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How to Curb Dental Anxiety

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How to Curb Dental Anxiety

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  1. How to Curb Dental Anxiety? One of the most common phobias is Dental Anxiety, which affect almost a third of adults. Many of us dislike the visit to the dentist and 1 in 10 of have a fear so massive that we avoid making visits to the dentist. Dental Phobia is a problem that needs to be challenged head on as our oral health is extremely important. From children to adults, Dental Anxiety affects everybody. Here are few ways to overcome fear of dentists and have a comfortable and relaxed visit to your dentist: Minor Dental Anxiety Minor dental anxiety is uneasiness and apprehension while going to dentist. Rather than being a full-fledged phobia, minor dental anxiety is nerves. It can be easily treated in a number of ways. Talk to your dentist Discussing your anxiety with your dentist is the first step to overcome dental worries. It is important that you clearly describe your fears so that your dentist unmistakably understands your fears and makes sure that your appointment is as relaxed as possible.

  2. Breathe In, Breathe Out When we practice controlled breathing techniques, our body relaxes and it becomes easier for us undergo the procedure. This technique allows us to avoid anxiety and unease. The relaxed breathing methods entails breathing in and breathing out through your nose with a slow count of three i.e. 3 seconds breathing in followed by 3 seconds breathing out. Using relaxation techniques Along with breathing exercise, there are varieties of relaxation exercises that help to make us calm. Music is a great option. You can also ask the nurse to have your favorite radio station play or just talk with the nurse about something you like or that makes you relax. Austere Dental Anxiety Austere dental anxiety cannot be treated by the techniques that can be used to treat minor dental anxiety. Breathing exercise and relaxation techniques cannot ease an individual suffering from the austere dental anxiety. Severe dental anxiety is more of a psychological phobia rather than a case of nerves. Austere dental anxiety can be overcome with a few methods: Counseling You can start taking counseling for your phobia. Through counseling you can find the root cause of your phobia and learn to understand it. You can work through it patiently and slowly so that you can move past it. Support Groups Dental anxiety is very widespread. Hence, there are a number of support networks for people with these phobias. You can contact support groups in your nearby areas and tolerantly learn to stop the irrational fear of dentists. Sedation While sedation is not a preferred method, it is a good option for those who suffer from severe dental anxiety but require going to dentist. There are diverse types of sedation available. The easy way is that of oral sedation. It is a tablet that you swallow an hour before the start of dental treatment. You will be awake and aware, but drowsy and more relaxed. You can also opt for intravenous sedation or IV Sedation. it is an injection which is often administered into the back of the hand. You will still be awake but will be in a deeply relaxed state and you may not remember what happened afterwards.

  3. With these tips anyone can curb the problem of dental anxiety or at least make it a less of anxiety and more of a nuisance that crops every now and then.

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