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Legends. 10 th grade English- Leach Hero Archetype 2011-2012 CHHS. Legends. Are popular stories about the past that have been handed down for generations. Most legends have some basis in historical fact. . Legends. Legends share the following characteristics :

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10th grade English- Leach

Hero Archetype

2011-2012 CHHS


  • Are popular stories about the past that have been handed down for generations. Most legends have some basis in historical fact.


Legends share the following characteristics:

  • 1. The focus on the life and adventures of legendary heroes, or characters who are human yet “larger than life.”

  • 2. A deep concern with right

    and wrong.

  • 3. Support for feelings of national pride.


Legends help shape a people’s cultural identity and reflect the values of a community or nation.

Famous legends
Famous Legends


Robin Hood

King Arthur

Fountain of Youth

El Dorado


Urban legends
Urban Legends

An urban legend, is a form of modern folklore consisting of stories that may or may not have been believed by their tellers to be true. Stories are told over and over again and spread by word of mouth or in popular entertainment forums (i.e., movies and television).

Common urban legends
Common Urban Legends

  • Blood Mary

  • Killer in the backseat

  • Vanishing hitchhiker

  • Can you think of any others?

The legend of king arthur
The Legend of King Arthur

  • Literary experts, historians, and scientists do not agree about whether there was ever a “real” King Arthur. Some believe Arthur and Camelot are completely mythical. Others believe the legends are based on real people and events from over 1500 years ago. Historians and archeologists have long searched for evidence. There has been no definite proof of King Arthur’s existence, but there is enough evidence to cause many experts to believe that there was an early heroic cheiftain in England whose deeds and strong leadership gave rise to the legends.

  • Video (50 minutes)

  • Fill out the National Geographic Viewing Questions.

Did he even exist?

Courtly love
Courtly Love

  • Video (7:20)

    Was the story of Arthur just a metaphor?

    The stories were turned to “love poems” and taken to France. This was a sort of Medieval soap opera and it introduced the idea of “courtly love.”