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  1. TEMPLE Model UN

  2. The purpose of Model UN is to help delegates address global issues through communication and teamwork in a professional environment. Model UN focuses on various aspects of teamwork, debate, diplomacy, compromise and leadership. Model UN provides delegates an opportunity to work toward excellence through innovative thinking in conferences that emulate the real United Nations held year round.

  3. What is Model UN? It is a simulation of the workings of the United Nations The United Nations itself is composed of numerous standing and temporary committees, each of which is charged with a separate task Model UN conferences select a small number of committees to simulate Each school represents one or more countries on the committees to which it is assigned.


  5. Example Temple registers and selects France, Egypt and Ghana to represent in a conference. The conference we attend will give us France. We will then break into committees we will participate in. One committee, for example, is the WHO (World Health Organization). The conference will give us Ghana to represent and give us issues that we will discuss. (ex. Sex Education for Young Students). The Delegate will then research Ghana and write a one page position paper on what Ghana’s current issues are and how they would resolve this issue.

  6. At the Conference It is best to sit with your country’s allies. This is the best way to make friends at the very beginning. Ghana’s allies are the USA, Nigeria , Great Britain, Togo, and Burkina Faso. You will then participate in debate and discussion about Sexual Education and as Ghana you want to make it a point that the UN looks are your proposals for better Sex Education. You will then write a resolution paper and try to compromise on a solution that best fits your country and others (we will train you).

  7. In a committee • All work geared toward writing resolutions to address the topics before the committees • Work is done through: • Formal debate – formal speeches to the conference • Caucusing – informal negotiation

  8. Other Possible Conferences • BarMUN- at Boston University • CMUNNY- at Columbia University • HNMUN- at Harvard University • NYMUN- at New York Univerity • *Maybe NMUN-Europe- this year it was at Czech Republic.

  9. What else… As Model UN it should be up to us to keep the campus updated on world events. We should try to get the campus involved not only with issues that the US is facing, but all around the world.

  10. How to be an Active Member Try out and attend at least 1 conference per semester. Be involved in various Model UN projects, such as Bake Sales. Be updated on Current Events.

  11. Possible Conference • We would like to attend at least the UPenn Conference Held on December 1-December 4 • Fees • $75 per school $45 per delegate $25 per delegate Conference Fee Currently trying to get allocation money to cover the costs!


  13. Things you need to do Pick a country you want us to represent and write a 1-2 page double spaced response on why you want us to represent this country and current issues this country is dealing with. Due Tuesday, October 11

  14. Contact- Chaquel Roye • Email: • Contact- Yolandra Brown • Email: • Contact- Tirzah Bartley • Email: • Contact- Alias Farighi • Email:

  15. Questions?