grade nine healthy active living n.
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Grade Nine Healthy Active Living PowerPoint Presentation
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Grade Nine Healthy Active Living

Grade Nine Healthy Active Living

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Grade Nine Healthy Active Living

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  1. Grade Nine Healthy Active Living Ms. L. Stevenson Course Outline

  2. WEBSITE Choose a Region Ontario Choose a School Regiopolis-Notre Dame Chose a Teacher L. Stevenson Departments Teacher Sites L. Stevenson ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE ON THE WEBSITE! IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PRINT THEM IF YOU NEED TO.

  3. Grade 9 • All of life if filled with "opportunities to choose". • Some are more significant than others, but all of them add up to the path that you will one day call "my life story". • Choose wisely!

  4. RND Healthy Active Living Department “Grade 9”Course Outline PPL-100 F Credit Value:1 Teacher:Ms. L. Stevenson Prep Room:150 PHE Work room Ext 2545 Course Fee:$0 Website: departments/teacher sites/Ms. S • Course Overview:This course emphasizes regular participation in a variety of fun physical activities that promote lifelong healthy active living. • You will be learning movement skills and principles, ways to improve your personal fitness and physical competence, and safety and injury prevention. We have 8 units in the gym or outside and 3 health units in the classroom. • Classroom units will have you investigating issues related to: • Healthy sexuality, • Maintaining personal safety including topics like mental health and bullying. • Finally we will discuss the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. • Throughout the semester you will be participating in activities designed to develop goal-setting, communication and social skills. • We have an exciting few months ahead of us!

  5. What you need for PHE • Proper Footwear (running shoes, if you don’t have them I will send you to the office to do work or you will participate best you can in what you have with docked marks) • Proper supportive fitness clothes; including absorbent socks and athletic clothing (you are going to sweat!) • Sports Bra • Hair elastic • Water bottle • Personal Medications that you might need (i.e. Inhaler) • Braces/wraps that you might need • Proper classroom material for health class

  6. What you don’t need • Cell Phone • Ipod • Jewellery • Poor Attitude • Excuses

  7. Student Expectations Arrive to class on time with your clothes Students who are late or have to go back to their locker must return with a late slip from the office. Change into acceptable P.E. clothing immediately and do warm-up activity. • Acceptable P.E. attire consists of: • Runners with laces tied(Flip flops, dress shoes, work/ hiking boots, and platform sneakers are not acceptable) • Socks –no tights under shorts • T-Shirt/Sweat Shirt ( T-Shirts worn underneath school shirt is not acceptable) Shorts/Sweat Pants A student will be considered unprepared if any part of acceptable P.E. attire is missing. Marks will be deducted!

  8. Youare responsible for your clothing, and valuables. I will lock the change room but there are times it is opened by others DO NOT bring valuable to class! Keep all belongings locked up at all times. Do not share your locker combination with anyone. Any student caught stealing will be dealt with severely, there are cameras in the gyms, halls and outside the locker rooms. No jewellery allowed No gum chewing permitted No food

  9. CLASS RULES Always participate to your best ability in all activities. Including; stretching, warm ups, fitness blasts, skills practice, and games. Always respect the feeling of others~ I will not tolerate any form of torment or bullying Always follow safety precautions Never touch equipment without my permission. Never use foul or abusive language at any time. This includes the locker room. If you are an “expert” in a particular activity, share your talents and work on your leadership and social skills

  10. You are expected to participate in all activities regardless of your level of skill or comfort. You will ask to leave the gym for water or a bathroom break~ you will take the hall pass. If you leave unannounced or for an extended period of time without good reason you will be docked marks, marked absent and a call will go home!

  11. Health Class • You will need to take notes so bring what you need • You are to arrive in complete uniform ready to learn and participate in class discussion • You will find assignments on my website and should you need to print them, do it in the library or at home • You will be evaluated with (mini tests) quizzes, assignments and a final unit test.

  12. Daily Participation

  13. Grade Nine Culminating Project~ 30% of your mark • Fitness Portfolio