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Relationship and Abuse

Relationship and Abuse. Review:. Describe laws regarding sexting, sex trafficking, and “yes means yes.” Demonstrate a variety of ways to protect yourself. Identify how to respond to inappropriate sexual behaviors. What are some characteristics of a healthy relationship?.

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Relationship and Abuse

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  1. Relationship and Abuse

  2. Review: • Describe laws regarding sexting, sex trafficking, and “yes means yes.” • Demonstrate a variety of ways to protect yourself. • Identify how to respond to inappropriate sexual behaviors.

  3. What are some characteristics of a healthy relationship?

  4. What does a healthy relationship have?

  5. What is Consent? • Shared activities should be negotiated and agreed upon. • No person should be forced to do anything without providing consent.

  6. What does “Yes Means Yes” mean? • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myY1xm5-iSg

  7. “Yes Means Yes” • Absence of a statement of “NO” does not mean “Yes.” • Consent given under the influence of drugs/alcohol does not qualify as a “Yes.”

  8. Bullying and Harassment

  9. What are some examples of bullying?

  10. Bullying Examples: • Name calling • Picking on others sex, race, or perceived sexual orientation • Putting others down • Spreading rumors • Posting negative messages on social media

  11. Why does bullying and harassment happen?

  12. Why does bullying/harassment happen? • Wanting to control another person • Personal or family history of abuse • Unable to control emotions and behavior • Peer pressure • Anger about something

  13. What is Sexual Harassment/Types of Sexual Harassment?

  14. What are examples of sexual harassment? Unwelcomed, Unwanted, and Repeated…. • Verbal • Physical • Visual

  15. Lose Confidence Job Performance Drops Embarrassment Job Loss Isolation/Depression Fearful Powerless Self- Doubt Fear of Victimisation Public Humiliation Dismissal Lawsuit Family Breakup Office Pervert Loss of Friends Jail Time Career Stopper Not Respected

  16. What do you do to practice internet safety?

  17. How can you practice internet safety? • Do not respond to unknown e-mails or text messages. • Do not “meet” strangers online. • Do not send or receive nude photos.

  18. What is Sexting? The act of sending sexually explicit messages, semi nude or nude photos via cell phone cameras and messaging features, usually between young people.

  19. Sexting • 22% of teen girls, 18% of teen boys and 11% of young teen girls (13-16) have sent nude photos of themselves electronically • Over a third of teen boys and 40% of young men have reported receiving or seeing ‘private’ photos. *What might be some consequences of sexting?

  20. Sexting: Legal Aspects • Under federal law, persons convicted of child porn or exploitation may face: • Minimum 5 years in prison up to maximum 20 years. • Sending sexually explicit images of minors on cell phones is punishable by California law: • Up to 3 years and $2500 fine • 3 year statute of limitations • Felony: creating and distributing pornography. • Lifetime duty to register as sex offender - Background checks - Jobs

  21. Sexting – Psycho-Social Effects

  22. Before you send it…What you should ask yourself?

  23. What is Sex Trafficking?

  24. What is Sex Trafficking? Sex Trafficking PSA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TGfHf5Cjkw Signs of Trafficking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQFQqU3O9GM • Federal Law defines child sex trafficking as the recruitment, harboring, transport, provision or obtaining of a person under the age of 18 for the purpose of a commercial sex act. • It is a major crime punished by a jail sentence (5-8 years...8 if it is a minor)

  25. Reporting Sexual Assault To report rape or assault: • Tell your school counselor, school nurse, or social worker • Contact your local police or sheriff For additional support, contact: • National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1(800) 656- HOPE (4673) • Go to online.rainn.org

  26. Lesson Wrap Up Ask Yourself T/F If you are being bullied you should do nothing. T/F Non-verbal communication includes hand signals, facial expressions, and walking away. T/F Calling someone a fag is a form of sexual harassment. Ask a Friend/Table group • Discuss answers from above • Discuss and tell the most important thing they learned in this lesson Ask a Parent or Trusted Adult • Discuss how you should handle bullying or inappropriate sexual advances.

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