Data replication strategies
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Data Replication Strategies. The Bane of Business Disruption. Stop production! It’s backup time. Executive Summary.

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Data replication strategies
Data Replication Strategies

The Bane of Business Disruption

Stop production!

It’s backup


Executive summary
Executive Summary

Do not risk conducting business without a Business Continuation Plan… …employing modern data replication technology you do not need to stop business processing to back up data or to install the additional disk storage.


  • What is Data Replication Technology?

  • Why is it important?

  • How and when did it come about?

  • How can we use it?

  • The Benefits…

What is data replication technology
What Is Data Replication Technology?

  • Software and hardware for making additional copies of existing data…to improve data availability.

Why is data replication important
Why is Data Replication Important?

  • Data Replication is a solution for protection against loss…

  • Data Replication is key to improving data availability for Business Continuance.

How improve data availability
How Improve Data Availability?

  • Development and Testing

    • “Disposable” Copy for experimenting

  • Improve Production Processing

    • “Duplicate” Copy for parallel access

  • Business Protection / Business Continuance

    • “Backup” Copy as insurance against loss

Business continuation more than disaster recovery
Business Continuation…More than Disaster Recovery

  • Apply Basic Principles

  • Consider e-Business Requirements

    • 24x7x365 Availability

    • Non-Stop Operations

  • Employ Instant technology

Where does the pressure come from
Where Does the Pressure Come From?

“e-Business extends direct consumer access to existing real-time business systems”

You don t need a disaster to have a disruption
You Don’t Need A Disaster To Have A Disruption!

  • Natural Disasters

  • Site Destruction/Disruption

    • Fires, Power and Communications Failure

  • Mechanical Equipment Failure

    • Processor, Disk and Network Hardware

  • Software Failure

    • Operating System and Application

  • Human Error

    • One Third of All Data Loss is Caused by Human Error

  • Scheduled downtime…

    • Backup, New Equipment…

How much does disruption cost
How Much Does Disruption Cost?

  • Lost opportunity…

    • Securities Trading $6.5 million per hr

    • Intel Web Site Sales $275,000 per hr

    • Cable Home Shopping $113,000 per hr

    • Airline Reservations $ 89,000 per hr

    • Cellular Service Activation $ 41,000 per hr

  • Fraud Exposure… Credit Cards $2.6 million per hr

Where is the data modern disk storage
WHERE IS THE DATA?Modern disk storage…

Forty-five years old

Thirty-eight years old

Thirty years old

Twenty-five years old

A forty five year old invention
A Forty-Five Year Old Invention?

September 13, 1956, the first RAMAC

Innovation continued
Innovation Continued…! Controller..

  • Disk storage capacity grew through the 1970s and 80s from 10 MBs to 100 MBs to 1000 MBs, gigabytes and terabytes…

A twenty five year old scheme raid structures
A Controller.. Twenty-Five Year Old Scheme Raid Structures

  • 1978 IBM patent for Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks.

  • 1987 University of California at Berkeley “Inexpensive” Disks

Software solutions automated backup and recovery
Software Solutions Automated Controller.. BACKUP AND RECOVERY

  • Three approaches to backup

  • Two reduce time by limiting the amount of data.

  • One automates the solution.

Automated software solutions cut backup time 50 to 80 daily incremental
Automated Software Solutions Controller.. CUT BACKUP TIME 50 TO 80 % (Daily INCREMENTAL)

Weekend Full Volume Backup Image

Daily Incremental Backup Image

10 years ago it began coming together raid storage began replacing sleds

ESS 2105 (SHARK) Controller..



10 Years ago it began coming together RAID Storage began Replacing SLEDS,



Intelligent storage
Intelligent Storage Controller..

