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Making the cut

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Making the cut . Genre:Sorts , fiction Setting: hockey A uther : David Skuy Pages:240 My name: Treston Bindle. Interesting facts: D avid Skuy has written 4 other books leading to this one.

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making the cut

Making the cut

Genre:Sorts, fiction

Setting: hockey

Auther: David Skuy


My name: Treston Bindle

author page

Interesting facts: David Skuy has written 4 other books leading to this one.

  • Other books he wrote are “Of The Crossbar, Rebel Powerplay, Double shift and Undergrounders,
  • David Skuy is a lawyer, a writer and a Leafs fan to the core. He spent most of his childhood playing some sport or another. What he remembers most is the intensity, the competitiv​eness, and the sheer enjoyment of playing a sport you love when you're young. David lives in Toronto, Ontario.
Author page
character s page

Charlie Joyce: Charlie has blond hair blue eyes and is 15 years of age, he dresses like a normal boy and is good at hockey

  • Zan: zan is a good hockey player, he is atall built guy with long black curly hair. Zan is a bully and doesn’t take anything from anyone.
  • Jake is a short fast hockey player, he has short blond spikey hair he's a bully to people he thinks are better then him.
Character's page
summary page

Charlie Joyce has been invited to a hockey camp to play with some of the best hockey players in his league, but when he gets there he notices his ex best friend Jake there to try and mess up his chance of being scouted .

Summary page
likes and dislikes

I liked this book because I like how the author got me interested in this book easily, and how he was good at explaining what was going on at the time. And I also like hockey.

  • I didn’t have that much dislikes on this book, the one thing I didn’t like was that we was a really good hockey player right from the start.
Likes and dislikes
vocabulary words

Quipped- a sharp sarcastic remark

Charlie quipped.

  • Trembled- to shake involuntarily with quick sort movements

As his lip trembled.

  • Cottage- a small house, usually of only one story

He lived in a cottage.

  • Clouded- confused; muddled; disorderd

A mind clouded with sorrow.

Vocabulary words
different name of book

If I could Change the name of the book, " making the cut" I would change it to "What Do You have To Make It" because my hockey couch always says that to my hockey team

Different name of book

The theme of the book is that no matter how manny times you get kicked or pushed down, always get back up


The novel “ making the cut” was hands down the best book that I have ever read in my entire life, it has action, drama, comedy and great hockey, everything you need to wright a great book. David Skuy is a great author and I look forword to reading his other books