1968 czech invasion n.
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1968 Czech invasion

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1968 Czech invasion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1968 Czech invasion. How it went down…. Warsaw Pact . A military treaty which bound its signatories to come to the aid of each other should any one of them be the victim of foreign aggression (NATO?) Jamie – what countries were in the Warsaw Pact?

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1968 czech invasion

1968 Czech invasion

How it went down…

warsaw pact
Warsaw Pact
  • A military treaty which bound its signatories to come to the aid of each other should any one of them be the victim of foreign aggression (NATO?)
  • Jamie – what countries were in the Warsaw Pact?
  • Although it was supposed to be based on equality it became a powerful political tool for the soviet union to harness the powers of a combined military
rejection insert lame picture
Rejection (insert lame picture)
  • Czechoslovakia rejected the call for more military integration within the Pact and sought a great role in developing strategy for non members.
  • Czech with a history of Democracy prior to WW2
prague spring
Prague Spring
  • Leaders put forward plans to democratize the armed forces
  • Jack – democratize means?
  • Various documents stated that Czech should base its defence strategy on its own geopolitical interests and that the threat from the west was overstated.
  • Alexander Dubcek – reassured S.U that Czech would stick with the Pact – however the damage had been done
leonid brezhnev
Leonid Brezhnev
  • Feared; liberalization, ending of censorship, defection, loss of Czech as an industrial base, spread to Poland and East Germany, the presence of NATO.
  • Czech never intended to leave the Pact but S.U could not be certain of their actions.
  • Bratislava Conference – Pact signed unshakeable fidelity to Marx/Leninist, declaring a struggle against bourgeois ideology
  • Soviet Union expressed its intention to intervene if bourgeois system established
  • August 20, 1968 – invasion between 150-500,000 troops in blitzkrieg fashion
  • 108 killed
  • Meticulously organised – airport seizure
  • No resistance – “a resolute protest with the requirement that the illegal occupation of Czech be stopped without delay and all armed troops be withdrawn”
bad boys
Bad Boys
  • Warsaw countries had entered without the Czech consent, denying the soviet claim that they had been invited to preserve socialism
  • Objections were demonstrated through mass gatherings and passive resistance.
  • Mitch – where was NATO?
  • LBJ(not LeBron) was involved in Vietnam and was trying to pursue an arms control treaty with the Soviets
  • Czech military prisoners in own barracks which lead to suspicions among troops and neighbouring countries about the ability of Czech forces
  • Czech left to wonder about their own “allies”
  • October 16 – partial withdrawal, sizeable soviet influence remains as “temporary stationing”.
  • The S.U successfully stopped the liberalization reforms and strengthened the CPCz
cold war context
Cold War Context
  • In terms of the CW, what effect do you think the invasion had on perceptions of the S.U, the Warsaw pact, and relations with western countries?