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Controlled by the Japanese PowerPoint Presentation
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Controlled by the Japanese

Controlled by the Japanese

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Controlled by the Japanese

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  1. Controlled by the Japanese Done By: Kristy Lee

  2. What was life like under the Japanese control ? • it was a living nightmare • the people suffered and lived in constant fear of the Japanese • "Syonan-to" was the new name the Japanese gave us. • It meant "the Light of the South".

  3. Filling the stomach • Most of the people suffered from hunger as there was a severe shortage of food. • Tapioca and sweet potatoes were about the only food they could afford. • Ration cards were given out to limit the amount of food each person got. • The best food went to those who worked for the Japanese.But the food shortage did not affect the Japanese. They had the best of everything.

  4. Instilled Culture • In order to remove western influence • The Japanese promoted the Japanese spirit • Japanese set up schools to teach the people the Japanese language. • Those who are present at the morning assemblies had to stand facing Japan sing their national anthem.

  5. Communication • All the radio stations were controlled by the Japanese and the radio owners could only listen to these broadcasts. • People caught tuning into foreign broadcasts will either be severely punished or sentenced to death. • Watching Movies • In cinemas, only Japanese movies and propaganda were screened • Going to the cinemas had its dangers too since the Japanese might suddenly appear and take away young men to work on the Death Railway. Controlled Activities Propaganda - Information, ideas, opinions, or images, often only giving one part of an argument, that are broadcast, published, or in some other way spread with the intention of influencing people's opinions

  6. Reflections

  7. Learning Point • The people went through three and a half years of torture suffering. • These taught us the importance of independence • Lee Kuan Yew says,” My collages and I are of that generation of young men ………”

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  9. Effects of Japanese control By: Tan Li Ning and Ron Kappen

  10. Introduction • The Japanese occupation occurred between 1942 and 1945 after the fall of Singapore on 15 February 1942. • The Japanese conquered all of Malaya during the Malaya campaign within 3 months. • The army defending Singapore surrendered on 15 February 1942, only a week after the invasion of Singapore commenced. • British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called the fall of Singapore “the worst disaster and largest capitulation in British history.”

  11. Increase price of food • During the Japanese Occupation, the price of food had increased to a very high price. • Many people could not afford to buythe items.

  12. Newspapers • The local Chinese and English newspapers had very little local news. • Most of what was reported was the Japanese version of the war and pro-Japanese speeches.

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