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Supporting Our Software Customers

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Supporting Our Software Customers. Topic Agenda. What is Customer Software Support? Key Points To Remember Support Offerings Overview How Long Is IBM Software Supported? How Do I Engage Support?. What is Customer Software Support?.

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topic agenda
Topic Agenda
  • What is Customer Software Support?
  • Key Points To Remember
  • Support Offerings Overview
  • How Long Is IBM Software Supported?
  • How Do I Engage Support?
what is customer software support
What is Customer Software Support?

Information and processes designed to help you successfully use the IBM software that you have acquired.

  • Web-based and voice access options
  • Global network of support centers with expertise across our broad portfolio
  • Local language support in major countries
  • Fixes to known problems
  • Ability to help customers find solutions to problems with IBM software in their unique environment
key points to remember
Key Points to Remember
  • IBM strives for high quality software, but because of complexity, it is not totally defect free.
  • Problems need to be reported.
  • The most cost-effective software support offering is remote support, but higher level service is available at additional cost.
  • Problem determination and resolution is a joint effort, combining IBM expertise and your expertise as our customer.
  • IBM has common names for three types of support questions:“Defects”,“How To” and “New Features”
support offerings overview
Support OfferingsOverview

Premium SupportExtra, customized support services designed specifically for a customer

Enhanced SupportRemote voice and electronic support.(Passport Advantage Software Maintenance)

Program / Warranty Services and Self HelpDownload fixes, search for answers via telephone defect support for zSeries

program warranty services self help
Program / Warranty Services & Self Help
  • Basic self-help capabilities at
  • Search for known defects (APARs), corrections, and download software fixes (PTF's)
  • Information on how to purchase enhanced & premium support
  • Links to useful technical information (whitepapers, Redbooks, etc.)
  • For Distributed(IPLA) Software and OneTimeCharge:
    • No voice support access, including defect & "how-to“
    • No electronic support to report new problems including defect and “how to”
    • No performance tuning assistance
  • ForMainframe(zSeries) Software (MLC):
    • Voice support - defect only
    • Severity 1 issues, 24 x 7 available
    • No usage or "how-to" assistance.
    • No performance tuning assistance.
  • NotRecommended for Mission Critical Applications
enhanced support
Enhanced Support
  • Voice and electronic access to report defectand “howto” questions
  • 2 hour response goal
  • 24/7 coverage for Severity1 problems
  • Normal business hour coverage for Sev 2 – 4 Problems
  • View and manage problem status on the Internet
  • Nolimits on number of IT Professionals who can call
  • Worldwide infrastructure: support in native languages & time zones
  • DoesNOT include:
    • On-site support
    • Network design
    • Support for products past their End of Support (EOS) date
    • Analysis of customer’s program code (i.e.: exits, applications)
    • Data/database design & recovery
    • Diagnosis & analysis of non-IBM products
    • Application or product integration help
    • Performance and tuning
severity levels
Severity Levels

Business hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time. No Severity 4 for Lotus software – incorporated in Severity 3.Severity 1 Issues will be worked 7 days a week / 24 hours a day jointly with customers

