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“Touching the Lives of Migrant Families” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Touching the Lives of Migrant Families”

“Touching the Lives of Migrant Families”

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“Touching the Lives of Migrant Families”

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  1. M I G R A N T S T U D E N T D A T A & R E C R U I T M E N T O F F I C E “Touching the Lives of Migrant Families” Basic Eligibility for the Migrant Education Program (MEP)

  2. Agenda • Eligibility Factors • Moved Criteria • In order to “Obtain” • Qualifying Work • Seasonal & Temporary Employment • Agriculture & Fishing Work


  4. Eligibility Factors AGE: The child is younger than 22 years of age. SCHOOL COMPLETION: The child is eligible for a free public education (no HS diploma or GED). MOVE: The child and worker “moved.” IN ORDER TO OBTAIN: One purpose of the worker’s move was to seek or obtain “qualifying work.” QUALIFYING WORK: Temporary or seasonal employment in agricultural or fishing work.

  5. Move 3 With or to join the worker, or on own as worker From one school district to another Change of residence For economic necessity Within the past 36 months AND AND AND AND Note, all criteria must occur in order for a qualifying “move” to take place.

  6. In order to obtain One purpose of the move was to seek or obtain qualifying work To obtain qualifying work and obtained qualifying work To obtain any employment and obtained qualifying work, soon after the move Specifically to obtain qualifying work, but did not obtain the work soon after the move OR OR AND HOWEVER Prior History to obtain qualifying work Other credible evidence that worker sought the work. OR Specifically Non-Qualifying Work (ce.g., cook, janitor, mechanic) ANY employment

  7. Qualifying Work Qualifying work is… Seasonal Employment Fishing Work For Wages AND AND OR OR OR Agricultural Work For Personal Subsistence Temporary Employment

  8. Seasonal Employment May not be continuous or carried on throughout the year Occurs only during a certain part of the year because of the cycles of nature

  9. Temporary Employment • Employment that lasts for a limited period of time, usually a few months, but no longer than 12 months. It is determined based on… 3. SEA DOCUMENTATION– The SEA has determined that, despite the apparent permanency of work at a particular worksite, virtually none of the workers remain employed for more than 12 months. 1. EMPLOYER’S STATEMENT– e.g., the employer hires the worker for October, November, and December to prepare for the holiday season. 2. WORKER’S STATEMENT – e.g., the worker states that he plans to leave the job after a period of four months.

  10. Temporary Employment Indefinitely Less than 12 months

  11. Agricultural Work Trees Production or Initial Processing Crops Cultivation or Harvesting Dairy Products OR Poultry Livestock

  12. Fishing Work Catching or Initial Processing Fish Raising or harvesting at fish farms Fish OR Shellfish Shellfish