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Introduction to Gemini - Who We Are PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Gemini - Who We Are

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Introduction to Gemini - Who We Are - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Gemini - Who We Are
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  1. Introduction to Gemini - Who We Are Gemini Skills Workshop

  2. Agenda • Our vision • Our distinct market positioning • Our values • Our organisation • Our way of doing business

  3. Gemini is a new company built around two ideals Making a Difference: Valuing People: • Leave A Legacy • Turn Dreams Into Reality • Leverage People • Team Work • What We Do • How We Do It • Our Value System It’s not what you think about, it’s what you do that makes you great!

  4. “When people matter and results count” Values People Results

  5. We are united world-wide by a singular mission Gemini Consulting is a global management consulting firm dedicatedto helping clients design and implement strategic change. Our firm has earned its unique reputation through a simple but powerful belief: People matter. We know that the best consulting solutions are those that the peopleof an organisation can wholeheartedly embrace. Through the power of people, Gemini helps leading companies around the world and across industries achieve results faster, more sustainably, and with higher impact on performance than they could alone or with anyone else in the world.

  6. Our ambition is to become the world’s leading Implementation Focused Management Consultancy This Means: • Global • Results oriented • Rich in industry expertise • Rich in technical (discipline) content • Major project oriented How will we do this, and what is our differentiation?

  7. Our distinct market positioning • We possess a distinctive capacity to design, implement and manage strategic change, integrating those areas most vital to client results: • Strategy • Operations • People • Information • We help clients achieve lasting results through people: • Developing a variety of possible scenarios and corresponding solutions in partnership rather than imposing recommendations. • Involving and mobilising all levels of the organisation to win. • Leveraging the skills of our clients’ staff. • Our competitive advantage stems from our ability to deliver large, complex change requiring integration of multiple disciplines.

  8. Multi-Discipline Single Multi Multi-Discipline Single Single Multi Single Multi-Discipline Transformation Vision Our approach to clients will build on the strengthsof Bossard, Gemini, and Cap Gemini GMTs/GMUs will partner with the client to develop a Transformation Vision for every account. • Major multi-disciplinary relationships (not just projects) • Multiple engagements involved in delivering the Transformation Vision • Disciplines provide technical know-how to make the sale and deliver the engagement • Always take advantage of our IT competence • No entry unless opportunity for building a long term relationship aimed at transforming the client’s business • Companies with leading positions or ambitions • Critical issues • Key leaders

  9. We will maintain the strategic direction we set in 1996 and 1997 for Gemini • We design and implement strategic change. • We deliver results which add clear financial value. • Our strengths are our ability to: • Deliver through people • “Bundle” skills to deliver multi-disciplinary solutions to business issues • Manage large-scale projects • Deploy people and knowledge globally to serve unique client needs • We build and maintain long term relationships with client companiesand individuals. • We have a distinctive relationship with a major IT provider - Cap Gemini

  10. Our ideal project portfolio consists of megadeals, transformation, and issues projects Our Intent: Megadeals Transformation Issues Studies Defend and Differentiate Enter Build and Focus Exit Leverage Gemini / Bossard client base Develop a Cap Gemini / Gemini market approach Specialist joint selling teams Same delivery as Transformation Leverage Bossard client base Leverage convergence Revitalise A&D selling process GMT partnering with Disciplines / CoE’s Develop capabilities Leverage Gemini client base Leverage Bossard capabilities 5 CoE’s in partnership with Cap Gemini Focus on 5 other CoE’s specific to Gemini

  11. Our values are the drivers for changing our clients’ behaviour Gemini’s 8 Values: • We are driven by our commitment to achieve client, Gemini and personal results. • We win through teamwork and trust, respecting individual opinions and diversities. • We demonstrate excellence and enthusiasm in all that we do. • We strive for individual mastery of our profession. • We make sure we have fun along the way. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Our people are driven by a clear desire to make a difference and passionately believe that people are the foundation upon which all change is based.

  12. Gemini is a global management consulting firm with operations in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific Rim • We have 33 offices on five continents Bucharest St. Petersburg Moscow Tallinn Riga Vilnius Boston Morristown New York Tokyo São Paulo Barcelona Milan Berlin Munich Brussels Oslo Cologne Paris Frankfurt St. Gallen Helsinki Stockholm Lisbon Utrecht London Vienna Lyon Warsaw Madrid Zurich Singapore Johannesburg Gemini Consulting is a growing force of 1,800 consultants (2,330 total staff).

  13. Gemini is a member of the Cap Gemini Group CGIP Serge Kampf Public Ownership: 30% 17% 53% Cap Gemini, SA $3.5B (FF 20.2B) IT Services ManagementConsulting* Revenue: $2.6B (74%) $900M (26%) Cap Gemini Group is Europe’s largest provider of management consulting and information technology services, with 1997 revenues of FF 20.2B ($3.5B). * Including Gemini and Bossard

  14. Gemini is led by a Chairman and a seven-person executive group Chairman: Pierre Hessler Executive Group CEO: Tony Robinson CFO: Nicholas Chater US Region Leader: Harry Moser France Region Leader: Alain Donzeaud Central Region Leader: Konrad Reiss Northern Region Leader: Steve Beck Global Capabilities Leader: Pierre-Yves Cros

  15. Your Gemini role can be defined in several dimensions Functional Value Chain Disciplines: • MD • Strategy • A&D • LMR • RD • Operations • IM POAs in 5 Regions: Global Market Teams (GMTs): • Chemicals & Environmental (C&E) • Consumer, Retail, Distribution (CRD) • Energy • Financial Services (FS) • Life Sciences (Health Care and Pharmaceuticals) • Manufacturing Industries • Services • Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Computers, and Content (C4) • Travel and Transport • U.S. • France • Central • Northern • Japan

  16. GMT and Discipline networks are critical to the growthand development of the firm and its team • GMT networks are accountable for: • Sales, revenue, and client margin within each POA in support of POA leadership goals. • Global development and sharing of knowledge and skills. • Transnational pursuit of client opportunities. • Management of transnational clients. • Discipline networks are accountable for: • Knowledge management, development, and training within each POA. • People development within each POA. • Global co-ordination of knowledge and specialist offering development. GMUs will operate in a similar fashion to GMTs, but will have accountability for global sales, revenue, margin, and cost targets.

