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You Can Do It Project Diary . Lucy Woods. 6 th September 2011. Planning.

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You can do it project diary

You Can Do It Project Diary

Lucy Woods

6 th september 2011
6th September 2011


  • In this lesson I began to create an initial plan which will act as a guide to complete my tasks efficiently and on time using excel. I entered all the Main Tasks and Sub tasks and allowed myself to have contingency time. I also created an ‘on-going’ plan which I will update throughout the project. I decided to give it a ‘blue’ theme and will continue this theme thoughout the project.

6 th september 20111
6th September 2011

  • In this lesson I also created a sources table. This will help me keep track of all the sources I will use throughout the project.

4 th october 2011
4th October 2011


  • I began to create my ‘Eat Well’ database on Microsoft Access. I imputed all the correct field names and ensured that the field size was relevant. I then imputed validation Rules were necessary and imported the data. I took print screens of all the steps I made and arranged them in a PowerPoint of ‘Database evidence’.

18th October 2011

  • I began to create a questionnaire in order to evaluate information about the youth of our society and what actions they take to stay fit, healthy and maintain a balanced diet, I received feedback from my test buddy and decided to to

18th October 2011

In this lesson I continued to develop the aesthetic appearance of my database and ensure that the questions were not biased and could be easily answered and fitted onto one page. I divided the pages into sections under the titles ‘Eating Well’, ‘Getting Active’ and ‘Feeling Good’ – the aims of the small steps for life programme. It was then distributed to the public in order to obtain results.

19 th october 2011
19th October 2011

I started to input all the information I obtained from the Questionnaire into a spread sheet on Excel. Ensuring that each cell had a drop down box of options using data validation. I have used the contingency time in my plan to complete this section.

19 th october 20111
19th October 2011

  • I developed my spread sheet by imputing ‘COUNTIFS’ in order to make graphs representing the information.

In the case of this COUNTIF I made a name range called ‘gender’ and selected ‘males’ in order to obtain the number of males who had taken part in the survey.

20 th october 2011
20th October 2011

I continued my spread sheet by making graphs with explanations underneath. I will refer back to these throughout the project.

20 th october 20111
20th October 2011

I then created a PowerPoint of evidence showing what I did to make my spreadsheet and insure it works.

4 th november 2011
4th November 2011

I then created a meal card encouraging people to try new foods. I decided to take foods from food groups that were not extremely popular in my survey. I also took a original image of my meals and included GDA guidelines.

15 th november 2011
15th November 2011

I then created an ‘information point’ to introduce an Olympic value and the SmallSteps4Life programme. It encourages students to take up a challenge. I am currently on track to complete this project in time for the deadline.

29 th november 2011
29th November 2011

I then designed a challenge card ensuring that the aesthetic appearance was appealing. This card was decide with the purpose that a student will be encouraged to take up a challenge for four weeks. This will be the challenge card that allows them to keep a record of their progress over the four weeks.

December february
December - February

During these two final months I worked hard on improving my project, creating an e-portfolio and writing a review of the entire project.