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Welcome to a Great Third Grade Year! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to a Great Third Grade Year!

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Welcome to a Great Third Grade Year! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to a Great Third Grade Year!. It’s So Nice to Meet You!. I grew up in Texas - I have lived in Dallas, Corpus Christi, Garland and Austin. I have lived in the Austin area for 12 years. I graduated from SMU…GO PONIES!

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Welcome to a Great Third Grade Year!

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    1. Welcome to a Great Third Grade Year!

    2. It’s So Nice to Meet You! • I grew up in Texas - I have lived in Dallas, Corpus Christi, Garland and Austin. • I have lived in the Austin area for 12 years. • I graduated from SMU…GO PONIES! • My hobbies include: Reading, gardening, music, making stuff, practicing Spanish and playing with my kids.

    3. My Family Mr. White Mr. Bubbles Brownie Mrs. White Stevie Alamo!-> Lance

    4. Did You Know? We are citizens of the world – not just the classroom. Because of this, we have greater purpose, a responsibility to be a good citizen, and a need for respect, courtesy and compassion. The choices we make - good or bad – not only affect ourselves, but others. We will practice making good choices every day in our studies.

    5. Working Together Each of you will have a turn doing a special job for our classroom, and later on we will determine them! • Errand Runner • Secretary • Basket Carrier • Time Keeper • Room Keepers (2) • Paper Deliverers(2) • Paper Collectors (2) • Math Helper • Garbage Assistants/Cafeteria Workers (2) • Line Leader • Ticket Master • DJ • Make Up Work Helper • Light Person

    6. Setting an Example As third graders, all of your younger peers will be looking to you as role models. I know this is a great responsibility, but as your teacher I know you will do a wonderful job!

    7. Our Classroom R.O.C.K.s! Just like in the real world, we have rules to help us in school. Our class rules R.O.C.K. We… • come READY to learn, and are RESPONSIBLE for our learning. • are OPEN to new ideas and in our communication. • CARE about ourselves as well as those around us. • KEEP at it until we accomplish our goal!

    8. Procedures: This is How We R.O.L.L. A procedure is the order in which we do things in and out of class. These are necessary. Like toilet paper. When Mrs. White (that’s me)… • R-Raises (a hand) • O-Overhead • L-Learners (that’s you) • L-Listen

    9. When We R.O.L.L… • Stop all talking/noise • Look at me • Grab a pencil and paper (or your planner) for important information

    10. Silently We R.O.L.L. Along The silent R.O.L.L. automatically happens when: • A visitor enters our class • I am on the telephone That means you have to pay extra close attention!

    11. Starting our Day • Unpack • Make your lunch choice • Check board for bell work • Get ready for a great day!

    12. Lining Up/Hallway • I will call you by group. • Hands go by your side and eyes ahead. • Walk down right side of hall • No talking • Set great example for younger peers

    13. Bathroom • Monitors take position • Enter 3 students at a time • No talking • Find your place in the line as you exit.

    14. Lunch Line Up Order • Brought lunch • Low Choice • High Choice Cafeteria • Quiet • Set Example • Respect adult in charge Leaving • I’ll call one bench at a time • Line up

    15. Specials (Library, P.E., Music, Art, Theater Arts) • Remember these activities are a privilege. • Follow directions of the adult in charge.

    16. Classroom Routines Pencils- • Sharpen before bell • Emergency pencil cup Communication- • Raise hand • Listen • Respect each other’s opinions

    17. Classroom Routines Unscheduled Restroom Breaks- • Loss of ticket • Use breaks wisely Emergency Restroom Breaks- • GO Computer Testing- • Name on Board • Erase when finished • Place test in folder

    18. Classroom Routines Make-Up Work- • Folder • Mailbox Completed Work- • Paper Collectors • Basket. • Papers- All papers should have D. A. N. Date Assignment and Name

    19. When You’re Finished • Complete unfinished work or homework. • Read AR or work on AM • Clean your area. • Grab a book from our class library! • Write a book report for extra tickets.

    20. Afternoon Wrap-Up • Sharing Circle • Clean your area • Pack to go home • Do you have your Planner? • Make every second count! • Car Riders – Walkers - Bus

    21. Communicating with the Teacher Private Matters • Mailbox • Break During Class- • Raise your hand • You will get a chance to speak  Extra- • Stories, Positive Comments, Etc. • My mailbox

    22. Rewards for doing a good job Smarty Pants- • 100 on AR or Am Lunch in the Room- • Behavior Goal Met • Dessert on me! • Tickets • On task • Drawing on Friday

    23. Our Goals for the Year: • Great year • Wonderful learning experiences. • New friends • Wonderful Memories • New Knowledge • More Skills • Good ‘Choosers’

    24. My Promise to You: I am so happy to have you in our class. Each one of you has something valuable to contribute. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. As your teacher, I promise to give you all the tools you will need to succeed this year, and we will grow and learn together each day.

    25. “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”-Arthur Ashe

    26. Let’s Have a Great Year!