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Judging Workshop

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Judging Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Judging Workshop
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  1. Judging Workshop Key Member Presentation 1 2 3 4

  2. What are we going to do? • Introduction • Group Energizer • “What are you looking for?” • Get to know your apple • Writing Reasons • Conclusion • Questions

  3. Would you rather…? • Think about the two scenarios presented to you and decide which you’d rather have. • If you’ve thought of one… put up your hand!

  4. What are you looking for? • Take one of the objects and write down the ideal characteristics of the item you picked. • For example: If you picked a pen, ideally it should not broken, it should have a smooth surface, it should make clean lines on paper, etc…

  5. Why does it matter? • The foundation of judging is based on trying to picture the ideal characteristics of an object being presented. • We get lots of practice, because we do it every day. Think about digging through a bowl of cherries – do you eat the ones that are rotting? How about going for the biggest cookie?

  6. Get to Know Your Apple • Examine your apple and pick out the details. • How is it shaped? • Does it have any bumps? • Is the stem centered?

  7. Apple Jumble! • Think you know your apple? • Could you find it with your eyes closed? • Try to remember all the features you felt on your apple as you feel the other apples. Once you are sure it’s yours, remove it from the pile.

  8. The Perfect • Let’s brainstorm what the ideal apple would look like focusing on colouring, shape, symmetry, texture, etc. • As a group, can you decide which apple best fits the characteristics we just brainstormed?

  9. Comparative Words When describing what you are looking at: • Avoid using words like good, better, best, nice, etc. • Opt for positive words like bigger, smaller, long, taller, shorter, smoother, flatter, straighter, wider, etc. • Avoid negative words like weaker, fatter & skinnier.

  10. Writing Reasons • Fill out the cards as directed by the competition you are attending. • Under the reason section start out with “I placed this class of apples 4, 3, 2, 1.” (numbers may vary)

  11. Explaining Yourself • Once you have made your initial numbers placing, you will need to back it up with evidence you observed from the items you are judging. • “I placed 4 over 3 because…” • “I placed 3 over 2 because…” • “I placed 1 over 2 because…” • “For these reasons I placed this class4, 3, 2, 1.”(numbers may vary)

  12. Conclusion • The more you judge, the easier you will find it becomes. • Remember, judging is not all new to you – it’s something that you do everyday when you make a decision. • Pay attention to key words and try to use them when writing your reasons.

  13. Any Questions?