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Nelson Kraucak - Prolotherapy Physician PowerPoint Presentation
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Nelson Kraucak - Prolotherapy Physician

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Nelson Kraucak - Prolotherapy Physician
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Nelson Kraucak - Prolotherapy Physician

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  1. “PROLOTHERAPY”By Dr. Nelson Kraucak

  2. What is Prolotherapy? Prolotherapy is a simple, natural technique that stimulates the body to repair the painful area when the natural healing process needs a little assistance. Prolotherapy runs on a simple mechanism; a substance is injected into the affected ligaments or tendons, which leads to local inflammation.

  3. The localized inflammation triggers a wound healing cascade, resulting in the deposition of new collagen, the material that ligament and tendons are made of. New collagen shrinks as it matures. The shrinking collagen tightens the ligament and makes it stronger.

  4. As the most important aspect of prolotherapy is injecting solution into the injured and weakened area, it is recommended that prolotherapy should be performed by a skilled prolotherapy physician in order to get excellent results in the treatment.

  5. Nelson Kraucak is an Expert Prolotherapy Physician Nelson Kraucak is a Board Certified Family Physician who has been helping patients' live a healthy life by offering holistic medical care to them. He makes use of both traditional and complementary holistic approach to return the body to its natural balance.

  6. Nelson Kraucak also offers prolotherapy treatment to heal the patient's body. Nelson Kraucak has been performing prolotherapy for almost two decades now. He offers prolotherapy treatment to all areas of body like knees, neck, back, shoulders, wrists, feet, joints, hips, etc.

  7. Nelson Kraucak performs Prolotherapy at Life Family Practice Center Life Family Practice Center is a Holistic Medical Practice located in the heart of The Villages in sunny Florida. It is a convenient location to patients coming from US continent and other foreign countries.

  8. Life Family Practice Center was founded in 1995 by Nelson Kraucak. Nelson Kraucak performs prolotherapy at the Center. The center makes use of both natural approaches coupled with innovative and cutting-edge technology to find the body's innate mechanisms to heal itself.

  9. In order to get more information on prolotherapy offered by Nelson Kraucak, please visit