Getting yourself into the workforce
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Getting Yourself Into The Workforce!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting Yourself Into The Workforce!!. Presented By Jeremiah Swisher. Statistics . One out of five have a disability. One out of ten have a severe disability. This makes people with disabilities the largest minority group throughout the country.

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Getting yourself into the workforce

Getting Yourself Into The Workforce!!

Presented By Jeremiah Swisher


  • One out of five have a disability.

  • One out of ten have a severe disability.

  • This makes people with disabilities the largest minority group throughout the country.

Employment statistics by us department on labor
Employment Statistics By US Department On Labor

Labor Force Participation as of September 2012

  • People with disabilities: 21.9%

  • People without disabilities: 69.3%

    Unemployment Rate

  • People with disabilities: 13.5%

  • People without disabilities: 7.3%


Ways to get a job
Ways To Get A Job

  • Internships (optional) but recommended.

  • College Degree (optional) but recommended.

  • Getting a Job (The Ultimate Goal!)

  • Apply for an option right after high school. (it’s up to you)

  • There are so many options, just what to do! Any options I may have missed?

What i did
What I Did

  • Even though there is no direct path as each person is different.

  • I decided to attend college after high school, which I plan to graduate next Winter in 2013 with Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration and Political Science.

  • During my time in college, I interned for the National Council on Independent Living and the Association of People Supporting Employment First.

What i learned from what i did
What I Learned From What I Did

  • More Independence

  • More Issues that face people with disabilities.

  • How Congress acts (nothing gets done often times)

  • It’s one thing to learn from a textbook, but it’s another thing to gain experience in the issue areas that you are interested in

  • Experience over knowledge is priceless!!

Furthermore ways to get that job internship
Furthermore, Ways To Get That Job/Internship

  • Disability Databases such as the AAPD and the Washington Center to name a few.

  • Going to conferences/networking (what you are doing)

  • Meet people and maintain important contact information. (I do help people with disabilities on my spare time.)

When you receive a position
When You Receive A Position

  • You can get a job anytime throughout your life.

  • The more experience and education you have built up means the more qualified you may be.

  • More qualified=higher job positions with better benefits sometimes.

  • But how can one make this possible? Any suggestions (audience?)

The aftermath what have we learned so far
The Aftermath: What have we learned so far?

  • We certainly learned more about jobs.

  • We have learned that the economy is not as friendly as it used to be

  • Also there are some things that we can take out from this powerpoint.

Find your nitche when it comes to employment
Find Your Nitche When It Comes To Employment!

  • Everyone is good at something!

  • We all have strengths and weaknesses and if we are weak in an area, turn it into your strong point.

  • Celebrate your abilities verses disability!

Now how to get that job
Now How To Get That Job?

  • Find an area that interests you? There are questionnaires you can find online.

  • Fill out a job application

  • If requested make sure to have your Resume, Cover Letter, and Reference Sheet with you.

  • Also make sure you know your Social Security number as many applications ask for that.

  • Finally learn how to “Sell Yourself”

Finally with jobs
Finally With Jobs

  • The Government has set affirmative action programs which help people with disabilities to get and find jobs.

  • Many Organizations help jobs to find people with disabilities. So apply to a ton of different job data bases.

  • Anything else I missed or to add? (audience)?

Last but not least
Last But Not Least!

  • Please Network with each other and spread the news about this presentation!

  • I hope this presentation helps when pursuing the possibilities through seeking employment!

  • Employment/Interviews is a lot like dating!

Be yourself
Be Yourself!

  • Be yourself, because being different is part of being normal.

  • If you put your mind to it and focus on your passions, you will be able to pursue your dreams.

  • Dream Big!

Contact information
Contact Information

  • Jeremiah Swisher

    Disability Advocate/Speaker

    7055 N. Seneca Ave.

    Glendale, WI. 53217

    [email protected]

    (414) 460-3774 (cell)