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PNDBF – Outgoing Mail (B) PowerPoint Presentation
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PNDBF – Outgoing Mail (B)

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PNDBF – Outgoing Mail (B) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PNDBF – Outgoing Mail (B). Lim Sei Kee @ cK. True or False?. It is not important to handle outgoing mail. Sometimes it is alright to not include the address on the envelope. All outgoing mail must be collected every two weeks. There is no need to seal the envelope before posting the mail.

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PNDBF – Outgoing Mail (B)

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true or false
True or False?
  • It is not important to handle outgoing mail.
  • Sometimes it is alright to not include the address on the envelope.
  • All outgoing mail must be collected every two weeks.
  • There is no need to seal the envelope before posting the mail.
  • Postcards are those refer to articles such as samples or gifts weighing more than 500 grams.
using a franking machine
Using a Franking Machine
  • Once the correct postage is calculated, it needs to be affixed to the mail.
  • Some offices use franking machines to do this.
  • A FRANKING MACHINE makes an imprint of the postage on an envelope when the envelope passes through it.
is franking machine useful
Is franking machine useful?
  • Yes, because it saves time and manpower.
  • The meter on the franking machine keeps a record of the values of postage bought and used.
  • The machine can be locked so that it will not be misused.
  • Unlike stamps, which may be easily lost or misused, the franking machine provides a measure of control over the use of postage.

FRANKED MAIL does not need to be processed by the post office sorting section.

  • It is put directly into special bags; hence, it reaches its destination much faster than stamped mail.

When wrapping a parcel for posting,

  • Use strong paper or a rigid container to protect fragile or breakable items
  • Use cushioning materials such as shredded paper, tissue paper, or plastic air-bubble sheets
  • Seal the parcel with strong adhesive packing tape, at least 4cm wide.

d) Fasten a piece of string round the sealed parcel for reinforcement.

e) Make sure the sender’s name and address are written inside the parcel. If it should come apart, the post office will be able to contact the sender.

f) Clearly write the addressee’s name and address on the parcel


g) Label the top left-hand corner of the parcel with any of these instructions or warnings, if applicable:

FRAGILE: for breakable items

PERISHABLE: for foodstuff

DO NOT BEND: for added safety of the goods

AIRMAIL/EXPRESS: for faster delivery, by air



  • Place the parcels on the weighing scale like you would for normal mail.
  • Calculate the postage according to the weight and type of mail.
  • Frank the postage on adhesive labels and paste the labels on the parcels.
  • Hand all parcels over to the post office for delivery.
outgoing electronic mail
  • E-MAIL

@ Information is keyed into the computer

@ The recipient’s e-mail address must be correct

  • FAX

@ The original document is placed in a facsimile machine

@ The recipient’s fax number is keyed in

@ The machine copies the document electronically and transmits it

@The recipient’s facsimile machine will print out an exact copy of the original document

care and maintenance of electronic machines
Care and Maintenance of Electronic Machines.

1. Operate the machines according to the procedures given in the instruction manual

2. Do not eat or drink when operating the machines

3. Keep a record of any faults that occur

4. Make sure that the machines are serviced regularly by authorized agents


Post offices are not only for selling stamps and posting letters, but as a business centre to provide convenience to public. 

post office services
  • BRUNEI post office offers Postal Services, Premium Services, Agency Services, and Remittances Services.
traditional postal services
Traditional Postal Services

• Sale of Stamp

• Registered Mail

• Insured Mail

• Deferred Mail

• Air & Sea Parcel

• Air & Sea Mail

• Small Packet

• Parcel

• Mail

• Registered Letter

• Registered Envelope

• Express Mail

premium services
Premium Services

• EMS / Speedpost

• Poslaju

• Bulk Posting

• Business Reply Service (Local & International )

• Unaddressed Mail Drop Services

• Corporate Mail

• Franking Machine

• Recorded Delivery

• Pos Gagas

agency services
Agency Services

• Telephone Bill

• Sale of Telephone Cards

• Payment of Electricity Bill

• Payment of Water Bill

• Driving License Renewal Class I and Class III

financial services
Financial Services

• Money Order

• Telegram Money Order

• Postal Order

other services
Other Services

• Seasonal Cards

• Post Shop

• Information Counter

• Literature for the Blind