The induction process and the management of international students
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The induction process and the management of International Students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The induction process and the management of International Students. Gina Parselle and Paul Jones Glamorgan Business School 3 rd September – Swansea Metropolitan University. What’s wrong with this picture ?. International Students in Glamorgan.

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The induction process and the management of international students

The induction process and the management of International Students

Gina Parselle and Paul Jones

Glamorgan Business School

3rd September – Swansea Metropolitan University

International students in glamorgan
International Students in Glamorgan Students

  • New International Student recruitment for September 2009 contributed: -

  • FAT (40%),

  • Business School (37%)

  • HASS (18%)

  • HESAS (3%)

  • CCI (2%)

International students gbs 2009 10

Bahrain 4 Students

China 106

Kenya 2

Malaysia 3

Pakistan 25

Tanzania 17


Taiwan 1

Vietnam 2

Canada 2

India 45

Sri Lanka 6

Zimbabwe 1

Gambia 1

Kuwait 3

Mali 1

Qatar 5

Thailand 1


Brunei 3

Ghana 2

Libya 4

Nigeria 51

Saudi Arabia 7

Mexico 2

Uganda 3

International students GBS 2009-10

Gbs international students by course 2009 10
GBS International Students by Course 2009-10 Students

  • MSc Management 47(95%)

  • BA Management and Business 40

  • MSc International Business and Enterprise 28 Master of Business Administration 26

  • MSc International Logistics & Supply Chain Mgnt 25

  • MSc ManDIFFS 19

  • BA Accounting and Finance 18

  • MSc Marketing 16

  • BA Business Excellence 14

Why managing
Why ‘Managing’ ? Students

  • What are the issues associated with having International students in the Faculty ?

    • Their expectations

    • Our expectations

    • Non International students

    • Other stakeholders

      • Employers

      • Local community

Our expectations
Our expectations Students

  • appropriately qualified and skilled in being a student

  • written English skills are at the necessary level i.e. ILETS 6.5

  • interact / communicate as UK students do

  • complete tasks in class and outside of the class to required standard / within time constraints

How much do they think beyond this
How much do they think beyond this ? Students

  • Getting a Visa

  • ?

Their expectations
Their expectations Students

  • The country of study – UK education gold standard , cheaper than USA

  • The University of study -??

  • The academic demands

    • Workload

    • Assessment vehicles

    • Classroom activity / behaviour

    • Relationships with academic and administrative staff

    • Relationships with ‘other’ students

Expectations of indian students
Expectations of Indian Students Students

  • They consider themselves to be an educational elite

  • That the British University experience will be a similar educational experience to that in India , eg.

  • Assessment will be via examination. There is little understanding or appreciation of other forms of assessment.

    • All work will be individual.

    • No projects, presentations, dissertations.

    • Attendance not compulsory.

    • Personal research not required.

Expectations of indian students1
Expectations of Indian Students Students

  • Attainment of the visa is a great achievement and often seen as the end point

  • Great importance on career prospects and being able to work whilst studying.

  • High expectations of the role the institution will play in finding them employment.

Expectations of chinese students
Expectations of Chinese Students Students

  • Attendance is compulsory

  • Schools/colleges often expect attendance at 40/50 classes per week. Commitment whilst in class in not guaranteed.

  • Chinese students will not answer or attempt to answer a question if they consider they will lose face in front of their peers

  • They do not expect to do external reading and all work is done in class.

Other students
Other students Students

  • Other International students : national, ethnic groups tend to not to integrate outside of the classroom

  • UK students : Final year of BABE degree direct entry of 150 European students: ‘swamped’ classes; tutors attention diverted away > group mits etc

    UK students acting as de facto ‘teacher’s aids’ in classes

Identified issues in teaching international students
Identified Issues in teaching StudentsInternational students

  • Plagiarism – understanding and avoiding

  • Poor attendance

  • Poor/indifferent performance when in class

  • Poor performance in exams and coursework assessments

  • Poor communication and written skills

Gbs post graduate plagiarism cases 2009 2010
GBS StudentsPost graduate Plagiarism cases2009-2010

Drilling down
Drilling down Students

Performance issues
Performance Issues Students

  • A performance gap between UK and International students especially at postgraduate level (-10% noted in one study of MBA students)

  • GBS statistics tend to support this and also that there is underperformance between our International students and European groups.

Attendance communication
Attendance / Communication Students

  • Non attendance / erratic attendance

  • Late attendance

  • No culture of appointment making

  • Ambushing

  • Expectation that staff will provide substitute support outside of class time eg handout materials, explanations, briefing

  • Tend not to use Uni email accounts

  • Debtors communication problems

To sum up
To Sum Up Students

  • Critical issues are:


    language ability

    student support

    assessment strategies

    student understanding of /skilled in the requirements

Consider Students

  • The need to provide adequate and sufficient student support outside lectures

  • Assessment – ensure adequate understanding re assignment requirements

  • Articulating expectations of student performance and behaviour in class

  • Relevance of course materials to the individual student, eg UK centric ?

  • Group work – need to teach them how to do it and the benefits they get from it

  • Importance of a work experience component in the programme

Suggested best practice
Suggested Best Practice Students

  • Orientation sessions on arrival

  • Extended induction

  • High quality language testing

  • Academic English module

  • Initial student skills development module.

  • Encourage “cultural mixing” via mixed group exercises

Improving student skills
Improving Student Skills Students

Dedicated week run by academic staff for:

  • Literature review – electronic databases

  • Report/essay writing

  • Presentation skills

  • Learning Styles

  • Referencing

  • Plagiarism

Impacts of the experience post programme of study
Impacts of the experience StudentsPost Programme of Study

  • Graduates recognise the development of soft skills and personal growth e.g. timekeeping, professionalism, self discipline.

  • Increased self reliance

  • Increased personal self confidence

  • Increased maturity

  • Increased communication

  • Team working skills

  • Document production – report writing skills

  • Cultural fluency

  • Detrimental effects of having to reintroduce oneself to a strict culture after the freedom of University life

References Students

  • Personal experience – 20 years HE delivery and management of International students

  • BMAF Internationalisation special interest groups at Northumbria University, De Montfort University and UIWC

  • StudentPulse (2009) study