visualizing data with microsoft office visio 2007 l.
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Visualizing DATA with Microsoft Office Visio 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Visualizing DATA with Microsoft Office Visio 2007

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Visualizing DATA with Microsoft Office Visio 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Visualizing DATA with Microsoft Office Visio 2007. Smart Diagrams for IT Pros David Parker, bVisual ltd. Business Data Visualised. bVisual Integration. Visio Graphics. Enterprise Data. Who am I?. Microsoft MVP (Visio) Microsoft MCP (Visio, SQL) Pre-Microsoft acquisition

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visualizing data with microsoft office visio 2007

Visualizing DATA with Microsoft Office Visio 2007

Smart Diagrams for IT Pros

David Parker, bVisual ltd

business data visualised
Business Data Visualised







who am i
Who am I?
  • Microsoft MVP (Visio)
  • Microsoft MCP (Visio, SQL)
  • Pre-Microsoft acquisition
    • Visio Business Partner, 1996-8
    • Speaker at Visio Conferences 1997 &1998
    • Started bVisual in 1998
  • Post-Microsoft acquisition
    • Microsoft Visio Solution Provider since 1999
    • Speaker at Microsoft Office Visio Conferences 2006 & 2008
    • Visio Solution Provider Training for Microsoft EMEA
  • Visualizing Information with Microsoft Office Visio 2007
    • McGraw-Hill, 2007
  • DataLegends – Visio add-in to add Data Graphic legends
  • WBS Modeler for Visio and Project
  • Visio Blog
book contents
Book contents
  • Review of Basics
  • Shape Data and User Defined Cells
  • Linking Data to Shapes
  • Connecting Items to Each Other
  • Summarizing Information with PivotDiagrams
  • Database Wizard
  • Using Data Graphics to Reinforce Information
  • Using Smart Tags and Actions
  • Creating Reports
  • Themes, Backgrounds, Borders, and Titles
  • Creating Custom Templates, Stencils, and Masters
  • Reviewers’ Comments
  • Preparing for Publication
  • Using Code to Enhance Functionality
  • Document Management and Security
  • Scenarios
  • Epilogue
microsoft office visio 2007
Microsoft Office Visio 2007
  • Visualise complex information to better understand it
  • Analyse information to identify trends and issues and act on them
  • Communicate using diagrams that can be shared with a broad audience
  • Customise and extend Office Visio 2007 programmatically to fit customised needs
microsoft visio 2007 start
Microsoft Visio 2007 - Start
  • Templates in Categories
  • Some templates load Add-ons
microsoft office visio 2007 editions
Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Editions
  • Standalone Editions
    • Office Visio 2007 Standard
      • Database wizard
    • Office Visio 2007 Professional
      • Data connectivity (new)
      • Database reverse engineering
      • UML models
  • Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise Architect
    • Visio 2003 Enterprise Architect
      • Database forward engineering
      • UML code generation
microsoft visio 2007 files
Microsoft Visio 2007 files
  • Drawing, Template and Stencil files
    • Binary (*.vsd, *.vst, *.vss)
    • XML (*.vdx, *.vtx, *.vsx)
  • XML files
    • 7-10 larger than binary
    • Not yet a zip file (like the big three Office 2007 applications) with sub-folders and files
  • Files compatible with Visio 2003
    • Unless using new ShapeSheet formulae
data features in visio
Data Features in Visio



