if i shot somebody in cincinnati what
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If Ihave Shot Someone In Cincinnati What Charges Can I Expect

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If Ihave Shot Someone In Cincinnati What Charges Can I Expect - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assault convictions in Ohio come with hefty consequences. Fees and penalties can range from fines and six months in jail for a misdemeanor to eight years in prison and fines of $20,000 for a felony charge. The legal professionals with Patrick Mulligan & Associates learn how to prepare defenses to an assault charge filed in Cincinnati because they are not simply knowledgeable about the law, but they are also 100% enthusiastic about their clientsí futures. Remember to contact them today for them to hear more details on your situation and evaluate how they can help you.

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will i be arrested for
Will I be arrested for?

At Patrick Mulligan and associates, Attorney Patrick Mulligan, is passionate about protecting the rights of accused individuals, something which is being successfully done for more than 30 years. The expert knowledge of the intricate criminal laws can help in negotiation with the prosecutors in court and during trial. No matter how challenging a case may be, it can be tackled with high quality legal expertise.

will i be arrested for1
Will I be arrested for?

So what happens if I shot someone in Cincinnati what am I going to be arrested for. The reply is that at first you'll be arrested for aggravated assault. This is termed as a significant assault using a lethal weapon. An individual is said to have committed aggravated assault, if the person tries to hurt or causes harm to somebody else with a dangerous weapon.

This can be by shooting, kidnapping or even sexual assault. Due to the serious nature of the crime, the laws also are really stringent. The law however, has different parameters regarding the degree of offence committed. You may either face a misdemeanor or felony charges, each of which carry hefty penalties and prison term.

will i be arrested for2
Will I be arrested for?

Assault, to begin with, could take place under different conditions where an individual was just threatened or actually assaulted, with no intent. The first offence might bring in a penalty of nearly One thousand dollars and nearly Six months in jail. If you are charged with an assault of third degree felony, the prison period could be from one to five years in addition to a fine of 10,000$. If the facts of your case specify that the assault has happened nearby local or state jails and prisons, and the target is a staff member of that center, then the charges are a prison duration of max Six months and a fine of 2,500$.

will i be arrested for3
Will I be arrested for?

If the assault target is a school teacher or perhaps a school supervisor, the prisoners sentence is from 6 months to a year, in addition to paying a penalty of 2,500$. In case your crime is proved against a law enforcement officer, then it is regarded as fourth degree felony. It requires a minimal prison sentence of six months to 18 months and a penalty of up to 5,000$. If you are arrested for 3rd degree felony, then the jail term is from one to five years and approximately 10,000$ in penalties. An individual charged with felonious assault or aggravated assault can also be expected to pay restitution. This entails paying the victim for expenditures since the result of the criminal activity, like medical treatment or maintenance of ruined property.

will i be arrested for4
Will I be arrested for?

The courtroom will go through the facts and even impose a deferral sentence or suspended sentence. No jail term is imposed for the moment. Rather particular circumstances like, therapy, community service etc are enforced for a certain period.

In case at the end of the delayed time period, the opponent has the ability to fulfill the conditions fixed by the court, then the case is laid off, but the reports will reflect the activity done. An assault conviction can damage your popularity and could be probably life damaging.

Cincinnati criminal lawyer, Patrick Mulligan has effectively managed many individuals convicted of assault. His expertise and compassion can help you to get the justice you rightly are worthy of.

will i be arrested for5
Will I be arrested for?

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