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The MyOcean Concept

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The MyOcean Concept. P.Bahurel , project coordinator. 5 driving objectives. In «  MyOcean concept document ». A core service An integrated capacity A user driven service A methodology for development A pan European organization. 1. A core service.

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the myocean concept

The MyOcean Concept

P.Bahurel, projectcoordinator

5 driving objectives
5 driving objectives

In « MyOcean concept document »

A core service

An integrated capacity

A user driven service

A methodology for development

A pan Europeanorganization

for intermediate users
For intermediate users




a comprehensive and consistent description of the ocean
A comprehensive and consistent description of the ocean
  • All areas
  • In Situ observations
  • Satellite Observations
  • Assimilative Models
  • Real-time
  • Reanalyses
a catalogue of common denominator data
A catalogue of « commondenominator » data
  • Currents,
  • Temperature,
  • Salinity
  • SeaLevel,
  • SeaIce,
  • Surface winds
  • Biogeochemistry
  • 239 products
about the core service
about the « core service »
  • It’s positive
    • We have a core service
    • Wecover the major part of the requirements
    • We have users and the service iswellreceived
  • But
    • A fine tuning has to bedonenow, withusers (e.g. list of products, productsdefinition, portal functions)
    • Waveproducts are missing, and reasons are external
a pan european system organization to produce marine information
A pan-European system organization to produce marine information



a hierarchy in production systems reducing unnecessary duplication
A hierarchy in production systems, reducingunnecessary duplication
  • One nominal system per area to produce the expected information
  • Notions of back-up systems
a common set of information documentation content and formats
A common set of information, documentation, content and formats

System descriptions, Product User Manual and Quality Documents

Data formats

Service and change processes

about the integrated capacity
about the « integratedcapacity »
  • It’s positive
    • It isreally an « integrated system of systems »
    • Weobserved a very good behaviour in operations
    • We have alreadyreduced a number of redundancies
    • Roles are welldefined
  • But
    • Some components are not fullyintegrated
    • This isstill a heavy management cost for the teams
    • ImposingEuropean (MyOcean) specifications on National systemsis not straighforward
a service desk
A service desk

Providing assistance

Connectingusers and experts

service level agreements
Service LevelAgreements


Around1000 standard Service LevelAgreementstoday

Specific management for major accounts

a project organization to work on user s uptake
A projectorganization to work on user’suptake
  • The WP18 in MyOcean, a project in itself to work on user’suptake
    • Four areas of benefit
  • The Core User Group
  • A set of User Requirement Documents (URDs)
meetings with users
Meetings withusers

User Forum


April 2011




July 2011

about the user driven
about the « user driven »
  • It’s positive
    • We have now a betteridea of ourusers
    • We have a first experience
    • We have an organization
    • We have something to offer, to start the dialogue
  • But
    • We’re not yetreally « user driven » : thisis one of the challenges of MyOcean2
milestones reviews
Milestones, Reviews

A high-levelreview group, with EC evaluators and external experts

A revieworganizationat the projectlevel

Recommendations, actions and decisions

about the methodology
about the « methodology »
  • It’s positive
    • Wewentthroughthis mini-revolution
    • Weshare a methodologyto manage our pan-European service organization for operationaloceanography
  • But
    • The costishigh for the teams, and the workis not equallyshared
    • Weneed to simplify and ensurewewillworkwithit for good reasons for a long time
5. A pan-European


to run the project
To run the project

A project manager

A project office

An executivecommittee

18 WorkPackages

61 partners

to run the project1
To run the project

A project manager

A project office

An executivecommittee

18 WorkPackages

61 partners

to run the contract
To run the contract


Project Office

61 partners and their administrative dpts

to run the service
To run the service!
  • A pan-Europeanorganization for
    • The service delivery
    • The operational production
    • The qualityassessment
    • Any change in the situation
  • Roles and processesdefined
to ensure quality and innovation
To ensurequality and innovation

The WP3 in MyOcean, a project in itself to work on commonresearch& development, and innovation

A ScientificAdvisoryCommittee

2 open calls

MyOcean Science Days

to govern the present and prepare the future
To govern the present and prepare the future


Annual meetings withpartners

A Board

A MyOceanAdvisoryCommittee

Relations withstakeholders, and EuroGOOS

about the pan european
about the « pan-European »
  • It’s positive
    • We are able to worktogether
    • We are able to reachour objectives together
    • We are fairlywellorganized
  • But
    • We must improveagain the overall communication, consultation, participation, decision
    • We must foster the links withEuroGOOS and stakeholders, and progress in our long term structuration

The MyOcean concept wasvalid, and we have implementeditsuccessfully.

The MyOcean concept wasreallychallengingand we have not reached the final step.

Improvementswillbe made in MyOcean2.