common enhanced support activities
Common Enhanced Support Activities
  • Self help plus access to registered website for enhanced online support
  • Remote problemdeterminationandresolution during normal country business hours
    • Access to support via Voice and/or Electronic
    • Ongoing customer communications on problem submissions
    • Assistance with understanding documentation
    • Assistance with gathering & analysis of traces and dumps
    • Installation/usage & base product configuration assistance
      • e.g., product compatibility and interoperability
      • Provide available configuration samples
  • Technical databasesearches
  • Proactivenotification of important information through MySupport
what is my support
What is “My Support”?
  • A subscriptionservice you sign up for
  • Customized to you
    • Products you are interested in
    • Information you want to have at your fingertips
  • Weekly e-mailnotification options
    • Flashes
      • Important information
      • Problems and how to avoid them
      • New information available and where to find it
      • Best Practices
    • Links to the latest software downloads for interim fixes or fix packs
    • View events (WebSphere, Data Management, Lotus)
passport advantage software maintenance
Passport Advantage Software Maintenance
  • The method to obtain “Enhanced Support” on distributedsoftware products
  • Includes upgrades (subscription) during life of agreement
    • Notification by e-mail of new releases ready for download or when media pack available for purchase
    • Electronic Access must be Authorized through PA Primary Contact
  • Must designate a SiteTechnical Contact (STC)
    • Customer-assigned individual - usually a technical manager
    • STC coordinates the information provided to callers (IBM Customer Number and products covered)
    • Manages authorized caller list for electronic support access
      • Callers can be both internal to your company or BP you authorize
    • Multiple Site Technical Coordinators can be assigned, if needed
    • Help for STCs is available in the “Help” section of
passport advantage welcome letter
Passport Advantage Welcome Letter
  • Sent only to the Site Technical Contact (STC) for Passport Advantage customers (mail and email)
  • Critical document to be read carefully – includes detailed information on:
    • Who is named as the Site Technical Contact
    • The responsibilities of the Site Technical Contact
    • IBM Customer Number to use when accessing support
    • Lists some of the features of Support (i.e., 24 x 7 support for Severity 1 calls)
    • Passport Advantage Contract Number
    • The country-specific IBM Technical Support Center phone number
    • Technical Support Website
    • Electronic Registration Instructions
    • Passport Advantage Support Administration "Mailbox“
  • Separate letter goes to Primary Contact
    • Download authorization is different from Problem entry authorization
ibm software premium support
IBM Software Premium Support

Premium support service offerings targeted at customers who want a proactive partnership level of support services to complement enhanced support (SW Maintenance).

  • Builds an intimate knowledge of customer's environment with IBM
    • Consistent, ongoing relationship
    • Works as extended member of customer IT team
    • Looks for ways to represent customer support needs within IBM
  • Focused on proactive and preventative services
    • Customer knowledgeable resources focus on preventing problems from occurring
  • Executive reporting to help with ongoing activity and future planning
    • Onsite services available for technical issues
  • Develops IBM and customer skills
    • Deepens IBM knowledge of real customer use of IBM products
    • Knowledge sharing available for customer needs
how long is ibm ipla software supported ibm lifecycle policy
How Long Is IBM IPLA Software Supported?IBM Lifecycle Policy

Goal: To give customers a reasonable amount of time to purchase, install, productively use and migrate to the next product release.

  • A minimum 3 year support period for all products (version / release level) from general availability
  • A minimum 12 months notice to customers of a product being withdrawn from support via announcement letter.
  • April and September are the only two months of the year for products to be withdrawn from support
  • All components in a product or solution bundle are supported until the bundle is withdrawn from support
  • Product lifecycle information is available at
what happens after the end of support date
What Happens After theEnd of Support Date?
  • Incremental, fee-based support extensions are available when the customer cannot migrate to a supported release before End of Support or is “unsupported”
  • Available for a minimum of 2 years after End of Support
    • Processed through a special bid contract at an additional fee
    • SW Maintenance (Enhanced Support) is a prerequisite
  • Migration plan may be needed
supporting legacy software
Supporting Legacy Software
  • From time-to-time, IBM acquires other companies that produce software, and customers of those companies may find that IBM now provides their support
  • When the company is acquired, IBM will communicate any changes to the support contracts, if any
  • Legacy maintenance agreements will be honored
obtaining support enhanced support option
Obtaining Support: Enhanced Support Option

PMR routedto appropriatesupport teamwho owns theresolution ofthe problem

Search existing databases

Recreate problem

Problem determination & problem source identification (PD/PSI)

Customer reportsproblem onsupport website


Calls routed toIBM CustomerSupport Center

Customer needstechnical support

Customer logs into supportwebsite


Calls countrysupport number

ProblemManagementRecord (PMR) created, and customer requests appropriate severity level

