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Bellringer . Create ten Shakespearean insults using the provided handout. Complete a silent converstation. Discuss what aspects of shakespeare’s writing you find difficult. Watch a segment of a Macbeth play. Discuss the difference between thee and thou.

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Create ten Shakespearean insults using the provided handout

discuss the difference between thee and thou
Discuss the difference between thee and thou

“I, Martin take thee, Jane, as my lawful wife.”

Thee meaning you

“I, Jane take thee, Martin, as my lawful husband.”

“What didst thou see?”

Thou meaning you

“Why canst thou not see the difference?”

discuss other pronouns
Discuss other pronouns

Singular Pronouns

Thou- subject: Thou art my brother

Thee – Object: Come let me clutch thee

Thy - Possessive Adjective: What is thy name

Thine – Possessive noun: To thine own self be true.

Plurals Pronouns

Ye – Subject: Ye shall know me

Verb Inflection

Thou liest, malignant thing

What didst thou see

Why canst thou see the difference


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