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Management Jeopardy

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Management Jeopardy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Management Jeopardy. All questions and answers were taken from Schermerhorn’s Exploring Management and class lectures. assumes people dislike work, lack ambition, are irresponsible, and prefer to be lead. .

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Management Jeopardy

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    1. Management Jeopardy All questions and answers were taken from Schermerhorn’sExploring Management and class lectures.

    2. assumes people dislike work, lack ambition, are irresponsible, and prefer to be lead.

    3. A is a rational and efficient form of organization founded on logic, order, and legitimate authority.

    4. suggested that managers can learn and fulfill duties we now call the management functions of planning, leading, controlling and organizing ?

    5. The is the tendency of persons singled out for special attention to perform as expected.

    6. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs people try to satisfy the five needs in sequence, moving step by step from lowest to highest. This is called the ?

    7. In the _________ ethical behavior delivers the greatest good to the most people.

    8. In the ___________, ethical behavior respects and protects fundamental rights.

    9. __________ suggest there is no one right way to behave; cultural context determines ethical behavior.

    10. In the _________, ethical behavior advances long-term self interests.

    11. In Kohlberg’s post conventional stage of moral development, also referred to as the principled stage, the individual is strongly driven by _________and _________.

    12. In the movie Gung-ho the Japanese team demonstrates _________ by conducting a group warm up.

    13. ________ developed an English questionnaire to learn about value differences in cultures.

    14. The degree to which society accepts unequal distribution of power is ________.

    15. ________ is the belief that ones membership group, or subculture, is superior to all others.

    16. List Hofstede’s 5 Culture Framework Differences in which the U.S. falls.

    17. Planning is a process of… ___________ and… ___________.

    18. __________ is a process of… measuring performance results and… taking any necessary corrective action.

    19. _______ is the first step in the planning process.

    20. Daily Double What’s the last step in the planning process?

    21. List the 4 criteria of a good objective.

    22. ________ is operating with an attribute or combination of attributes that allows a firm to outperform its rivals.

    23. ______ and _____ are two external environmental factors of a companies SWOT analysis.

    24. Growth retrenchment and stability are examples of _______.

    25. High market share and low market growth is a _______ in the BCG Matrix – Portfolio Planning.

    26. A narrow market scope and a unique source of competitive advantage create a ______ ______ ______.

    27. Final Jeopardy Who referred to American’s as “bloody copy cats”?