  • 1987@ IBM 3990-3 (Dual Copy)

  • 1992/1993@ IBM 3990-6 (Concurrent Copy, PPRC, P/DAS and XRC )

  • 1994@ Symmetrix (Mirror Protection™, , EMCCopy and SRDF)

  • 1995@ StorageTek IceBerg (SnapShot Copy™)

  • 1996/1997/1998@ IBM RVA (SnapShot Copy™) EMC Symmetrix (TimeFinder™) Hitachi (DataPlex™, ShadowImage and NanoCopy)

  • 1999@ IBM Shark (FlashCopy)

    @ Date approximate to depict time-line development

The start of it all local volume mirroring
The Start of it All Controller.. Local Volume Mirroring

1987 Dual Copy

Raid 1 dual copy real time mirroring
Raid 1 (Dual Copy ) Controller.. Real-Time-Mirroring

Introducing point in time copy

Cache Controller.. Side File for Updated Tracks

Introducing Point-in-Time-Copy

1992 Concurrent-Copy

Pprc srdf hrc and p das
PPRC, SRDF, HRC (and P/DAS) Controller..

1993/1994 Remote Dual Copy

Storagetek snapshot point in time copy
StorageTek SnapShot Controller.. ™ Point-in-Time Copy

Raid 5

1995 IceBerg Raid 5 & SnapShot Copy

Iceberg snapshot copy technology
ICEBerg Controller.. SnapShot Copy Technology

FTT for 01AC



Addr Type Size

01AC 3390 3339

01AD 3390 3339

0248 3380 2655

CCHH Pointer



Use count Ptr




FTT for 01AD

CCHH Pointer



Emc timefinder point in time copy
EMC TimeFinder Controller.. ™Point-in-Time Copy

1997 Symmetrix BCV & TimeFinder

Emc timefinder point in time copy1
EMC TimeFinder Controller.. ™Point-in-Time Copy

Hitachi point in time copy
Hitachi Point-in-Time Copy Controller..



1998 ShadowImage & HMRCF

Ibm flash point in time copy
IBM Flash Controller.. Point-in-Time Copy

1999 ESS 2105 SHARK & FlashCopy

How can data replication be useful
How Can Data Replication Controller.. be Useful?

Data Replication is a strategic technology, to eliminate…

  • Long interruptions for backup...

  • Unacceptable recovery times…

  • Production delays to copy data…

  • Hard downtime to install new disks…

Impediments to data replication being useful
Impediments to Controller.. Data Replication Being Useful

  • Backup not on removable media

  • Point-in-time hardware produce exact duplicates

  • MVS does not allow duplicates online

  • Conventional backup can not read offline volumes

  • Re-labeling to bring volumes online destroys catalog access to data and means special restore procedures

Hardware and software working together
Hardware and Software Controller.. Working Together

  • Non-Disruptive e-Business Backup

  • Instant e-Business Recovery

  • Backup/Restore Data Reduction

  • Outboard/Host-Less Data Movement

  • Install Disk Storage w/ no downtime

  • Non-Disruptive Disk Load Balancing

It's not magic,

we do it with

mirrors !

Automate e business protection instant technology software
Automate Controller.. e-Business Protection INSTANT Technology Software

  • Identify change files—Manage Backup Selection

  • Use InstantTechnology Point-in-Time Disk Backup

  • Provide Non-Disruptive Tape Backup

  • Interface with Tape Management Systems

  • Keep familiar offsite DR procedures the same

  • Provide InstantRestore for onsite auto recovery

Instant incremental a backup solution with greater savings
INSTANT INCREMENTAL Controller.. A Backup Solution with Greater Savings

  • Reduce Business Disruption with SnapShot, TimeFinder, ShadowImage or FlashCopy

  • INSTANT Incremental is non-disruptive

  • Non-Disruptive incremental cut tape usage half to 75%… Only backup what is changed

Instant incremental is easy
INSTANT INCREMENTAL Controller.. is Easy!

  • Use InstantTechnology point-in-time disk backup

  • Record location of the InstantTechnology Backup- Restores are then immediately available

  • Non-Disruptively dump to tape from the InstantTechnology point-in-time disk backup

    …after the non-disruptive tape backup keep the InstantTechnology Backup disk for InstantRestore

Instanttechnology backup snapshot timefinder shadowimage flashcopy
InstantTechnology Backup Controller.. SnapShot/TimeFinder ShadowImage/FlashCopy

InstantRecovery Controller..

