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Workplace Substance Abuse and Its Effects PowerPoint Presentation
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Workplace Substance Abuse and Its Effects

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Workplace Substance Abuse and Its Effects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Employees will quickly learn that a lot of things that they can’t do or say while in the

workplace. It is rarely advisable to wear flip-flops and sweatpants or talk trash about fellow

employees and your employers in the workplace. All you will get are glances and grimaces.

But some of bad habits are not just inappropriate or avoided. Substance abuse can have a

great impact on both an employee’s productivity and the safety of fellow employees and the


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Workplace Substance Abuse and Its Effects

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The Effects of Workplace

Substance Abuse


Substance abuses are costing employers, a

total of $ 13,000 a year. It is costing the

American economy $81 billion annually which

is 70% of all the 14.8 million Americans who

abuses drugs have jobs.


 Decreasing productivity is the result of loss revenue,

as well as compensation claims, legal liabilities,

health care costs of the workers.

The workers who file compensation claims are

three to five times the employees who abuses

drugs or alcohol. The healthcare cost will increase

by 300 percent from just employee substance




It is no surprise to anybody

that substance abuse lowers

productivity in the

workplace. That is why

employers should conduct a

drug test on an applicant

before hiring them. After all,

alcohol and drug abuse

causes a lack of focus, poor

concentration, errors in their

judgments and carelessness.


 Drug abuse can lower your company’s productivity

by half and causes absenteeism. And workers with

abuse problems are more likely involved in absences

about injuries on themselves or other employees.


 Sleeping on the job,

lacking attention and

struggling to concentrate

are the effect of abusing

drugs and alcohol,

preoccupied and thinking

of ways to get another hit

while at work.



An employee’s behavior is important to the status

and brand of a company, drugs and alcohol

dramatically changes behaviors and it produces

negative kinds of changes in the personality and

moral are lower. Tardiness, lethargy, and quick-

tempered are examples of behavior any drug and

alcohol abusers will do. They suffer from financial,

home and workplace issues that may lead to stress

and they may neglect to discuss proper behavior,

appearance and hygiene and may have symptoms of

withdrawal and hangover.



The effects of workplace substance abuse are both

stressful and devastating. But you can lower

increasing abuse of drugs in your workplace by

creating a policy that makes your firm a drug and

alcohol-free. And by educating your employees and

adding a drug test program. This would benefit you

company and it would also improve the lives of all

your employees.


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