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Credit Cards

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Credit Cards. And other Electronic Payment Transactions. COMCASH Electronic Transactions. Continue to use existing stand alone units COMCASH simply prints receipts Integrate these services into COMCASH PC Charge Payment Server. Credit cards Debit cards. EBT cards Check Verification.

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credit cards

Credit Cards

And other Electronic Payment Transactions

comcash electronic transactions
COMCASH Electronic Transactions
  • Continue to use existing stand alone units
    • COMCASH simply prints receipts
  • Integrate these services into COMCASH
    • PC Charge Payment Server
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • EBT cards
  • Check Verification
the advantages of integrating comcash with pc charge
The advantages of integrating COMCASH with PC Charge:
  • Transaction speed
  • Accuracy – less human error
  • Integration into closeout reports
  • Convenience
  • Security
get a merchant service provider
Get a Merchant Service Provider
  • If you do not already have a merchant service provider COMCASH will help you get one
  • Must be supported by PC Charge
  • Important information provided by the merchant service provider
    • merchant number
    • terminal number
    • processor ID
    • phone numbers
    • IP address
    • etc
  • Needed when setting up PC Charge to work with the service provider
purchase pc charge payment server with comcash
Purchase PC Charge Payment Server with COMCASH
  • Only one copy of PC Charge will be installed per site. Regardless of the number of registers processing credit cards.
pc charge site licenses vs user licenses
PC ChargeSite Licenses vs. User licenses
  • One PC Charge installation per location
    • One ‘site license’ (serial number)
  • Site license
    • includes one ‘user license’
    • For a single register operation one ‘user license’ is all you will need
  • Purchase an additional ‘user licenses’ for each additional register
pc charge payment server is a stand alone application
PC Charge Payment Server is a stand alone application
  • capable of processing transactions (without COMCASH)
  • supported by Go Software
  • Install, configure and test PC Charge (with the aid of Go Software) as a stand alone application before integrating it into COMCASH
  • Test it by successfully completing a pre-authorization from the PC Charge interface
pc charge installation and setup
PC Charge - Installation and setup
  • Only one machine per location needs to have PC Charge installed on it
  • The host PC needs to have either a modem\phone line or an internet connection
  • Install the software according to the included instructions
  • Call Go Software – (be sure to have your merchant service provider information)
  • Go Software will help you configure PC Charge to work with you’re your merchant service provider
  • They will help you test the installation
  • You can now process payment transactions in PC Charge
integrate pc charge with comcash
Integrate PC Charge with COMCASH
  • Be sure that PC Charge is currently able to process transactions as a stand alone application
  • PC Charge must be running for the register to process transactions
    • Put it in the startup folder so it starts automatically with Windows.
    • Typically it runs minimized (you will see a green dollar sign in the system tray)
setting up the register in comcash
Setting up the Register in COMCASH
  • In COMCASH Manager Edit the register
  • On the “General Info” tab check the “PC\Active-Charge Installed”
  • On the “Credit Card” tab
    • Enter the “Drop file path”
    • Enter the processor IDs
      • From the PC-Charge “Help” and “About” screen
    • Enter the Merchant Number
      • From the PC-Charge “Help” and “About” screen
    • Enter Zero for the number of receipts
      • This refers to PC Charge receipts not COMCASH receipts
batches and special transactions
Batches and Special Transactions
  • Transactions are gathered in a batch
  • The batch needs to be settled (in PC Charge) daily
  • While the transaction is in the batch it can be voided (otherwise it must be credited)
  • Pre authorize and post authorize
  • Check verification and check validation