  • No Change to Existing Procedures

  • Local InstantRestore Datasets (Volumes) from Incremental or (Volume) InstantTechnology Backup disk

  • z/OS, OS/390 and System Managed Storage Compatible

  • Easy-To-Use, Familiar Tape Restore for Offsite Recovery

Comprehensive business protection local business continuation remote disaster recovery

M-vol(S) Controller..






Real or Virtual

Comprehensive Business Protection Local Business ContinuationRemote Disaster Recovery

  • Local Business Continuation - (Local) Point-in-Time Backup

  • Remote Disaster Recovery - Real-Time Protection

    • (Remote) Secondary Location Point-in-Time Backup

Instant space management for continuous business operations
Instant Space Management Controller.. for Continuous Business Operations

“INSTANT” Technology Utilities

  • (Server-Less Space Management)

    • Reclaiming Wasted Disk Space

    • Reducing Disk Volume Fragmentation

  • (Server-Less Data Replication)

    • Dataset and Volume Copy & Move

  • (Non-Disruptive Data Relocation)

    • Relocate Data to Install New Hardware

    • Relocate Data to Balance and Eliminate Hot Spots

Reorganize in seconds data replication diskcompaktion instantcompaktion
Reorganize in Seconds Controller.. Data Replication + DiskCompaktion… InstantCompaktion

  • Disk Reorganization in Seconds

  • Employs SnapShot or EMCCopy

  • Arranging the Disk to Match its VTOCWithout Reading or Writing any Data Tracks

  • Reducing Disk Fragmentation in an Instant

    • Consolidating Free Space

    • Combining Dataset Extents

    • Releasing Unused Tracks

The power of re packaging sva 9500 v960 with virtual power suite hsdm high speed data mover

SVA Compressed Data Controller..

The POWER of RE-PACKAGING:SVA 9500, V960 with Virtual Power Suite(HSDM™ )… High Speed Data Mover

Instanttechnology hsdm backup restore savings
InstantTechnology Controller.. HSDM Backup Restore Savings

I o redirection another aspect of data replication
I/O REDIRECTION Controller.. Another Aspect of Data Replication


  • EMC CopyCross (2001)

  • StorageTek ExHPDM (1999)

  • Fujitsu Softek (Amdahl) TDMF (1996)

Fujitsu softek amdahl tdmf i o redirection
Fujitsu Softek (Amdahl) TDMF Controller.. I/O REDIRECTION

  • 1996 - Transparent Data Migration Facility Migrate Data Without Interrupting Applications

Storagetek exhpdm i o redirection

ExHPDM Controller.. Physical Tape



  • 1999 - Extended High Performance Data Mover

    Redirect multiple data streams to a single tape transport

Fdrinstant hsdm and exhpdm integration
FDRINSTANT Controller.. HSDM and ExHPDM Integration

  • Employing HSDM and ExHPDM, together ABR backups complete in 1/3 the time…

  • Employing SnapShot even that time is non-disruptive

ExHPDMTape Format


Data in Compressed Hardware Format

Emc copycross i o redirection

FDR Controller.. Tape DUMP

CopyCrossLogical Tape


  • 2001 - Transparently redirecting tape data to disk

Fdrpas non disruptive plug and swap disk install and load balancing
FDRPAS Controller.. ™Non-Disruptive (Plug and Swap)Disk Install and Load Balancing

  • Add disk storage

  • Eliminate hot spots

  • Interactive, Easy-to-Use, Non-Disruptive

    • Create Point-in-Time Disk Backup

    • Preserve or Reserve Disk Capacity

    • Interactively Manage Data Relocation,Volume Condition and System I/O Activity

Data replication technology will capture your imagination and provide solutions

The Requirement… Controller..

Reduce Backup Time...

Restore Time Reduction…

Copy Time Reduction…

Non-Disruptive Hardware Installation…

The Solution…

Non-disruptive Backup

Instant Recovery

Outboard Data Movement

Non-Disruptive Data Relocation

Data Replication Technology will Capture Your Imagination and Provide Solutions…

Data replication and instant technology means more time for e business

SAVINGS Controller..

Data Replication and Instant TechnologyMeans More Time for e-Business