Visio Drawing

Data Source













pre microsoft office visio 2007
Pre-Microsoft Office Visio 2007
  • Custom Properties
    • Definable cells in each shape to hold data
    • Limited data typing
    • Some Masters delivered with them
  • Database Wizard
    • Copies data to/from data source fields to shape cells
    • Only one data source per shape
    • Uses ODBC
    • Read and Write (optional)
    • Refresh on demand
microsoft office visio 200711
Microsoft Office Visio 2007
  • Shape Data
    • Renamed from Custom Properties
  • Link Data to Shapes
    • Multiple data sources per shape
    • Read only
    • Uses Office Data Connections (*.odc files)
  • PivotDiagrams
    • Diagrammatic version of PivotTables (but slower)
    • Uses Office Data Connections (*.odc files)
  • Data Graphics
    • Data sensitive text and graphics on shapes
microsoft active directory topology diagrammer
Microsoft Active Directory Topology Diagrammer
  • The Microsoft Active Directory Topology Diagrammer reads an Active Directory configuration using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), and then automatically generates a Visio diagram of your Active Directory and /or your Exchange 200x Server topology. The diagrams include domains, sites, servers, administrative groups, routing groups and connectors and can be changed manually in Visio if needed.
microsoft office visio 2007 wbs modeler
Microsoft Office Visio 2007 WBS Modeler
  • The Microsoft Office Visio 2007 WBS Modeler improves the project planning process by generating Project Plans from a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using a graphical representation of elements.
microsoft office visio stencil containing shapes for microsoft exchange server 2007
Microsoft Office Visio Stencil Containing Shapes for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • This download contains a Microsoft Office Visio stencil with shapes for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.
office communications server 2007 visio stencil
Office Communications Server 2007 Visio stencil
  • The Office Communications Server 2007 Visio stencil contains icons for Office Communications Server 2007 server roles and components.
microsoft sql server 2005 data mining add ins for microsoft office 2007
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Data Mining Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2007
  • Download SQL Server 2005 Data Mining Add-ins for Office 2007. This package includes two add-ins for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (Table Analysis Tools and Data Mining Client) and one add-in for Microsoft Office Visio 2007 (Data Mining Templates).
visio 2007 connector for microsoft baseline security analyzer mbsa 2 1
Visio 2007 Connector for Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) 2.1
  • The Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Connector for Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) lets you view the results of an MBSA scan in a clear, comprehensive Microsoft Office Visio 2007 network diagram.
microsoft office visio 2007 pro scom sccm connectors
Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Pro SCOM & SCCM Connectors
  • Download the Visio add in and the web server component to connect and generate datasets to connect to your existing diagrams or auto generate your diagrams for your infrastructure monitoring needs. See your data from OpsManager and ConfigManager live in Visio diagrams.
other it pro stencil sources
Other IT Pro Stencil Sources
  • Start at VisioCafe
shape data
Shape Data
  • Any shape can have Shape Data
database wizard
Database Wizard
  • Been around since 1996
  • Uses ODBC data sources - Read and/or Write
  • Single link per shape - Refresh on demand
database wizard adding linked shapes
Database Wizard – Adding Linked Shapes
  • Drag and drop shapes
  • Select record
  • Data imported
database wizard table view shapes added
Database Wizard – Table/view shapes added
  • Same Master used for whole table/view
  • Shapes added to page
link data to shapes
Link Data to Shapes
  • Data / Link Data to Shapes…
external data column settings
External Data – Column Settings
  • Right mouse menu in External Data Window
  • Name data columns to match Shape Data labels
linking data to shapes from external data window
Linking Data to Shapes from External Data Window
  • Select a Master – Drag data row(s)
  • Select a Shape – Drag a data row onto it
  • Shape Data key field(s) contain values - AutoLink
external data on shapes
External Data on shapes
  • Basic Data Graphics usually added by default
  • Either File / New /Business / PivotDiagram
  • Or Data / Insert PivotDiagram…
  • Create a new connection or use an existing one
pivotdiagram initial appearance
PivotDiagram – Initial appearance
  • Total Pivot Node automatically added at the top left of page
pivotdiagram breakdown
PivotDiagram - Breakdown
  • Breakdown data into Categories
  • Sort
  • Merge
  • Promote
  • Collapse
pivotdiagrams apply shape
PivotDiagrams – Apply Shape
  • Uses Master from any stencil to reinforce node type
pivotdiagrams analysis services
PivotDiagrams – Analysis Services
  • Import Cubes or Perspectives
data graphics
Data Graphics
  • Text
  • Data Bar
  • Icon Set
  • Color By Value
data graphic text
Data Graphic - Text
  • Text values, with optional label
data graphic data bar
Data Graphic – Data Bar
  • Variable size depending on data value
data graphic icon set
Data Graphic – Icon Set
  • Maximum of 5 icons per set, specify values for icon display
data graphic color by value
Data Graphic – Color By Value
  • Colours can be customised
  • Legends for Icon Sets & Color By Value
visio development platform
Visio Development Platform

.NET Primary Interoperability Assemblies (PIAs)




Sample code

Visio Object Model (COM)

Full Visio

Client App

Visio Drawing

Control (ActiveX)

Extensibility Support

Visio SDK

Data Diagramming


Tools & Wizards

VSTO Add-in

COM Add-in


Visio Viewer


ShapeSheet, Smart Shapes




Visio Engine

example datalegends
Example – DataLegends
  • Legends for:-
    • External Data recordsets
    • Data Graphic Icon Sets
    • Color By Value
  • PLUS extra Data Graphic Callouts for:-
    • Headings
    • Text Callouts
    • Data Bars
    • Icon Sets
  • Link Data to Shapes
  • Automation
  • Connecting
  • Layouts
  • PivotDiagrams
  • For companies
    • New Microsoft Certified Partner Specialization
      • Information Worker Competency
      • Data Visualization Specialization
  • For developers
    • New MCP Exam 70-545
      • Microsoft Office Visio 2007, Application Development
        • Deploying Visio Solutions
        • Working with External Data
        • Developing Visio Libraries
        • Automating Visio Diagrams
        • Publishing and Viewing Visio Diagrams
  • Visio 2007 SDK
  • Visio 2007 Solution Development Workshop
  • Visio Developer Portal
  • Visio Insight blog
  • Visio MVP web site
  • Visio IT Pro Toolbox
thank you
Thank you

David J Parker

Microsoft MVP (Visio)

Book just released