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Col Marcus “Shaka” Boyd AFAMS/CC 13 Dec 12 Version 1.0

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Col Marcus “Shaka” Boyd AFAMS/CC 13 Dec 12 Version 1.0 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Col Marcus “Shaka” Boyd AFAMS/CC 13 Dec 12 Version 1.0. Air Force 2013 “Big Ticket Items” for Live, Virtual and Constructive Operational Training (LVC-OT). Let’s Quickly Get on the Same Page.

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col marcus shaka boyd afams cc 13 dec 12 version 1 0
Col Marcus “Shaka” Boyd


13 Dec 12

Version 1.0

Air Force 2013 “Big Ticket Items” forLive, Virtual and Constructive Operational Training(LVC-OT)

let s quickly get on the same page
Let’s Quickly Get on the Same Page

“Big Ticket Items” - Cross-cutting, AF-wide efforts to reduce or eliminate unnecessary duplication/redundancies, and increase readiness efficiencies and fiscal savings

LVC-OT – The framework and art of tailoring and integrating the optimum mix of live, virtual and constructive capabilities to meet warfighter readiness training requirements

Centralized Foundational Management (CFM) - “User-friendly” oversight of LVC-OT integrating infrastructure, enterprise communication solutions and workforce development

Centralized Event Management (CEM) - Orchestration of cross-cutting/common LVC-OT resources for major events

Air Force Continuous Training Environment (AFCOTE) - The AF’s LVC-OT Integrating (“Transport”) Infrastructure

integrating architecture for air and space lvc environments ia aslvce
Integrating Architecture for Air and Space LVC Environments (IA-ASLVCE)
  • What’s been done
    • Capability Based Analysis (CBA) – ID’ed gaps in:
      • LVC environments, architecture, workforce and oversight
    • Joint Requirement Oversight Council (JROC) approved Initial Capability Document (ICD)
      • Authoritative requirement document
      • JROC interest, potential ACAT-1AM program



  • What’s next for this year
    • Material Development Decision (MDD)
    • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)

A Joint effort to identify and address foundational LVC integration issues for the air and space domains

lvc ot centralized foundational event management cfm cem
LVC-OT Centralized Foundational/Event Management(CFM/CEM)
  • Why ?
    • Status-quo will most likely not be affordable
    • AF Modeling and Simulation General Officer Steering Group orders:
      • Implement centralized foundational management
      • Investigate centralized event management
  • Solution – Air Force Continuous Operational Training Environment (AFCOTE)
af continuous operational training environment afcote conceptual framework
AF Continuous Operational Training Environment (AFCOTE)- Conceptual Framework


Constructive Village (Hub)

Virtual Village (Hub)

Live Village


Permanent Hwy (Network(s))

Shipping lane (Network(s))

Guarded Port

(Multi-Level Security)

Draw Bridge



(Training Enclave)




Maximizing Warfighter Performance and Decision Making on the Tip of the Spear

Here’s What the Warfighter Requires

Essential to support the Joint Force Commander in achieving military objectives by

Effective Employment

“Knowing the capabilities and limitations of the force to execute operational requirements, and adjusting TTPs to execute evolving operational missions.”

LVC Environments

A persistent, agile, trustworthy, robust, manageable, organized and integrated LVC environments.

LVC Architecture

An integrated, interoperable and quality architecture that enables persistency.

LVC Workforce

An agile and trustworthy M&S LVC workforce.

LVC Oversight

Ensuring compliance, improving understanding, and strengthening trustworthy, reliable and effective relationships for Joint integrating architecture policies and standards.

Validated Equipping

“Instilling confidence in how systems will perform in current and future mission environments.”

Informed Organizing

“Enabling the ability to determine the appropriate application of force to dominate the operational environment.”

Realistic Training

“Providing the warfighter the ability to experience the operation in a sufficiently realistic environment prior to the actual operation.”

Joint Requirement and Oversight Council Approved and Validated Requirements: Integrating Architecture for Air & Space Live-Virtual-Constructive Environments Initial Capability Document