium (These placements have been limited lately)

  11. Burke County, North Carolina

  12. San Juan, Puerto Rico • Housing- University of Puerto Rico dorms • Basic knowledge of Spanish needed • Most students are bi-lingual

  13. Mexico City • Instituto Thomas Jefferson • House with family or staff member of school Temporarily Not Available

  14. Country Day SchoolSt. CroixVirgin Islands • very rural area • housing with residents Currently for middle level licensure only

  15. If you are interested in student teaching in a state other than Ohio, please first investigate its job market and employment opportunities after graduation.

  16. If you are interested in teaching abroad or out of state, you can obtain an application in The Office of Student Teaching and Field Experience…..Zook 228, or on the student teaching web page. You will also need to schedule an interview with us.

  17. In addition, if you would like to student teach in a place outside ofthe Greater Akron-Cleveland Area, you can obtain an application in The Office of Student Teaching and Field Experience…..Zook 228, or on the student teaching web page.

  18. Student Teaching OpportunitiesLOCAL Canton City Schools Wadsworth Schools Springfield Schools Coventry Schools Stow-Munroe Falls Schools

  19. Canton City SchoolsAllen Elementary

  20. Canton City SchoolsAllen Elementary Professional Development School: • Partnership between Canton Schools and UA based on the ultimate goal of improving student performance, teacher preparation and professional development • Inquiry-based practice • Co-Teaching model implemented • Share a common vision of teaching and learning grounded in research and practitioner knowledge.

  21. Canton City SchoolsAllen Elementary GOALS • Improved student learning • Preparation for educators • Professional development for educators • Research and inquiry into improving practice • Co-teaching opportunity

  22. Collaborative Relationships Wadsworth Schools Springfield Schools Coventry Schools Stow-Munroe Falls Schools

  23. Location of Collaborative Schools Stow Akron Springfield Wadsworth Coventry

  24. Collaborative Relationships • Classroom teacher works as cooperating teacher and supervisor • University supervisor meets with cooperating teacher • One university supervisor for each district • Enhanced team focus on student teacher learning

  25. Student Teaching Traditional Student Teaching

  26. The application

  27. The application The student teaching application consists of several sections: • Candidate Data Information • Course Summary • Career Center Form • District Cover Page • Reflective Essay

  28. If your program is: • UNDERGRADUATE ART ED • MUSIC • SLP • UNDERGRADUATE FCS • then go to : • The student teaching web page • Click on applying for student teaching • Download the application

  29. If your program is: ECED AYA SPED ECIS Middle Childhood Foreign Lang Phys Ed Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction with licensure options (foreign language, art, FCS, AYA) Undergraduate dance Drama/theatre Then go to: TK20 to complete your candidate data form AND upload your reflective essay

  30. The information within the application is the same for all.Only the PLACE where the application is found is different.

  31. First step (for everyone)

  32. The reflective essay • The reflective essay is your “face” to the school that is considering your placement • Pay attention to presenting yourself well and professionally • Stay away from mentioning specific names of people or schools/districts when using examples

  33. Web page for assistance

  34. This is found inside the application portion of the paperwork.

  35. You should contact your advisor to find out the due date of your essay • If you are submitting your candidate data form through TK20, save this document and upload the essay when prompted to. • It is very important to send an email to your advisor when you submit your reflective essay to TK20 so they are aware it is there waiting to be scored. • When you submit the essay, your advisor will score it, give you feedback, etc.

  36. If you are not using TK20, then save the document, and your advisor will score it using the essay rubric. • You should speak with your advisor to get details about how they would like you to submit your essay. • You should not make copies of the essay until it has been scored by your advisor.

  37. Next step: Candidate data form

  38. Candidate data form If you are submitting through TK20…

  39. Finding the Application in Tk20 • Click on the Application Tab • then click on Applications - on the left side in the shaded box, then Create • You will receive a drop down menu that will have a document titled Student Teaching Application Fall 2012. • Click the application and the document will appear. • Please note at any point you need to leave the application to gather additional information or need to come back to it later, remember to click Save, if you do not click Save your work will be lost. • When you reopen the Application, the saved version will appear when you click on the Applications tab.

  40. TK20

  41. TK20

  42. TK20

  43. TK20

  44. Upload reflective essay to TK20

  45. Save= alwaysSave and submit=when all is complete.ALL means your data information AND the reflective essay.

  46. Candidate data form If you are submitting through web page

  47. On the student teaching web page…

  48. Tk20 Not Tk20