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Please choose your seat and PRINT your first, last name with the hour on the card.

DAY 1. Welcome to Human Anatomy!. Please choose your seat and PRINT your first, last name with the hour on the card. Pick up the following handouts located at the front desk: Course Statement Contact Info

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Please choose your seat and PRINT your first, last name with the hour on the card.

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  1. DAY 1 Welcome to Human Anatomy! • Please choose your seat and PRINT your first, last name with the hour on the card. • Pick up the following handouts located at the front desk: • Course Statement • Contact Info • Start filling out the student information side of the contact sheet; please put your cell number on there as well.  Mrs. Kilanowski

  2. CGCC registration DAY 1 VIDEO • Should take place within the next couple of weeks • Must have had chemistry and biology in order to be in this class. UNLESS you are concurrently enrolled in chemistry with admin permission. • Please verify with your University/College if this class is transferable. BIO 160 • Get the verification in writing in order to provide documentation later on in case there is a concern.  CYA!!!!

  3. Course Statement and Contract DAY 1 • Make sure you sign and have parents sign both sides of the contract • DO NOT SIGN unless you agree to the terms of the contract. • CONTRACT is DUE Tuesday July 29th

  4. Do you understand what you read? DAY 1 • Read the following passage • Your first decision is to choose the size you want. Once you have made your selection, examine the general shape to determine where to start. The initial incision is always at the top, and you should continue until you can lift it cleanly. The removal of the interior portion can be fun, although some people regard this as the least enjoyable aspect. Once the shell is empty, you can begin to craft a personality. Some prefer a forbidding likeness, while others follow a more humorous direction. Finally, arrange for a source of illumination. Enjoy your results while you can, for your work will soon begin to sag. • What is this passage about? • What clues from the passage lead you to your answer?

  5. Day1 Annotating Articles • So what does the passage about jack-o-lanterns and reading ability have to do with Human Anatomy? • Why should you understand what you read? • What is important to take from this type of activity? • Can you explain medical terms in layman language to help your patients?

  6. Anatomy Chapter Tours Day1 • Frontloading • Getting familiar with the text, layout and the themes before listening to the lecture • This will help you understand some of the medical language BEFORE you actually start applying it to your objectives for this class. • WHAT ARE THE OBJECTIVES?????

  7. Anatomy Autobiography WEEK 1: DAY 2 Please write down this information on a piece of paper!!! NOT THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONSA 1 Page Essay/letter, will be due FRIDAY AUGUST 1st • Name, Origin, Ethnicity • Parents/Guardian name and occupations • Siblings that attend, attended or going to attend CHS • Future job choice and why • Why are you taking Human Anatomy? • Any hobbies or interests • Sports, extra-curricular activities or groups to join/are involved with at CHS • What a teacher can do to help me out. • Do you have a job and where is it!

  8. Flex Phone 2015

  9. Day 2 Get to know each other…… • String Activity • Jockey Activity

  10. Day 2 Toothpick Phenomenon! • You may take notebook paper to write down observations & notes. • In your lab groups, please READ the Procedures for the lab. • When your group is ready to begin, perform the lab • When finished observing and testing, please clean your lab stations! • Toothpicks in trash (NOT down sink!) • Towel off water on lab station & throw towel away! • Checking for understanding: What does the toothpick phenomenon and anatomy have in common?

  11. Still Coming Back for More? • Define the following terminology: • Osmosis • Diffusion • Blood vessels for both O2 blood and CO2 blood • Color of both types of blood • Phospholipid bilayer 1st QTR; Week 1; day 3

  12. WARM-UP Week 2; day 1 A = ENTIRE PICTURE B • Label the following: C D E

  13. Identify the following: Fe Cl K Al Pb Zn Si The following diagram is classified as What is ATP and how is it different from ADP? What is the scientific name for fat? Where is ATP made in the human body? 1st qtr; Week 2; day 2 ANATOMY Warm-UP

  14. Pick up a GIVE ONE/GET ONE sheet located in the front of the room. List 10 different ideas, formulas, diagrams, or safety rules that you remember from any science class that you have ever taken. 1st qtr; Week 2; day3 ANATOMY Warm-UP

  15. Anatomy WARM-UP • Define the following: • Homo • Cardio • Logy • Dorsal • Derm • Medial Same Heart Study of Back Skin Towards the middle 1st qtr; Week 2; day4 FRIDAY!!!

  16. WEEK #3 DAY 1 Anatomy Warm-Up A • Name the planes of the body diagram • Check out your WEEK 3 grades located in the back of the room B C D

  17. ANATOMY Warm-UP • This drawing represents what type of feedback in the human body? • Name the area of the body that is inferior to the chin, superior to the chest and medial to the shoulders. 1st QTR; Week 3; day 2

  18. Qtr 1;Week 3; day 3 Anatomy Warm-UP • Please label all the directional terms on the diagram • Take out your lecture notes…we are finishing them today!! 3 4 5 2 joint 1 joint 6

  19. IT IS GO TIME!! Meet with your lab group, pick up your green bucket with directions and supplies…..DON’T FORGET YOUR GHOST CAKES and get started on your surgical rounds. 1st ANATOMY Lab Qtr 1;Week 3; day 3 cont…

  20. Cranial ANATOMY WARM-UP Label these: Thoracic Dorsal Diaphragm Vertebral Abdominal Qtr 1; Week 3; day 4 Pelvic

  21. Week4; Day1 ANATOMY Warm-UP • Define the following terms: • change • heat • quality • Morph • Therm • Ity • Ness • Uni • Post • Graph • Geo • Ist • state of • one • after • write • earth • person who does something CHECK YOUR WEEK 4 GRADES!!!

  22. ANATOMY WARM-UP DEEP • DETERMINE THE DIRECTIONAL TERMS: • The spinal cord is the vertebral column. • The thumb joint is the elbow joint. • The nasal cavity the mouth • The esophagus the trachea. • The stomach the heart DISTAL SUPERIOR POSTERIOR INFERIOR Week 4; day2

  23. Week 4; day3 • What is this a picture of and what is each of the numbered areas called? • Don’t forget to register for CGCC! • Today is your 1st test!! Anatomy Warm-UP 1 4 7 2 8 5 3 6 9

  24. 1ST TEST DAY • Today is TEST #1 • You may choose to complete the round robin review until you are ready! • You will have all of the class period today to complete the test….NO EXCEPTIONS!!! GOOD LUCK!! Week 4; day3 cont…

  25. MOVIE TIME!! • Please take out a piece of paper and title it “Medical Discoveries” • If you need to make up a quiz or a lab or a test….you may do it during the movie today….you can watch the movie online this weekend! Qtr 1; Week 4; day4

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