peoplesoft grants module 9 0 upgrade l.
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PeopleSoft Grants Module 9.0 Upgrade PowerPoint Presentation
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PeopleSoft Grants Module 9.0 Upgrade

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PeopleSoft Grants Module 9.0 Upgrade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PeopleSoft Grants Module 9.0 Upgrade
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  1. PeopleSoft Grants Module 9.0 Upgrade Processing Proposals

  2. Temporary Proposal Form The PeopleSoft Grants Module will be unavailable November 24th – 30th. The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSPA) has created a Temporary Proposal Form (TPF) in Adobe format. A copy of the TPF can be obtained from any OSPA Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator (SGCA) or accessed via the Office of Research Website:

  3. Temporary Proposal Form • Those responsible for entering proposals should complete the TPF and route for all signatures just as for any Proposal Signature Routing Sheet (PSRS). • The signed TPF and all accompanying proposal documents should be submitted to the appropriate SGCA for review as normal. • *It is very important that the Department retain a copy of the signed TPF prior to delivering to OSPA*

  4. Temporary Proposal Form • The SGCA will assign a Temporary Proposal Number (Temp#) • The SGCA will send an e-mail to the appropriate department/college contact providing the assigned Temp# along with additional identifying information, i.e. PI name, Title etc. • The SGCA will review each proposal and set up for signature and mailing per standard processes.

  5. Temporary Proposal Form • Once the PeopleSoft Grants Module 9.0 is available on December 1st the Department or PI is responsible for: • Entering the TPF information into the PSGM • Notifying the cognizant SGCA of the PeopleSoft proposal number and providing the correlating Temp# *Since the TPF has already been signed it is not necessary to gather signatures on the system generated PSRS unless there has been a change in the budget of 10% more or less*

  6. Temporary Proposal Form • Once the SGCA receives notice of the newly generated proposal he/she will change the status of the proposal (Submitted). • The SGCA will enter all applicable notes per normal procedure.

  7. Additional Information • There is a user friendly training manual (51 pages) available on the following website: •

  8. Additional Information • For those who already have access to PSGM 8.8 please feel free to login to the proposal test instance for PSGM 9.0. • For Reports • If you have questions or concerns as you practice entering proposals please contact Gerry Nichols or myself – if we don’t have the answers we’ll find out.

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