we do have class next week n.
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  1. We DO HAVE CLASS NEXT WEEK • If you miss class, you will lose attendance points • 1 unexcused absence = -2.5 points • ...and you will miss participation points • the stamps I give in each class. • BUT... I will delay • the next Homework • the first Quiz ...until week 6

  2. Homework #3 - due week 6 Go to EClass and print out a copy this week. Finish the exercises before class in two weeks.

  3. Quiz - week 6 • The quiz will be on... • Unit 7 - Conversation 1 & 2 • the Follow-up Questions we practice today.

  4. Find Someone Who... ...had a great weekend. ...went to a movie on the weekend. ...played soccer on the weekend. ...studied English on the weekend. ...went shopping on the weekend. ...eats a snack at midnight. ...plays computer games on the weekend. ...does homework on Sunday night. ... walks to school.

  5. Now practice with your partner. Take turns asking the correct Y/N question. Partners - answer with a full sentence EX. A. Did you go to a movie on the weekend? B. Yes, I went to a movie last weekend. OR No, I didn’t go to a movie on the weekend. When your partner says “Yes”, ask a follow-up question. EX. Where did you see a movie? What movie did you see? Who did you go with? Did you like the movie?

  6. Now let’s play • You can’t ask any questions to your partner - the person you’re sitting with now. • Stand up and move around the room. Ask many different people the questions on your sheet. • Ask only two (2) questions to each person you talk to. • Then change to a new classmate. *Ask the teacher two questions also. • When a partner says “Yes”, ask another question (Follow-up question) • Write down the name of each person who says “Yes”. • Write down the information they told you in the follow-up question.

  7. Follow-up Now sit with your partner again. Ask your partner a “Who” question for each subject on the list. EX. A. Who studied English on the weekend? B. Jeong-hee studied English on the weekend. Also tell your partner the “extra” information you learned from the follow-up question. EX. B. She did her homework in Tim’s class on Sunday afternoon. She went to an English hagwon for lessons on Saturday.

  8. In-class activity sheet - week 4 A. • Chart 1: Write each verb in past tense form. • Chart 2: Write a verb to make an activity. • bicycle • karaoke • the dishes • English

  9. B. • Write answers for “What did you do...? • use the verbs in parentheses ( ) • Write answers for THIRD PERSON (p. 2)

  10. C. • Write your own answers about three (3) activities you did last weekend. • Now ask your partner full questions (all three activities): 1. What did you do on _______________? Answer: I went out to dinner. 2. Who ______________________ with? Answer: I went out to dinner with my friends. 3. Where ____________________? Answer: We ate dinner in Seongeon-dong. Friday night did you go out to dinner did you have dinner did you eat dinner