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  1. James Waiting for photo Life before - a little bit in the middle - life after

  2. Before James lived in residential children’s services.....transition from service to home were always difficult.......he’d kick off........we never totally relaxed.....

  3. James lived in residential children’s services. The mystery of becoming 18 arrived. There was a glitch in the paperwork. He lost his place at an adult residential home. He was allowed to stay on in children’s services......then CQC said they were coming..............he was evicted......ended up back at home.........

  4. Let battle commence!

  5. Fighting, complaining, sapping energy from the family, taking up time in the system wasting resources in the system. Hang on, do we actually want what we are fighting for?

  6. Individual Service Design

  7. I think what we’d really want is James to live at home but....

  8. The Individual Service Design The option being ‘fought’ for Day time stuff Breaks for James and family Outreach support at weekends and evenings Changes to the house

  9. “Some of that support is really expensive” “It’s still a bit servicey”

  10. Now; “He’s much happier” “he’s stopped hurting himself” “He’s been on a couple of weekends away” “His outreach support is working really well” “The surveyor has been, we are just waiting for the architect” Waiting for photo

  11. From a facilitator’s perspective; • I’d love to think this is because I’m a fantastic, amazingly gifted facilitator- it’s not. • I can imagine people saying there’s something magic in the process - there isn’t. • I reckon having the dedicated time to think, explore and plan together made a huge difference • What was my biggest contribution? confidence I think – “Howay man it’ll be alright” “They’d be mad to knock this back” etc etcetc

  12. Worries • The working policy was a bit of ‘hit and hope’ I’m not delivering the support so can’t learn in more detail. • Potential savings might be forgotten when cuts are made... • What did I learn? • Detail, detail, detail. • Stitch it up like a kipper!