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Future ahead

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Future ahead. Child as the point of center. Children. They set our Goals and Aspirations. Hope for our Future. Healthy child leads to Healthy Youth and Youth, the backbone of our society. Transformation possible only when we catch them young, and through children. What the Child needs.

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Future ahead

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future ahead

Future ahead

Child as the point of center

  • They set our Goals and Aspirations.
  • Hope for our Future.
  • Healthy child leads to Healthy Youth and Youth, the backbone of our society.
  • Transformation possible only when we catch them young, and through children.
what the child needs
What the Child needs

Sports, Games, Art, Cultural Dev



where to catch them
Where to catch them??
  • Children 1yr. To 5 yr. Are taken care by family, NCDS programs. Much wanted in ICDS programs.
  • Children Rural / Urban stay at school for 10years in primary schooling.
  • Children who can’t continue studies beyond 10th or not entering higher grades may need help on Vocational Trg and placement assistance.
govt at schools
Govt. at Schools
  • Little bit of Education.
  • Mid day meal some places
  • No Sports/Games/Cultural Activity
  • No Laboratory
  • No Power, No computer Education.
  • Children being used for Govt. Programs.
  • No notebooks.
  • Text books for limited no. of children and very late in academic session.
  • De-motivated staff though qualified.
  • May be many solutions available.
  • One way to Network, the available resources, and utilize them to the best possible way.
  • Need someone at the center who needs to work without selfish motto and to just unite forces.
  • Easy to reach them at school. No need to put in separate effort to gather them.
roles and priority
Roles and Priority
  • Already children > 75 % in India are malnourished, poor, not provided enough healthcare.
  • The indicators from UNICEF, etc. may sound good but don’t reach the child as they are implemented through third party agencies and the local Govt.
  • Despite centuries of advocacy, nothing much materializes.
  • Many players in each sector Education, Health, Development of children are working but the efforts are never united.
partners in the game
Partners in the game
  • Some resources may be localized but best to attract them and bring to the front.
  • Enough good and corporate NGOs already in the front offering their services.
  • Corporate CSRs not being utilized to the full extent, where they can be silent partners.
let s join hands
Let’s join hands

Educational Foundations –

  • Naandi,
  • Akshara,
  • Ajim Premji’s,
  • British,
  • Dental Super specialty supported by Colgate etc.
  • Gen Health – Apollo, Image, 104, Care, local, Redcross, Lion’s, Rotary
  • Eye Care – LVPEI, Shankar’s, Lion’s, Rotary,
  • Individual specialist doctors in all major cities.
  • Pharma support by Reddy’s, Aurobindo, NATCO, etc.
  • Advocacy at top most level
  • Funding – already existing players seed money and their interest to take part in same events of their interest collectively.
  • Support from Govt. not to interfere with these actvities and spoil the show.
  • IBM Kidsmart – Easy Learn Comp Edu.
  • One Laptop per child….
  • Camlin etc. for art and craft support
  • Nestle, Boost, Horlicks etc. for sponsorship of Sports, Games and other activities.
how easy is this
How easy is this??
  • Small task or big task, some how needs to be piloted and taken ahead.
  • Already all the players are into the game and serving but efforts need to be channelized.
  • Child gets benefited tremendously.
  • Problem – No individual NGO or partner gets highlighted. Effort is collective.
why not in sf
Why not in SF?
  • Made the plans even in SF itself but Satyam wasn’t getting any SHOW value.
  • OPLC, Kidsmart, etc. may get popular Satyam was loosing on existence.
  • Our Goebbels ASM never realized the value for playing the core role at center and utilizing the services of other partners excepting the 6P 5R and 6 sigma. Planning for the end beneficiary was our motto, but how much money will be back to our kitty was more important. Service how useful was not important for us.