  17. Gemini’s value chain Manage the Relationship Build the Relationship BusinessDevelopment ResultsDelivery ResultsDelivery Analysisand Design Issues BusinessDevelopment Results Delivery Analysisand Design Transformation BusinessDevelopment Results Delivery Analysisand Design Mega deals Account Management (long-term relationship) All Accounts

  18. What characterises each component BusinessDevelopment (1 to 24 months) • Identifies clients’ issues • Builds partnership • Defines first phase • No charge, typically • Multiple channels: • - MDEs • - Faculty • - RFPs • - VAPs • Builds shared commitment • Builds executive alignment • Analyses the issues • Develops an implementation plan • Develops a business case • Builds consensus • Mobilises client for change • Shared cost Analysisand Design (4 to 12 weeks)

  19. What characterises each component (cont.) • Implements and delivers results • Leverages client skills • Involves joint team • Transfers skills • Establishes long-term relationship • Creates a reference • Full fee (sometimes performance based) ResultsDelivery (3 to 24 months –usually in phases) • Develops a long-term transformation vision • Fits all Gemini interactions within the vision • Creates an environment for a long-term relationship • Develops Gemini business in the context of what produces value for a client Account Management

  20. Achieve Develop the Mobilisation Organisation Build Individual Create Learning the Vision Create the Rewards Build the System Measurement System Change the Rules Through Information Technology Construct an Economic Model Invent New Business Align Physical Infrastructure Redesign Work Achieve Market Architecture Focus Gemini has a holistic framework and tools, methodologies and alliances to help clients achieve strategic change Gemini Framework and Tools Renew Merger Integration OMD Diagnostics Organisation Design Learning Loops Learning Systems Competency Models Change Management Training Large Scale Training Etc. Reframe Transformation Workshops Vision Engineering Large Scale Mobilisation Analysis and Design Balanced Scorecard Performance Modeling Etc. Market Focused Organisations Channel Strategy Innovation Workshops Performance Innovation Strategic Intent/Core Competence Scenario Planning Alliance Strategies Business Information Strategy Etc. Shareholder Value Analysis Process Mapping Benchmarking Value Chain Analysis Activity Based Management Performance Innovation Market Focused Reengineering Service Level Analysis Etc. Revitalise Restructure

  21. Clients say Gemini is different • We deliver results • Teamwork is the foundation of all our work • We can integrate multiple functions • We leverage the skills of our clients’ staff • Our values are a way of life

  22. Our ultimate goal is to be the benchmark against whichall other implementation firms are judged • Considered for every major implementation project. • Every client and project a reference. • Every project delivering major benefits. • Invited back to every client. . . . Whilst generating job satisfaction to all our people and high levels of reward for our shareholders and ourselves.

  23. Appendix

  24. The implementation focused management consulting and information technology services Group MissionWe design and deliverstrategic changethrough insights, people and technology AmbitionIndustry’s highest measured client satisfaction - 24 - Gemini Consulting Limited • Proprietary and Confidential ITG598v3.ppg

  25. Our Value Chain GEMINI CONSULTING from business strategy to implementation Plan Design Build Run CAP GEMINI I.T. services from business processto information systems

  26. Insights Business Strategyand Management People BUSINESS PROCESSES Technology Business Strategyand Management - 26 - Gemini Consulting Limited • Proprietary and Confidential ITG598v3.ppg

  27. POAs POAs POAs POAs POAs GMTs Disciplines GMTs Disciplines GMTs Disciplines GMTs Disciplines GMTs Disciplines Gemini’s organisational architecture Chairman CEO CFO US Region Leader France Region Leader Central Region Leader Northern Region Leader Integration Project Leader Global Capabilities Leader Executive Group U.S. Region France Region Central Region Northern Region Japan Region

  28. The company is managed through a five-region structure U.S. Region Harry Moser FranceRegion Alain Donzeaud CentralRegion Konrad Reiss NorthernRegion Steve Beck JapanRegion Hiroyuki Sawada POAs United States Brazil POAs France POAs Germany Austria Switzerland Iberia (Spain/Portugal) Italy Romania Hungary Poland POAs UK South Africa Nordic(Norway, Finland, Sweden) Baltic Rim Russia Benelux(Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg) Singapore POAs Tokyo

  29. Region C4 — CRD — Chemicals — Energy — Financial Services — Life Sciences — Manufacturing — Service Industries — T&T — — Strategy — Operations — IM — LMR — Business Development — A&D — Delivery Disciplines GMTs POA Business Drivers People Sales Profit Values Cost Revenue Capability The POA is the primary business unit of the firm

  30. POA POA POA Champion GMTs and Disciplines are networks of local leaders The champion’s role : • Operate the network. • Represent colleagues for major trans-regional investment decisions.