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Substitute Teacher Training

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Substitute Teacher Training

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  1. Substitute Teacher Training Vance Granville Community College Beverly Spivey-Judkins, Adjunct Instructor

  2. Agenda • Professionalism • First Impressions (Everyday) • Your Attire & Actions Determine Outcome • Take The Professional Approach • Ethically • At All Times

  3. The Professional Approach… • You Make A First Impression Everyday… • Dress professionally at all times • Don’t look like the students (Set yourself apart) • Act Like You Want to Be Called Again • Be early! • Follow the schools sign in and other rules for Substitute Teachers • If you have to break the agreement…

  4. Build A Network

  5. Every Rule Was Created For A Reason… • North Carolina General Statues – Chapter 115C: Elementary and Secondary Education • Duties of teachers (115C-307): • To Maintain Order and Discipline • To Provide for General Well-Being of Students • To Provide Some Medical Care to Students • To Take Care of School Buildings • Corporal Punishment, suspension, or expulsion of pupils (115C-391)

  6. Every Rule Was Created For A Reason… • Students can not be excused to leave school without permission from the office • Accidents involving any student MUST be reported to the office • Any student appearing ill should be sent to the office accompanied by another student • Do not keep children after school hours without permission from parents and the principals office

  7. Social Media … I’m Just saying • • Cell Phones – In class, texting, pictures • Email • Skype, Oovoo, snapchat • Computers in the classroom

  8. What Would You Do? • You are teaching in a first grade classroom. A child’s father comes to visit the classroom and decides to take him home early. • An hour later, the mother and grandmother of the first grade student comes into your classroom, angry and upset because the child’s father came to pick the child up early from school.

  9. What Would You Do? • You are in the teacher’s lounge and well seasoned teachers are discussing a child’s suspension, who just happens to be your church pastor’s daughter. • Substitute teaching is going very well for you; you are now in your sixth month and have found out that high school is your niche. You are even getting face book requests from many of the students.

  10. What Would You Do? • You accepted a job last night for a kindergarten class; however, you awoke this morning to a call from your four year olds daycare saying they are closed because of plumbing problems. No other childcare is available for you. What will you do? Can you take your child with you, after all you are in a kindergarten class?

  11. At Home • Google -North Carolina boy suspended for saying teacher is cute