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Website Tips to Supercharge Your Business Growth PowerPoint Presentation
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Website Tips to Supercharge Your Business Growth

Website Tips to Supercharge Your Business Growth

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Website Tips to Supercharge Your Business Growth

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  1. Website Tips to Supercharge Your Business Growth

  2. To paraphrase Jane Austen, it is a truth, universally acknowledged that a small business wishing for good fortune must be in want of a website. In other words, if you have a small business, you need to be online even if you do not actually sell goods and services online, you have to be there if you want anyone to ever find you. • Around eighty percent of people looking for retailer or a service provider only look online. The days when you “let your fingers do the walking” as they flicked through the Yellow Pages are gone. If you cannot be found by a search engine, you will not be found at all.

  3. Having a website is still not enough by itself, however. Your website needs to appear at - or at least near - the top of the online search results. That requires great “Search Engine Optimisation”, or “SEO”. • This is fine the art of making sure your website is easy for the algorithms powering the popular search engines see your website first. SEO is a complex area so many small businesses use an SEO company like eBusiness UK who have the expertise to make your website a real engine of growth.

  4. eBusiness UK is a well-established in website design, Blackburn based with our roots deep in the business community possessed of experience in the field that is unmatched. We have been helping small businesses to thrive on the internet for two decades so we know some things about website design, and we love to share our experience to help other businesses grow.

  5. The first thing to consider when designing a website what it will look like. This may seem obvious, but it is important to ensure branding is consistent right across your business, so it does not make sense to have different logos or font styles for your online and physical presences. • If you lack expertise in graphic design it really is a good idea to put the task in the hands of professionals.

  6. Our next tip is to think hard about what your site needs to be able to do and what you want your sites users to do while they are there. • You can always evolve your website over time but it is much better if you can get the most important points right before the site launches so you need to make some decisions up front. • Will you be selling goods or services online? If you will you need a solid and secure e-commerce platform.

  7. Will your customers be able to communicate with your business through the website Will customers be using the site able to book appointments? As an established web design company in Lancashire we can help your business work through these questions to design the perfect website for your needs. • Our final tip for good business web design is to work out how you want customers’ visits to flow through your site. A good home page should guide customers to the parts of the site you want them to spend time on.

  8. When those decisions have been taken then everything can be passed on to a web developer who will write the code that takes the website from design to reality. • But then you still have work to do - and always will - because no website, however thoughtfully designed will do you or your business any good if nobody ever sees it. Which is where SEO services can help. • Search engine algorithms look for key words on websites that match an online search. The more keywords found on a website, the higher up the website will be on the results page.

  9. To be effective your site needs to be as near the top the results as possible. That is why when we do our web design in Lancashire we always build SEO into the foundation of every site. • We do not stop at that though. Continued SEO services are always needed to keep your website at the top of the results. It is a complicated and never ending task which is definitely better left to experienced professionals. Call us now and how our web design and SEO services can help your business grow.

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