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James Fair. My Personal Interests and Background.

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james fair
James Fair
  • My Personal Interests and Background
My Background: I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah my whole life. I enjoy living here, because you get to experience the wonderful seasons and colors. I grew up with a good knowledge of the outdoors and animal life that lived around me, I love spending time with my 2 year old son and family, we enjoy going on hikes and camping together, I am currently going to Salt Lake Community College for my associates in business management, with an end goal of getting my masters in business management and Environmental science.

My Interests: I really enjoy anything that has to do with the out doors: I enjoy hiking, camping with friends and family, Fly fishing, Backpacking, Mountain biking, Kayaking, Rock climbing, and in the winter: Snowboarding, and Snow shoeing. I am also instilling my hobbies onto my son as he grown so he learns a sense of freedom and respect from the outdoors and sports he himself enjoys doing.

Me up in Big Cottonwood Canyon Rock climbing the Dog Wood Craig wall, I top roped up the 5.9 route so that the people I was with along with me could just top rope the route it is much safer and much more fun for newer people and it is much safer, if you were to fall while top roping you would only fall about five to six inches at most however me doing Lead climbing I could fall up to arround ten to eighty feet.
In these pictures me and my girl friend had went on a long snow shoeing trip up Yellow Fork canyon to get some exercise on a very pretty day and enjoy the wild life and look at all the different animal tracks, which sometimes was hard tracking them between the horse hove prints all around.
Even though out door activates are very fun and are a good source of entertainment you should still always be extremely safe, do your research, and have the proper equipment, tools, and safety gear to stay safe and be able to make it home safely so you can continue doing what you enjoy.