If a new fix is needed, IBM developmentis engaged as required

checklist before contacting support
Checklist Before Contacting Support
  • Define the problem – be specific
  • Gather backgroundinformation – provide all relevant information
    • What level of software was / is running?
    • What operating system version? Have patches been installed?
    • Has this happened before? Is it repeatable?
    • What, if anything, recently changed in the environment?
  • Gather diagnosticinformation – dumps, traces, etc.
  • Determine businessimpact & assign severity
what if i am not satisfied with support
What If I Am Not Satisfied With Support?
  • Raise the Severity Level of the problem
  • Ask for a “Duty Manager”
  • Escalate the issue through your Software Sales Representative
    • Ask him or her to consider opening a Complaint or nominate as a CriticalSituation or (“Crit Sit”), if warranted
download the ibm software support handbook
Download the IBM Software Support Handbook
  • Provides detailed information about all IBM software support
  • Severity level examples
  • Support delivery processes
  • What to do prior to calling
  • How to invoke software support
  • How to escalate a problem record
  • How to purchase software maintenance
  • STC's role and process to setup authorized online users
  • Worldwide list of support center phone numbers

entitled upgrades
Entitled Upgrades

Customer Name

reporting downloads and media
Reporting: downloads and media

0000000000 - Customer Name

0000000000 - Customer Name

0000000000 - Customer Name


Troubleshooting software downloads

Reason why downloads are not on web site

  • Customer does not have active maintenance for the product
  • Customer's site maintenance profile in SAP was not updated
  • Part number not coded correctly
  • Image not released yet to the public
  • Image not available for download
call escalation
Call Escalation
  • Duty Manager
    • At any point in the service process if your expectation are not being met by IBM, Lotus, or Tivoli Software Support, you can call attention to this problem by asking for a Duty Manager. The duty manager will work with the technical staff to ensure your expectations are met and that your request is being handled appropriately.
differences between pa customer site and the support web site
PA Online Customer Site

The URL for Passport Advantage Online is

From the IBM Passport Advantage page choose Customer Site from the right hand navigator

Functionality of PA Customer Site

View Customer Purchase History

View Proof of Entitlement Certificates

Submit Contact Updates

Access to Electronic downloads for Software with active Maintenance

Review Maintenance Renewals On-line

Purchase Licenses direct with IBM


Ability to Manage access to site - Primary Contact can add up to 4 Secondary Contacts who can also manage

access and add unlimited number of Users

One registration to access either site

eCare Assistance: If your customers have any questions regarding this tool, they may contact the IBM Passport Advantage eCustomer Care Team in their region:

Please see listing of extended eCustomer Care Support in link below:

Electronic Service Request (ESR ) tool

The URL for the ESR Tool is

This tool can be used by selecting Submit & Track Problems from the software support Web Site and then selecting (ESR).

Functionality of ESR Tool

Submit Problem Management Record (PMR) electronically

Manage PMRs more easily with additional sorting options

An e-mail notification is sent to the customer when a PMR is created. The e-mail contains the PMR number and a short description, for easy identification on the Web.

Ability to Manage Named Caller List

Ability to add up to 9 Secondary Site Technical Contacts to assist with adding additional named callers

One registration to access either site

ESR Assistance: If your customers are experiencing registration issues with this tool : Please see listing of extended eCustomer Care Support in link below:

Differences between PA customer site and the support web site

How to contact eCare

Americas eCare Team

  • We can be reached via :
    • Phone - 800-978-2246
    • Email:
    • Sametime chat - from the eOrdering page & Maintenance renewal worksheet
    • Web comments form - On the website's home page
  • Our office hours are 24 hours per day by 7 days per week.
helpful url s
Helpful url’s
  • DeveloperWorks -
  • IBM Products A-Z -
  • ISource -
  • Redbooks -
  • Training and Conferences -