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Valentine's day dental tips

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Valentine's day dental tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Valentine\'s Day is the day of chocolate and sweets. These time are quite sensitive for dental hygiene. Preventive measures must be taken in order to ensure good oral hygiene. \nIf you have need any tips on dental healths, you can visit and read our blog here:

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valentine s day dental tips 7 tips

Valentine's day dental Tips

– 7 tips for the perfect smile

valentine s day d ental tips 7 tips

Valentine's Day Dental Tips – 7 Tips For The Perfect Smile

  • As Valentine’s day quickly approaching, it’s more important than ever to get bad breath under control and achieve a shine to your smile so you look and feel your best on Cupid’s big day.
  • Here are some helpful tips to avoid bad breath and make sure that your teeth truly shines when you go out on a date this Valentine’s day.
  • Avoid Bad Breathe
  • Indulge Safely
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Love Your Teeth Too
  • Mouth Freshener
avoid bad breathe

Avoid Bad Breathe

  • Get rid of food particles and pesky bacteria by keeping some floss in your pocket
  • Pop in a mint to give your smile a fresh and appealing feel
  • Avoid eating spicy food on this special occasion
  • Avoid eating foods containing spicy curry or garlic onions.
  • Benefit your teeth & gum and avoid bad breathe by chewing sugar-free gum
indulge safely

Indulge Safely

  • Hard candies, especially suckers, are popular on Valentine’s Day but basically give teeth a real thorough sugar bath
  • Choose a high-quality brand candies that is preferably 50% or more coca as it is free of additives that can hurt your teeth
  • Avoid sticky, sweet and sour candies as it tends to be acidic to your teeth
  • After you indulge, make sure to brush and floss the teeth
  • Consume much softer treats such as peanut butter cups or other melt-in-your-mouth dough
love your teeth too

Love Your Teeth Too

  • Make sure to show your teeth some tender loving care
  • Brush and floss between the teeth, around the brackets, and at the gum line
  • Replenish your teeth with high alkaline foods such as vegetables that will keep them strong
  • Drink water and practice a good, thorough hygiene routine daily
  • Your tongue carries bacteria too and needs to be brushed from the back to the
  • front
  • Have regular check up with your dentist.
tooth whitening

Tooth Whitening

  • Eat raw strawberries and vegetables instead of chocolate to whiten your teeth
  • Eat and drink milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Eat celery, apples, and carrots
  • Use antibacterial mouthwash to reduce your risk for periodontal infection and whitening your tooth
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid dark-colored, staining drinks like red wine and coffee
mouth freshener

Mouth Freshener

  • There is nothing more important than having fresh breath for your valentine’s day smooch
  • Make sure to use mouthwashes to have fresh breath.
  • Use mouth washes ­depending on ingredients, control plaque and gum disease
  • Avoid ones with alcohol as they dry out the mouth
  • Mouth Freshener makes your breathe smell good and refreshing.
  • Mouth freshener does not let your lips go dry


Looking to surprise your loved ones?

Whitening and maintaining your teeth in proper order may be just the gift your smile needs to look its very best. By following these tips you should have healthy and happy smile to brighten up your valentine’s day.

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