Youth engagement strategy summation barry peddle psm institute director
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YOUTH ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY “Summation” Barry Peddle PSM Institute Director . WORLDSKILLS PRESENTATION. Teachers Don Muir (Floor & Wall Tiling) Dion Iori ( Cabinetmaking ) Tom Vukelic ( Autobody Repair) SWSI Students Aaron Samphier : ( Autobody Repair) Medal of Excellence

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Youth engagement strategy summation barry peddle psm institute director

YOUTHENGAGEMENT STRATEGY “Summation”Barry Peddle PSMInstitute Director

Worldskills presentation


  • Don Muir (Floor & Wall Tiling)

  • DionIori(Cabinetmaking)

  • Tom Vukelic(Autobody Repair)

    SWSI Students

  • Aaron Samphier:(Autobody Repair)

    Medal of Excellence

  • Peter Steinweiss:(Floor and Wall Tiling)

    Bronze Medal

Peter steinweis
Peter Steinweis

Themes from today how these relate to the elements of the strategy
THEMES FROM TODAYHow these relate to the ELEMENTS of the Strategy

  • No one size fits all solution

  • Peer to peer engagement model

  • Consider how we optimise social media and make it entertaining for VET engagement

  • Use social media to get messages across about SWSI

  • Brand advocates

  • TAFE needs to impart confidence in the learner

  • Short courses as introductions

Themes from today how these relate to the elements of the strategy1
THEMES FROM TODAYHow these relate to the ELEMENTS of the Strategy

  • Challenge of working across agency borders

  • Understanding their needs, where they want to go and how we can be part of their journey.

  • Provide information on everything, presented through a medium they use

  • Boredom leads to failure

  • A young persons sphere of influence

  • Innovation in marketing and promotion

Common language

  • Empowerment and respect

  • Confidence

  • Incentive

  • (have) Faith

  • Exciting

  • Individuals and peers

  • Mentors

  • Peers

  • Awesome

  • Funky

Elements of the strategy

  • Introduction and definition “the client”; so all this within a “youth” relevance context

  • Research and policy to inform strategy; “Raising the School Leaving Age”

  • Setting targets owned by Faculties

  • Course and curriculum content

  • Services – course related eg: tutorial

  • Services – indirect – College based

  • Information – related to work, careers, study options and their course

Elements of the strategy1

  • Learning methodologies

  • Communication with them

  • Learning technologies

  • Disciplines and codes of behaviour

  • Financial support and advice

  • Welfare and counselling services

  • Work and job networks

  • Partnerships and community networks

  • Monitoring and review

Where to from here

  • Outcomes written up

  • Presented to LAGEC to endorse

  • Engage external (G Y) to develop draft strategy document and communication strategy

  • Conduct youth ‘peer led’ consultations

  • Distribute for staff and external consultation

  • Consolidate and finalise strategy

Where to from here1

  • “No matter what, these young people live in the best country in the world…let’s make it even better for them by giving them pathways to a genuine future.”

Thank you

  • Adam and Chris

  • All presenters and visitors

  • Our “young people”

  • The “YES” Working Party

  • I hope to catch up with you again next year “In Sha Allah”

  • Hospitality

    • Nibbles

    • Soft drinks

    • Hard drinks at own expense