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Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Knowledge Management. “Competition depends not on the differential possession of physical assets, or even information, but on the ability to deploy and exploit knowledge”. Kimiz Dalkir, (2005) “Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice”. Knowledge Management.

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Knowledge Management

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    1. Knowledge Management “Competition depends not on the differential possession of physical assets, or even information, but on the ability to deploy and exploit knowledge” Kimiz Dalkir, (2005) “Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice”

    2. Knowledge Management “Historically, knowledge has always been managed, at least implicitly. However, effective and active Knowledge Management requires new perspectives and techniques and touches on almost all facets of an organization.” Wiig, in Grey, 1996

    3. Knowledge Management “It wanders off while I’m trying to concentrate. It refuses to stop churning over the day while I ‘m trying to get to sleep. At night it creates movies that range from the exceedingly tedious to the embarrassingly bizarre. It comes up with tunes and phrases that I didn’t intend and often didn’t want. It tells me that someone has come into the room when I’ve got headphones on and my eyes shut and I’m miles away – and often it’s right. It forgets well-known names at crucial moments. It feels hurt or angry out of all proportion. It is a royal pain in the ass sometimes. But apparently it’s the only mind I’ve got.” (Claxton, Guy (2005) The Wayward Mind: An Intimate History of the Unconscious, vii)

    4. Knowledge Management The 2001 McKinsey Global Survey on Knowledge Management found that the more successful companies in the survey generally had a firmer understanding of Knowledge Management (page 5)

    5. Knowledge Management “They grasp that it requires a holistic approach that goes beyond changes in infrastructure and touches every aspect of a business, transcending divisions, functions, and hierarchies.” Kluge et al (2001) “Knowledge Unplugged: the McKinsey Company global survey on Knowledge Management”, Palgrave, pg 5.

    6. Knowledge Management “KM should become part of everything an organisation does, and be part of everyone’s job If companies are successful in managing knowledge they may even forget they are doing it.” L.Prusak and T. Davenport (2000) “Working Knowledge”

    7. Knowledge Management [Holmes] “To the curious incidence of the dog in the night-time.” [Inspector] “The dog did nothing in the night-time.” [Holmes] ”That was the curious incident”. The Adventure of Silver Blaze

    8. Knowledge Management “If Hewlett-Packard knew what Hewlett-Packard knows, we would be three times as profitable” Lew Platt, former CEO, Hewlett-Packard